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Camp Howit

Chapter 3



The next morning was much the same. Greg woke us up with an alarm clock that was far too loud, telling us how we had a busy day ahead of us. Knowing what was coming, I managed not to catch any glimpses of James as he hopped out of bed in his white briefs, or Robert in his boxers, or Holt exercising. Eyes on the wall or the floor or my hands. No thinking allowed, unless about exactly what I was physically doing. We were allowed to go shower on our own instead of being escorted as a group, but we had limited time before the bus. Again, Robert and James were alongside, and again I kept my eyes on the floor or myself. The same several kids wore swimming trunks in the showers and changed in the bathroom in our cabin. I wondered how they would do once they had to shower fully naked in high school. Again I felt the unfamiliar feeling of being less timid than someone else and a little superior.

After an awesome breakfast, the girls stayed in the cafeteria while we boys went to the other large room and watched a film I had seen last year in eighth grade. Obviously some hadn't seen it before. Next was a film I cringed throughout, and everyone else seemed to as well. It was horribly embarrassing, and I wondered how they got away with showing it to us. It seemed to be aimed at teenagers, but it was almost pornographic. They actually showed actual pictures of the actual parts. On boys and girls. It showed how boys grew and changed, and how girls grew and changed. Naked boys. Naked girls. The same naked boy and girl, ages ten through to twenty. Those were the ages the narrator said as they changed through the film, anyway.

As the boy, a cute blond guy with soft, gentle, adorable features, aged, and they showed him, naked, aging, growing hair here and there, I got an erection that wasn't going to go away easily, I could tell. I hadn't done anything yesterday, or last night, or this morning. I really needed to figure out where and how and when I could take care of that business.

James, Robert, and I, nearly everyone, gasped and gulped at each other through it, amazed. The boy demonstrated how to clean properly if you weren't circumcised, and how to check your testes for irregularities, first as a boy, and again as he grew. When they showed the girl for a second time, this time full figured, full breasted, pubic hair and all, someone said, "Uh-oh! I'm gonna have an accident!"

It seemed to break the tension and the awkwardness, and everyone laughed from then on. The film turned to how the sexes got together. The boy became a teenager, hairy and erect, drooping balls and all. The film showed the inside of the entire male reproductive system using real images and dissected parts. All the parts, testes, scrotum, prostate, urethra, everything. Even how and what filled with blood to cause erections. When the close-up of the boy's orgasm happened, most of the place went, "Eww!" sounding like girls. I couldn't tell what caused him to cum, and you only saw the tip of it as white stuff squirted into a graduated tube. Clinical, but still. Then that white stuff was in a Petri dish, then the view through a microscope showed actual sperm swimming around an egg.

The boy aged another two years as he matured, more or less, and got completely handsome and adorable, then, finally, the film ended. I wondered what mysteries where left in life, and knowing that I wasn't interested in girls' anatomy at all. It seemed messy and disgusting. And I couldn't get the guy in the film out of my head. I wondered how he could have let them examine him so closely with a camera like that while he was hard, let alone while he came. Even soft. Ever!

"That dude had a lot of balls to do that!" someone said.

Laughter and a lot of agreeing.

"But I didn't need to see 'em," someone replied.

"Or what was in 'em," someone added.

More laughter and more agreement. I wondered if anyone else was hard, or for the same reason. I doubted it. I was too much of a freak.

After several minutes of boring talk by the teacher about being responsible young men and using birth control if we couldn't be completely reasonable and just abstain until marriage, we were shuffled outside and told to do as we pleased for an hour. I didn't know anywhere that I could do what would have pleased me, so I walked around alone after Robert said he had something to take care of and would see me later and James ran off with his three friends..

Later, the girls returned to the cafeteria, giggling, red-faced, and laughing. Once we were all assembled again, we had lunch. After, an older man got up and told us that we were becoming men and women, and this summer we were moving into a new world with new opportunities and openings, and as the snickers died down, we were told that we would start having classes tomorrow. We would have five minutes between classes, and if we were late to a class, one of our elective activities at the cabins would be revoked for that day.

Some kids were called by name to take care of schedule conflicts. Finally it was time for the bus ride back to the cabins. James went off to archery. An hour later, after reading silently as well, Robert went to swim. He asked if I wanted to go, but I told him no thanks. He changed as if it was perfectly normal to be naked in front of strange boys, or boys at all. I studiously didn't look as he dropped his jeans and boxers, laid them out, and put on his Speedos. Tight, tiny, blue Speedos. I didn't dare look, as badly as part of me wanted to. But that part of me got hard again anyway.

Finally alone, almost, I plotted and considered. There were three guys on the same bunk on the other side, playing cards, and two guys on a bunk almost up front on my side rolling dice on a book for quarters. I wondered if any of them would notice how long I took in the bathroom. I wondered how long I would take. I was sure it wouldn't take long. Not after missing out for two days, and not taking care of it after that movie, and being hard from seeing Robert and James naked, or nearly, so often. And of course the sight of Holt exercising in his boxers with the weak, floppy fly, too. But doing it in the bathroom was so risky. I saw that the door latched, so I considered it. I marked it as a later, last resort. There had to be somewhere else, sometime or another. Thinking about finding a place to do it kept it hard. I sighed in disgust.

When Greg arrived, he said that I should be taking part in the activities and spending my time with others, and getting to know my future classmates. When I asked how I was to know who would be my future classmates, he told me to network and find out, that that was part of the opportunity, and my own responsibility to perform. I had to do my part for it to work.

Eventually he left me alone. He seemed sad and upset, but not angry. Disappointed, maybe?

I wasn't about to go charging into the fray and hook up with all the guys going to my school, hang out and be cool. It wasn't going to happen, no matter how much I'd like it to happen, or he wanted it to happen. Some things just don't happen. And me becoming outgoing and extroverted was definitely one thing that wasn't ever going to happen. I had tried to be as much so as I could in seventh and eighth grades, and it had led to what hadn't happened. It had only gotten me fake friends, and all alone and humiliated in the end.

Moving away from there had been my chance to start over, and I wasn't going to go down that same road again. I would become invisible. It had worked for other guys at school. They weren't bothered much at all, because they didn't stick out, and stayed quiet and out of the way. I was looking forward to being ignored by as many as possible.

I wanted to avoid Greg when he returned, so I left the cabin after he did. The camp wasn't huge, but it did straggle along a ways, laid out like a snake on that wandering dirt road as it approached the shore of the lake, then split both ways at a larger cabin. More of the usual cabins lined one side of each road, and the beach the other. To the north, the beach ended in a small set of piers with small boats, some with single masts. Straight out from the staff cabin was the pontoon, some hundred feet out from shore. To the south, camp sites with a fire pit ran almost the entire length of the beach. The whole place was busy with walking and running campers. It was loud and raucous, and repelled me. It was hot and humid, and a swim sounded good, but not with so many others, and not in some gross lake. And not in the pool up at the main cabin, either, at least not until I could be sure I wouldn't think the wrong thoughts from seeing all the guys in nothing but swim trunks. Especially if more boys were wearing swimming trunks like Robert's tiny Speedos.

I walked around a bit, then back up the narrow dirt road and between the cabins, back to the main building, then around it to the glass windows along the pool. It was enclosed in green glass, and it was easy to tell it hadn't originally been built to be that way. You couldn't get in from outside, only through the main building and the showers. I looked in as I walked by, and it was busy, too. Robert went walking past along the side of the pool and saw me outside the wall of glass. He gestured at me to come in but I shook my head and kept walking. He was exactly what I had to avoid. Not just everyone, but the cute, nice ones, all wet in Speedos especially.

Inside the main cabin, the game room was busy, the television room was busy, and the library was empty: Solace at last. One other boy was in there, reading at a long table. I nodded when he noticed me and he nodded back and went back to his book - finally, a comfortable level of social behavior and interaction. The periodicals were by the door, and I saw some musical oriented ones. I flipped open a new magazine about musical instruments, just in case it had anything about synthesizers in it. I hit the jackpot. Oberheim had a new model out, the OB-X. It was not only neat looking, it had things on it I didn't understand. The article said that Styx, among other bands, was using it. I was hooked. I read the article through, and only reluctantly put it back. I ached for something better than the cheap air organ I had at home.

There wasn't much in the way of fantasy or science-fiction materials, and nothing I hadn't already read or even wanted to read. The science area was larger, and I found a fascinating book there. It was fully eight inches thick, the pages the same size as a magazine. The Complete Scientific American Journal - 1957. It was massive, and the heavy cover was some kind of tough cloth-like material over cardboard. The pages were a heavy, almost smooth, probably-paper. It would be almost impossible to read like an ordinary book, it was far too thick. And awkward. I man-handled it to a table and started inspecting it. It was filled with facts. Dry, clean, clear, hard facts. No alliterations or overly-simplified descriptive additions. They were almost forty years old, and some weren't true anymore, or had been rendered more accurately since, but they were interesting. And best of all, they didn't strip down right in front of me and remind me that I was a homo.

"There you are. Greg made me look for you. You're going to miss dinner. The meatloaf isn't bad, but the potatoes are runny. They should at least make real potatoes, you know? I mean, they're not charging Holiday Inn rates. Guess they have to cut corners where they can, so they don't do it on academics or such. Besides, they obviously spend a ton keeping the place up. Did you know the foundation has a stone signed by the first Governor of Illinois? Is that cool or what? And a time capsule, too. They won't open it until 2000, so we'll be old and married and our kids will almost be old enough to go here. What's the book about? Solar system? Not even in color. You should check out Discover, it's this new science magazine. They have an excellent color fold-out of the solar system, planets to scale, just not distances. The sun takes up one entire edge, just the curve of it like it was off the page. And our moon is a tiny little dot next to a slightly bigger blue and white dot that's us. So neat. Did you know it was..."

He kept going, but it was after six and I was hungry. I hadn't made a dent in the science journal, and I hadn't tried to read everything, either, just the most interesting topics.

"I'm starving," I said, then closed the precious book.

I replaced it and James walked with me. I learned, or rather, listened as James told me about the history of the academy. It had some interesting points, and as we joined Robert in the cafeteria, he told us of its service during the civil war. I was one of the last through the dinner line, so I missed out on the cinnamon bread pudding. That wonderful scent still lingered strongly, teasing me. James was still talking about the academy's civil war history later as Robert and I sat down on our bunks and picked up our books.

"If there were soldiers stationed there, doing all that training, won't there be stuff they dropped?"

His eyes lit up.

"Want to go look with me?"

I shook my head. He bounded off the bed and out the door.

"Das machst du gut, sehr gut."

"Danke, mein Lehrer."

"Nichts, mein Schueler."

A couple of hours later, a favorite part of Dune now reread, I put the book down and stretched. It was almost eight. Almost everyone was back, though Greg wasn't back with the stragglers yet. I used the john and considered possible locations for taking care of business other than there. Of course, thinking of that caused it to stand up and ask when.

I hid it away, returned to my bunk, read, and waited for Greg's night talk. I glanced around and tried not to sexually frame everyone there. I couldn't understand why my brain did it. It seemed almost natural, though, to size them up, compare them, pick out the best looking, and think about them. Especially Holt. Something about him, his red hair, his pale skin and complexion, his slim, slender, smooth body, something, caused those feelings to roar up all over again every time I looked more than simply saw him. Those rapid glimpses through his nearly open boxer fly were still clear and vivid.

As he sat on a bunk and played cards with the tall, gangly kid that seemed to be his best friend at the camp, I tried not to look at him, but my eyes were seemingly drawn to him. His voice was rough and gravelly, changing obviously. And his laugh was sharp and quick, and made me want to laugh with him. I wished more than once that he would invite me over to play cards with him and his friend.

When Greg walked in, I immediately undressed him as he walked toward this end of the cabin. He filled out the groin of his pale jeans admirably, and I could almost make out what was what. I suddenly realized he was looking right at me. I tried not to turn red, and could only hope that I didn't, and he didn't notice if I did.

"Have either of you seen James?"

"He went out hunting for stuff a couple hours ago."

"Do you know where?"

I nodded.

"Would you go track him down? I have a couple of small-frys that are A.W.O.L. to help go look for. I'm heading to the usual places. Where do you think James is?"

"Down by the river, where some civil war army camped."

"That field is picked clean. And he'll probably end up down at the creek and the river, down in the trees. Run down there, have a yell or two, see if he's there, then get back here. Okay?"

I sighed, but agreed. Greg told me to take a flashlight from the desk in his room and then almost jogged out of the cabin.

"Begleiter?" Robert asked as I stood up and put on my shoes.

He walked with me as we both got flashlights from Greg's room. As we walked out of the cabin and toward the academy, he helped me to figure out that the word meant companion or company.

"A little late to ask now, ain't it?" I asked as we came out onto the wide field.

He laughed. I switched on the flashlight and we cut into the woods toward where James had said the training grounds were and the soldiers had camped back then.

We couldn't see anyone out there, but it was dark without a moon. The trees were thick, and we had to walk in there to see anything under them. After calling his name a few times, we turned toward the academy and began walking that way under the trees. When we got to a creek, we heard his voice calling back. Soon we found him and his three friends, two of which I assumed were the small-frys that Greg had mentioned. None of them were hurt, but they weren't comfortable at all.

Each of them was tied to a tree. Not so much tied, as wrapped up in cable around them. Brown, flat, two-wire antenna cable had been wrapped around their arms, chests, and upper legs, and around the tree. They couldn't have gotten out of it if they tried for days. It wasn't too tight, but the antenna wire had no slack and didn't stretch at all. Worse of all were the details.

They hadn't just wrapped each of them up against a tree, first they had taken down their pants and underwear. Then they had wrapped the cable around their legs and upward, then passed it once just under their balls, making them hang outward over the cable. Then the next pass went above them, but under their dicks. That made them stick out, too. The rest wrapped upward around their bellies to their chests and arms. It was worse than I had ever imagined would happen to me at the camp, even if everyone found out about me.

"Verdamnt!" Robert declared.

"Damn!" I agreed.

We laughed. I didn't mean to, it just happened. Another thing that I didn't mean to do was stare. It felt like I was staring, anyway. James and the three others were tied up to four trees almost in a row. The flat antenna wire wrapped them from knees to groin, then after a few gaps around the two passes of wire holding out their gonads, wrapped upward with gaps here and there over their arms and chests. The deliberate wrapping made their privates not only exposed, but prominently displayed. And somehow, I managed to see all four of them at the same time, compare and contrast, and like what I saw of James and the bigger boy next to him.

The two boys to the left were smaller than James and his friend, and looked twelve or so. There wasn't any hair visible above their little dicks hanging over the cable. They were thin and small, and hardly very interesting, other than being naked boys and me being in that awkward, temporary gay phase. James and the other boy had pubes in a dark ring around the base of their dicks. Both of them were obviously growing out of the stage the two younger boys were still in. Their balls and dicks were obviously larger, too. The last boy was the most interesting, and I noticed that I wanted to look at him closer and for much longer. He was taller, broader, and what hung over the cable was longer, larger, and had a larger, darker circle of hair above it. It even looked long enough to be really fun, and almost as long as mine, and a bit shorter than Robert's.

"You guys gonna get us outta here or what?" James asked, seeming a little angry.

Robert and I shrugged at each other, grinning, trying not to laugh.

"You can think about it while you beat off later, just get us the fuck outta here!" the older boy said angrily.

His anger, and just how close he was to what I was thinking, made me very angry suddenly.

"Hey! Fuck you! We can get James out and fucking leave you there, asshole!"

"Tell camp guys when back. Some do camera, yes?" Robert said with an evil grin.

I grinned back at him, liking him even more now, and losing the anger almost instantly. I couldn't help but laugh, and Robert joined in.

"I'm sorry! Just imagine if it was somebody else and you walked up on it!" I apologized in a way as I started toward the closest of the four.

Robert headed to the one closest to him, which was James.

The boy I approached looked to be twelve or so. Maybe thirteen, but barely. He had to be one of the summer campers not heading to high school next year, or already ahead a year and on the same academy fast-track to high school that James was on. Probably some really rich kid whose parents wanted him well ahead of his peers.

Now that I was very close to him, I liked how he looked. He was pretty normal looking, other than being naked and wrapped to a tree with his privates out on display. His face was red, and I couldn't blame him. He had dark blond hair, gray eyes, glasses, and round, soft features, including big, dark lips that smiled in an embarrassed grin of discomfort. I felt bad for him, especially that he was stuck in such a position, and then on top of that, had a fag find him.

I looked for where to begin, and he informed me of the final humiliation. The fastening knots were directly between their legs, up high and tucked in, one end of the cable passing through and behind their legs past their asses, then up over the cables around them and the tree so that the knots would stay there. The knot was tight and multi-layered, too, and there was no way to even get to it without becoming very, very, very familiar with the poor kid.

"Look, dude, I can't do this without, you know, getting, you know..."

"Just fucking untie the thing. I know they yanked it a lot and made it hard."

We both snickered and turned red.

"I mean-I didn't mean-I just-" he stammered in horror.

"Oh, bro," the other boy said, "You're such a-"

"Shut up!" the first demanded loudly.

"Don't bug it. I know what you meant," I offered.

It was all I could offer. I knew he wouldn't want to know about the thoughts that began forming in my head as I went to one knee in front him.

He was helpless and scared, and humiliated, and he was kind of cute. And I felt very sorry for him, especially that a faggot was going to have to do this.

"Hurry up! I got to piss like a race horse!" the other boy said.

"Too bad you're hung like a rabbit, then," the boy I was about to try freeing said.

I cracked up along with Robert, James, and the older kid.

"No time to crack wise right now, dumb-ass," the other boy replied.

The knot was tight, for sure, and the cable going behind him was taut and around the rest of the wrapped cable in back. The only way to untie it was to push my hand up under the kid's balls, pull the wire through and push it with my other hand directly behind his butt. My fingers were going to be touching a lot of his skin in all of his very most private areas.

"I'm not kidding. This is gonna, I'm gonna have to, uh..."

"Do what he's doing," the kid said, gesturing at Robert with his head.

Robert had one hand up under James' balls, holding them up and out of his way while his other hand was around behind James. Robert's face was almost directly in James' goods so that he could see what he was doing up under there as held the flashlight with his shoulder and chin.

I turned back to the kid in front of me and said, "Yeah, that. You okay with that?"

"I'm okay with Liberace doing that if I get out of this," he said, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, you'd love having Liber-"

"Shut the fuck up, Brent!" the boy in front of me demanded.

"Just be careful he don't have an accident on your hands while you're working down there," Brent said with a laugh.

"I'm not the one who has to piss," the boy in front of me said.

"I don't mean take a piss. I mean, have an accident. You might get all excited with someone down there and all."

"Wait until your turn, asshole," the boy in front of me answered back.

The knot was well up and under his sack, and there was no delicate way to get started. I was torn about the whole situation. It seemed so cruel and mean to do that to them, but it was so funny, too. Especially the way they had tied the boys up. I felt so badly for them, horribly embarrassed for them too, but also getting really turned on.

That I was getting hard bothered me. Here were four kids in trouble, one of them my cabin mate, and I was excited. I was hard enough that I had to be careful how I moved so that I didn't crush or pinch it.

I placed my hands very near his groin, and saw them shaking. I needed to calm down. I did a short breathing exercise I had been taught by a speech therapist in third grade to help with my old stutter and lisp.

When I was calmer, I asked, "So, since we're about to become very close friends, what's your name?"

"Ryan. You?"

"Alex. I'd say nice to meet you, but..."

He laughed. That made his balls and dick bounce. He wasn't in puberty yet, but as close as I was to his little privates, I could see a few wild, stray, long hairs here and there that probably meant that it was beginning.

I had to push his little balls up with the back of one hand while I tried to figure out how to get started. With the flat wire wrapped around his legs and thighs, it only allowed a small gap to see through to under his sack and between his thighs. I had to point the flashlight this way and that. They had snaked the wire back through itself several times.

I held the flashlight between my chin and shoulder and got started. I had to hold his balls up with one hand to see the knot and be able to work on it while the other hand went behind him to wriggle in between his butt cheeks and the tree to get to the other side of the knot. He was warm and moist down there, no wonder in the summer heat and humidity, and under the stress and humiliation. While I worked cable through itself, my fingers were rubbing him between his thighs, really up high, right up in there. His small ball sack rested on the back of my left hand, my right squeezed between the bottom of his butt cheeks and his thighs. I couldn't help that my knuckles sometimes knocked against the skin between his legs behind his ball sack. He began to harden up.

I had never seen a boy so close up, and had never touched one there, anywhere there, before, let alone everywhere up under there. I was so hard it hurt and my heart hammered in my chest. I started sweating more than the temperature and stickiness could account for.

I pretended not to notice what his penis was doing, and worked diligently on his knot. His little dick started pointing up further and further. It was probably over three inches long, narrow, too, but smooth and even, except where the edges of his little head stuck out around it. He had been circumcised, and what little loose foreskin remained was slightly bunched behind the edges of his little, pink head until it stood fully up. It looked pretty average and typical, a lot like the boy in the almost pornographic movie earlier that afternoon had looked when the film said he was twelve. I noticed that his scrotum felt thick and stiff, at least in comparison to my own, and I remembered from the film that meant he hadn't started puberty yet.

As I pulled what looked to be the last loop through his legs, his dick bounced a little with each of his heartbeats and the head was obviously darker. I was trying not to imagine what it would be like to play with it, and put my mouth and lips over it. It was about the size mine had been, and he was about the age I had been when the girl at the lake had done that to me. I wondered if he had ever felt that before, doubted it, and wondered what he would do while I did it to him for the first time.

"I knew you'd chub up, Ryan, you rager," the small boy next to him said.

"Fuck you, Brent, and wait until it's your turn and somebody's moving your junk around!"

"I ain't gonna chub up. I won't think about how good it feels like you probably are."

"Good? Tied up to a tree, some dude I don't know having to play with my stuff to get me out? Real fun!"

"Sure looks like you're enjoying it, bro," Brent shot back.

"I'm going to kill you," Ryan threatened.

"Yeah, yeah, big talk. If I had a dime for every time you said that..."

Ryan sighed and gave up. I tried not to laugh. I also tried not to look at every inch of him. I had never seen another boy so naked, and so close before. And certainly never with so much time to look. I was fascinated by the smooth textures and the almost pink colors. The way his penis protruded from his body, the way his scrotum formed from the inverted 'v' of his groin was wonderfully engineered. I marveled at how his legs met at his groin, forming a creaseless join that split around his scrotum, the contours of which I found enticing and alluring. The head of his penis had creases and crevices all over it, like fingerprints. I stared at how the shape of his little head was almost textbook perfect, and at the subtle shades of colors on the skin covering his penis and balls. The straight, perfect line running from the base of his little dick and down the middle of his tight, pink little scrotum was fascinating.

I felt my heart pounding, I was sweating a lot, my breath was irregular, shallow, and I shook a little all over.

"James has the same problem. Maybe I should consider making different friends here," the boy next to James said with a laugh.

"Not like I mean to!" James argued.

I had come to this camp to put the gay away, but instead, I found myself with my hands all over another boy's stuff. And his butt. And way up between. And my face was right there, inches away from his stuff. As little and unsexy as his stuff was, it was still another boy's stuff. And not even the kind of stuff I found interesting on the older boys. Or at least boys my age, like Robert or James or Holt. But my hands were all up in there, and I was all hard. And so was he.

The end of the cable fell through the last loop of the knot and I pulled it through and out.

Ryan declared, "Yes!" as I pulled the wire out and away from him. He chanted, "Yes," over and over as I walked around the tree with the wire, very glad it was now dark and no one could see the crotch of my jeans bulging out.

Several trips around the tree later, I had to move slowly and carefully as I removed the cable from under his balls. Next trip around, the cable had been holding up his penis. Now his penis held itself up as I continued around the tree many more times. Eventually his hands were freed and he reached down for his pants.

"Holy fuck!" he said gleefully as he both pulled his pants up and jumped away from the tree.

He was still hard as he put it away and fastened his jeans. I wondered how long it was going to last, and if he was going to take care of it in a bit, as soon as he could get alone and do it, like I badly wanted to be able to do. I felt almost sad that he was free now, as now I had no reason to be so close to his privates, or to touch him. I tossed down the cable and moved to the next kid.

"Wait, let my brother do it," Brent said.

"Fuck you," Ryan shot. "I'm not sticking my hands all up in your stuff. Besides, if you'd rather I did it, then I'd rather he did it. Alex, right?"

I nodded and asked, "He really your bro?"

Ryan nodded.

I shrugged and knelt in front of his apparently younger brother.

"How old are you?"

"Twelve," Brent replied.

"You?" I asked his brother.

"Me too."

"Both? So, what? Nine months apart?" I laughed.

Nine months difference simply could not account for the vast difference between them.

"We're twins," Ryan answered.


They both nodded.

They couldn't hardly have been more dissimilar. While Ryan had a round, soft face and features, fuller, darker lips, wore glasses, and had a normal but possibly long penis - as young as he was it was hard to tell - Brent had long, narrow features, thin lips and prominent teeth, and a fairly short, almost stubby dick. They really seemed completely unrelated. They both had gray eyes and dark blond hair, but otherwise there was no hint of any relationship between them other than being about the same age.

"Don't take it easy on him," Ryan said with a leer.

"No way to take it easy," I replied, as my hands began fondling his brother's stuff.

By fondling, I mean moving his small balls and sack up with the back of my left hand so that I could see what I was doing up under there while my other hand wriggled between the cheeks of his ass and the tree, then up and between, into his most private area. I had handed the flashlight to Ryan before I began working on the wire. I was trying not to stare at his stuff, especially with his brother right next to me. Brent was also very warm and moist.

Having one hand under his balls, and my other hand around and up and under him from behind, was a major turn on. I felt my body shuddering a bit with the excitement of touching another boy in such places. My fingers slipped, and a knuckle hit him behind his sack. Not hard, but hard enough for him to jerk in reaction and grunt a bit.


"Uh, it's okay."

He sounded very odd, I didn't know him any, but I had heard him talking for the last several minutes, and now he sounded very different. I kept working on the knot, getting one loop undone. My wet fingers slipped again, and I hit him behind his sack with a knuckle again, this time up and under, behind his sack.

He jerked and said, "Fucking hell! Watch it, fag!"

That angered me a little, so I decided to give his brother some payback. I had noticed how his penis had jerked when my knuckle had hit him that last time, and hadn't really gotten as small as before. I worked on the knot alright, but my fingers now seemed to have to work up even higher, bumping him behind his sack almost constantly.

His penis went from soft and hanging a bit over the cable under it, to upright and bouncing with his heartbeat in a single heartbeat. I was amazed. I had no idea that a penis could go from soft to hard so quickly.

His brother laughed, then said, "Oh my God! Brent's popped wood! Homo!"

"Fuck you! Like you said, someone down there messing around just makes it happen. I'm not fucking enjoying it any!"


"When I get out of this I'm going to kill you," Brent said this time.

"Yeah, yeah, time, dime. I'm scared," Ryan quipped back, again making me laugh.

I was enjoying it. His little dick was bouncing with each beat of his heart and growing darker almost by the second. And the brothers were funny.

"If you don't hurry the hell up, I'm gonna piss on you," he warned.

"You do, and you'll have to yell awful loud for someone to hear you way out here after he leaves you there," Ryan said evilly.

"He wouldn't leave me here. Right?"

"Piss on me and I would," I answered back, not sure if I really would or not.

How could I blame him if he did? I thought. Stuck tied to a tree, naked, probably for a while, he probably had to go. And my fiddling around down there can't help with that, I know. And here I am enjoying playing with him naked. Poor kid.

I did shift sideways, though, so that I was less in front of him, but I still had to try to see what I was doing under there sometimes. With Ryan holding the flashlight for me now, I could see this boy's stuff even better than I had Ryan's. I was enjoying what I was doing under Brent's privates, and I was enjoying the boys' company, too. They seemed to be fun.

"Yes!" James screamed from behind me. A quick glance proved that Robert had just freed him. "Holy cow! That's so much better! Thank you thank you thank you," he chanted as he yanked his shorts and jeans up.

I just got a glimpse of it disappearing into his jeans, then Robert and he moved to the other boy. He was obviously a little older than Brent or Ryan, and I could see the pubes around the base of his dick in the unsteady light of Robert's flashlight. His dick and balls were larger and fuller, hanging a little lower than James' had. He was a little taller than James, almost as tall as Robert.

"Dennis, yes?" Robert asked him.

I heard him say, "Yeah. Robert?"

"Yes. Good to meet you. Wish was better, cir-cum-stanc-es."

"Yeah, I didn't know this school considered networking being tied naked to a tree."

We all laughed and I turned back to Brent. His balls and dick bounced as he laughed, and I enjoyed watching that a lot. I got the second loop clear and started the next, still thumping Brent under and behind his balls as often as I thought I could get away with it. His little dick stayed hard, bobbing in the air, turning a darker red almost each minute. If it was three inches long, then it was a meter long. I compared it to what I had seen in the showers over the past two years, and I was certain that it was the shortest one I had ever seen that wasn't all tucked up and away from cold or such. And it was hard. Very hard. And still not three inches.

I wondered what it was like to be a twin, and have such a short one while your twin had a much longer one. It seemed remarkably unfair. I began to feel a little bad for Brent. I stopped thumping him under and behind his balls. I worked only on getting the poor kid out of the cables. It took a while, like with Ryan, and they swapped barbs and insults nearly constantly.

I enjoyed their personalities and their sense of humor. That they were kind of cute was only a bonus. That I had actually put both of my hands around and under them like that was astounding.

Brent stayed hard until I got him free and he swung around to face away from us. He groaned and complained that it wouldn't work, he couldn't pee, and he had to, bad.

Robert yelled, "Tickle above."

He asked, surprised, "What?"

"Tickle, belly, at above... it. Is embarrass, make it soft. And tickle make you pee."

Brent snickered, but one hand went somewhere low and in front of himself. He shook his head for a moment and then suddenly released urine in a surprisingly high arc.

"Ah-h-h!," long and loud, followed by, "Thank you!" which he kept repeating as he emptied his bladder.

He kept peeing, and Ryan and I started laughing. The longer he peed, the harder we laughed. His stream went wildly higher and lower as he laughed. Finally his stream lessened, even though his sighs didn't. Finally he stopped, turned around, and pulled up his pants.

"Thanks!" he said, beaming, and held out his hand.

"I didn't give you the advice," I said.

"For getting me the hell outta there!"

I shook his hand, wondering if he had forgotten where mine had just been.

"Yeah, really, thanks," Ryan added solemnly, and then offered his hand, too.

They were both fairly cute. A little dorky, a little geeky, no superstar modeling or Hollywood movie star futures for them, but their clothes clearly said that their parents had that kind of money. I wondered what they would look like in a couple more years, or more, and thought they both would be kind of dorky and fairly cute.

The four of us watched as Robert worked to free Dennis. I tried not to look like I was watching, but I noticed that as we talked, and in pauses, we were all watching. I didn't know if they were watching for the same reason I was or not. James and Ryan held flashlights for Robert to see by, and I was glad that allowed a full view of Dennis.

He was starting to grow and change, obviously. I thought he might be cute, too, except that now I was close to him I saw that he had /. That made me even more interested in him. His eyebrows were almost invisible. The bright coloration of his hair made his eyelashes that much more astonishing. Dark, rich brown eyes contrasted strongly under those lashes and against his white complexion. A few pimples and freckles were clustered around his nose, but otherwise his skin was clear. He wasn't skinny, but his ribs were visible. He had light pink nipples, like only a few guys I had seen, including Holt. They stood out like pink candy on white paper. His hips were narrow, but you couldn't see his bones. And he had nice legs, smooth and not weak, rounded but not muscular.

He wasn't hard as Robert worked on the cable, but he wasn't soft, either. The cable went behind his balls, and they hung from him enough that they weren't pushed outward like the twins' much smaller ones had been. It seemed like he had some faint hair on his sack, though as light as they were, it was hard to be sure as his sack and balls moved a lot while Robert worked on the knot. There was no doubt that his balls were much larger than the twins', and from the first glances when Robert and I had first arrived, even larger than James'. His pubic hair was clearly starting to fill in around the base of his penis but was light and thin.

He wasn't long, I was longer, but not by much, I was sure, though he wasn't fully hard. It hung out over the cable and Robert had to keep it out of his way as well. I was sure if it finished getting hard it would be around five inches if it really grew a lot more, but it seemed mostly full, as if he was trying not to let it get hard at all, but not fully hard was all he could manage.

Robert said, "Eureka!" and pulled the cable through.

He walked around the tree a few times, then carefully extricated the cable from behind Dennis' sack. Then around the tree again, and the cable was out from under his penis. Brent helped unwrap the rest of the wire from around the tree, freeing him.

"Dude, I so owe you guys!" Dennis said as he reached down and pulled up his pants.

"Nothing," Robert replied.

"Greg wanted us to find James, and we did. Now let's get back before we get any trouble," I said.

"Just tell them we was tied up, Okay? Not, you know, how?"

"No problem. I'd never want anyone to know if it was me," I said honestly.

We were a few hundred feet from the cabins when Greg and another counselor met us in the field. The other guy was their group leader, and after all of us explained the situation, none of them were punished.

"Robert, Alex, thanks for finding them. Good work, guys," Greg said, putting his arms over our shoulders and walking us toward the cabin.

"Some academy students said the creek and past is off limits to campers, so they left us there as a warning to the other toddlers, they called us," James explained.

Greg laughed, then said, "Not the first time. Were you stripped? Your clothes aren't wet, so they didn't toss them into the creek. And no mud on you, even though there's plenty out there right now, so you got the gentle treatment. One year, they stripped three boys naked, rolled them in mud, trussed them up together side by side lying down on their bellies, and put candles where no light should ever shine. That was the worst, and a couple years went by before anyone dared after those guys got expelled. I suggest you stay this side of the creek. You're supposed to stay this side of the field, anyway. Right?"

He smiled at us and patted our shoulders, then opened the cabin door and waved us through.

As we walked through the door and toward our bunks, Robert asked what I didn't have the guts to ask when my mind had wondered it.

"Greg? Vas candles, eh, fire?"

Greg nodded his head, gesturing to us to come closer.

"At first. But we figured out how to shake our asses enough to put 'em out. But the hot wax got us all a bunch of times, first!"

It was hilarious, partly for how he said it.

He turned toward his room, sharing the laugh with the three of us, then shouted, "Lights out! One hour!"

I was left with another question, but didn't have the guts to ask it. As we got to our bunks, Robert did.

"Do you zink vehn found, shtill had candle im butts?"

We laughed.

"Thank God they didn't have any candles this time!" James said with a pained grin.

As we shared a few jokes and snickers together about it, James changed his clothes. All of them. He stripped down naked, put on clean shorts, and lay down. I was sorely tempted to watch, and wished I had been the one to untie him so that I would have gotten a closer look at him. He was my age, just a bit shorter, not as far along through puberty, and heavier. From what I had gotten to see in the woods, he wasn't as long as me, but I didn't mind.

My mind played out a fantasy of rescuing him in the same situation, but both of us alone this time. I mentally slapped myself and reminded myself that I was there to learn how to throw away the gay, or at least hide it in the basement, not set it out on a mantle with decorative lighting to highlight it.

I tried to think of some place where I could be alone for a few minutes. I decided to sneak out later, when I got up to use the john during the night. There had to be somewhere close by I could walk to in the dark and be alone to take care of business.

Just before lights-out, Robert took off his jeans and shirt and lay down with his forehead on his forearms. It was far too warm for blankets, so he, like some, didn't cover up. He stretched out on his front, the waist of his boxers riding low on his buttocks. With the two low tables between us, I couldn't see his face. I knew he couldn't see mine, either, and with his bunk being the last in the row and against the wall, no one in the room, not even Robert, could tell where I was looking.

His boxers weren't tight, but they let what was in them push them upward noticeably. I imagined myself going over and sitting on his bed, putting my hand on his butt and softly, gently rubbing it, smiling at him, and him rolling over, opening the fly of his boxers and letting me in them.

I stopped those bad thoughts and tried to concentrate on the fact that I was in a room full of boys in bed, and watching one of them fall asleep next to me in only his soft, clinging, boxers was not the right thing to do.

I started sweating, and not from the heat or humidity. I felt so naughty, and so bad, and so tingly, and so excited. And too much like when what hadn't happened had happened. Worst of all, though, the erection didn't seem to be lessening at all.

I could barely see a faint hint of fuzz on Robert's legs just below the legs of his boxers as Greg called out and turned off the lights.

That image, and the boys tied to the trees, burned in my mind as I tried to sleep. It was almost impossible, and I tossed and turned, fighting the gay part of me, before I finally found sleep.

Alex - Camp 1 - -3