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Camp Howit

Chapter 8



I picked my head up, surprised, and worried that everyone had seen me and Robert in bed together this morning. I looked around. Some guys were sitting on a few bunks, most were gone. James was gone. I looked behind me and Robert was asleep in his bunk, blanket over his head as usual. I sighed in relief.

I sat up and rubbed the sleep, and dried remains of tears, out of my eyes. I looked at Robert again, lying on his bunk, his back to me. I guessed that he had gone back to his own bunk after I had fallen asleep, crying like a little baby. I wondered how disgusted he was at me. I knew he wouldn't want anything to do with the wussy in the bunk next to his. I wasn't worth knowing, or bothering over. I was a fruity kid who was destined to be a homosexual, and Robert was too smart to get mixed up with me after finding out last night what a weak little pussy I was.

And if he's not smart enough to know to stay away from me, he's nice enough that I should take care of it myself.

I threw back the blankets and put on my glasses. I threw on a shirt, socks, and shoes, and then walked out of the cabin as fast as I could. I didn't know where I was going, I only knew that I had to be far from Robert before he woke up and saw me. I didn't want to pester James with my worthlessness, either. I decided not to go back until I had to. I would stay out all day, and spare them myself.

I walked. There were others walking up and down the little road between the cabins, going to and fro from them as well as the beach and the main cabin. It was Sunday, so banners and signs were everywhere for parents and visitors. Happy kids ran up and down, back and forth, getting ready for another visitors' day. Smiling, normal kids. I didn't belong there. I went between two cabins and into the woods. The wind in the trees seemed to be them whispering, "Faggot" to each other as I walked without caring what direction. I crossed a path, but kept walking through the unmarked woods.

It seemed like no matter what I did, fate or God or nature seemed to insist that things be the other way. I tried being more friendly and making friends, and it had led to what hadn't happened. I not only lost my best friend, I lost all of them. I tried hiding in the shadows and not being noticed, and I get hit by lightning. I tried making the gay go away, but I find myself lying down next to the hot, nice, well-developed Robert, and then being held by him while I cried like a baby afraid of thunder. Or my hands buried in other naked boys' stuff.

I cried like a baby as I lost myself in the woods.

I was certain that the whole of creation hated me.

I was an aberration, a freak, a mistake. Nature didn't like aberrations, freaks, or mistakes.

It was no wonder I was hit by lightning.

I walked. I found a clearing of sorts around a huge boulder.

There was some trash here and there, but nothing looked recent. The fire pit had old ashes and even a few leaves fallen atop them. I was sure that the place was used by the academy kids, most of whom were away for the summer.

I sat down on a fallen tree on the opposite side of the rock from the fire pit, and soon was lying out flat, listening to the wind in the tops of the trees label me for all to hear.

I didn't like the camp, at all. It was boring, most of the time. And I wanted to live to enjoy my new room, not die there.

I had hoped to use the camp to learn how to disappear into the background and get by unnoticed.

It wasn't working out that way.

I didn't want to be gay, and had hoped I could work on being un-gay at the camp, and be ready for high school.

It wasn't working out that way, either.

The harder I tried to hide, the more obvious I ended up being.

The harder I tried to get away from the gay, the more I was exposed to it.

I heard voices and laughter in the distance from time to time, but it never came close. Why would anyone want to get close to the faggot?

I curled up on my side next to the log and thought, cried, slept, woke, and then repeated the cycle.

I was startled when I heard someone coming through the woods, much closer than ever. I peeked over the log, and in moments I could see shadows moving through the woods too close for comfort. In no time, two forms got close enough that I could tell they were older boys from the academy.

"I still don't see the big deal," one said when they were close enough to make out their words.

"He'd kill you, man. I'm tellin' ya."

"Bullshit," the first said.

"Okay, go ahead and try it. Dare ya. Just make sure I'm around so I can watch as he pounds you into oatmeal."

The first boy laughed, then said, "I"m tellin' ya, it'll work."

"I'm tellin' ya, it won't. And not only won't it work, he'll beat the hell outta ya for even tryin'."

"I'm gonna try, anyway. Watch and see."

"Like I said, let me know when. I'll bring the Band-Aids and camphor."

The two of them laughed again as they walked past on the other side of the large rock. After they didn't appear on the other side of the boulder, I heard a lighter. They were quiet for a while, and I wondered if I had any chance of getting away without them hearing me. I doubted it very much. There was too much litter and twigs, leaves and other things on the ground, and it was starting to get too dark to make my way around any of it with my feet. I instead tried to remain perfectly silent and still. It would be dark in a little while, and then they could leave and not see me for sure.

They couldn't see me as it was, as they were on the other side of that huge boulder, and I could just barely make out their breathing. They sounded funny from time to time, as if they were blowing out candles, and they started giggling. I smelled something burning, like grass or leaves. I wondered how long they were going to sit around their campfire, and why it didn't smell right.

As the sun moved further down, and the few beams of light that penetrated the canopy angled more sharply or simply faded out, I wished they would hurry up and leave. Soon I would have to check-in, and if I didn't, I wasn't sure what would happen.

"Damn it!" one said softly.


"Got wood?" the first one asked.

They laughed.

"I think you like doing it too much, sometimes."

"Why? You'd rather do it yourself all the time?"

"No. Just sayin', you're always wanting to."

"Seems like you want to, too. Part of you does."

They laughed.

"Didn't say I didn't like to. Just said, you seem to want to all the time. Is all."

"Dude, it'd be cool with me if we snuck away and did it before breakfast, again before lunch, again before dinner, and again before bed."

They laughed.

"I don't think I could do it four times a day."

"I think I wanna find out if you can."

"You are such a fag," one said, sounding almost serious, or angry.

"Dude, I'm not in love with you, or anything. Or any guy. But if I can get a hand-job instead of having to jerk myself off all the time, I'm gonna go for it."

"No shit. I gotta agree with ya there. It sure fuckin' beats beatin' off alone. And we don't kiss or shit, and we don't do ass sex, so we ain't gay, right?"


These guys do stuff together? Guys jerk off together? And they don't think it's gay?

I heard zippers and clothes rustling, then the two of them making soft, sighing sounds.

"It feels too great not to, ya know?" one asked.

"No shit. I mean, so what if we do. I know other guys do. I mean, we caught Sean and Steve, right? They're totally straight and shit. Got girlfriends and everything. They were just helping each other out."

"Like this," the other agreed. "

I couldn't believe it. I was sure of what they were doing, but it didn't seem to really be happening. It couldn't really be happening. Guys did do that stuff with each other? Even if they're not...

I swallowed with difficulty, and started to sweat and shake.

Guys can mess around and not be gay? Really? I might find somebody who will mess around like these guys are and not think I'm a fag? And exactly what are they doing?

It was fascinating and frightening. I wanted to know what they were doing. No, I wanted to see what they were doing, not just know. I began thinking about trying to sneak around the boulder, silently and invisibly. I had no idea what they would do if they found out I was there. Horrible visions filled my head, and all of them included my blood flowing freely.

Knowing what they were probably doing caused my blood to flow freely to a certain appendage. The idea of sneaking around the boulder and watching them caused it to jerk and bounce in my pants.

I was stuck between being so incredibly turned on, and being so incredibly scared.

My fear kept telling me to get out of there as quickly and quietly as I could; preferably more quietly than anything else. That if I didn't, and soon, I would regret it.

That made my erection flag and wane quickly.

My lust kept telling me that I could peek around the boulder and at least see, maybe even watch for a little while. That I would see something I had never seen up close and in person before, and would probably think of for days and months to come as I furiously took care of myself alone. Just like I had with the memories and images of the two boys who had done it to themselves at the same time in the cave.

That brought my erection back to life.

My logical thoughts agreed with my fear. My emotional thoughts agreed with my lust.

I rolled so that I could put my feet and hands under me. I moved one foot and knee, then other, slowly, deliberately, carefully. Each time I put down a knee in the dark, I pressed slowly and gently, keeping my weight on my other knee and my hands, feeling the ground beneath it for twigs or leaves, or anything painful before putting weight onto it. Soon I was creeping around the corner of the boulder.

I could hear a faint gasp or hiss from time to time, and once or twice a groaned, "Oh, man!"

Each one would make me need to swallow after my guts, dick, and testicles jerked in sympathy.

I inched forward on my hands and knees, literally one inch at a time. I kept my eyes riveted on the edge of the boulder, waiting for something but growing darkness to appear around the curve of it. It seemed like I had crawled entirely around the boulder already when finally, I saw shoes. They were more than a foot from the boulder, pointed away from it, and I saw by the angle of the legs above them that the owner was standing, leaning with his back against the boulder.

I held myself to tiny, slow, soft breaths, and inched further around the boulder. My dick had never felt so hard and so tight before. It was almost as if it were filled up beyond capacity, and was about to split the tender skin open. Between that and the tingling and tickling going on down there, I was beginning to wonder how any boy could not beat himself off almost constantly.

I crouched there, unable to decide if I should go any further or not. The risks were huge. Images of James and his friends, tied to that tree, filled my head. But the urges inside urged me onward.

Discovering masturbation last summer had unlocked a whole new world of feelings and sensations. I had seen other boys undressing, showering, and dressing in school the previous year, and had thought new things and felt new sensations while doing so during the next school year. Then last summer I had seen boys jerking off together, but themselves, and had gotten a blow-job and an in-person demonstration of the female orgasm. But right then, in the growing dark, on my hands and knees, just around the curve of a huge boulder, were two boys doing something together that I badly wanted to do with another boy, and my body was almost vibrating with new and powerful sensations. It was as if my nuts were being slowly electrocuted, as if some of the lightning remained behind and was supercharging them, making them vibrate.

I was just a foot or so from two boys doing something together that wasn't gay, and had even said so. It was incredible!

The ideas seemed impossible, but what I had heard over the last few minutes was inarguable. Two older boys were doing something together, right there, just inches away, and I had a chance to see!

There was no other decision to be made, as far as I was concerned. The electrical charge in my nuts swelled and began seeping out into the rest of my body as I readied to inch forward again.

Slowly, painfully, carefully, I moved one knee and leg further, then a hand. I could see up to his knees.

Several silent breaths, and I moved the other leg, then, finally, the other hand.

I could see that his pants were down some, not much. I stretched out my back, hoping to see just another inch or so further up his legs. I only gained an inch or so, and it revealed that he had pushed his red briefs down with his jeans. Nothing else, but so tantalizingly close. I could just discern the tiniest repetitive movements of his legs in his jeans as the two of them continued doing what they were doing to each other.

I had to move another leg, then another arm. So slowly, so carefully. Sweating. Shaking. Nervous beyond anything I had felt before, and wild chills and thrills coursing through my entire body.

I leaned forward on my hands and knees, peering around the boulder, and felt my entire body begin to tremble and shudder as my eyes and mind registered what I was seeing.

It was nearly dark, but enough light remained filtering down through the trees that I knew exactly what I was seeing.

Last summer I had played in a cave near the lake my family vacationed at. I knew other kids had found it by the things lying around it, but I wasn't concerned. I played most of the day, and as it started to get dark, I was about to leave when two older boys walked into little cave. There was only the one small alcove to hide in, so I did, hoping they wouldn't find me. They sat down and talked and laughed, then one of them pulled out a naked magazine and they leafed through it. In minutes, both of them had pulled out their dicks and started jerking their own as they sat next to each other going through the magazine. I was amazed that two guys would do that in front of each other, and I wasn't sure why they would even play with their dicks like that anyway.

My dick was no toy. It was to use to go to the bathroom with. I knew in a couple of years I would have hair down there, and it would get bigger, and start making sperm. Then if it got hard, I could stick it in a girl and make a baby. That was what it was for, but later. Right now it was just to get rid of pee.

I wondered why they would play with it like that. I watched, and felt my own doing something weird, and when I put my hand down there, it was hard.

It shouldn't be hard! Not until I got older, I thought with horror. At least as old as these guys. Why was it doing that? And why did it tickle? Growing bolder, I put my hand down the front of my pants and felt my own erection for the first time. It tickled to touch it. I understood why the two boys were giggling then. Or I thought I knew why then.

Time seemed to stand still forever. The whole world was just me, watching them. I mimicked what I saw them doing to themselves. I went faster or slower, used my whole fist or just fingers, whatever they did. Strange tingles and tickles tore through my little body, making me feel like I had never known I could feel before that moment.

When one of them stood up and leaned against the opposite wall of the cave, I watched as his butt cheeks dimpled and he stretched up on his ankles and toes. He groaned, and because he was now facing away from me, I could only assume that he was still rubbing his penis as his arm seemed to be making the same motions.

After a few seconds he stopped, sighed loudly, then put his privates back into his jeans, and as he turned, he fastened them up.

His friend was moving his hand over his dick as if he were trying to start a fire with two sticks. He threw his head back and groaned, the rolled onto his side, facing me. If his eyes had been open, he might have seen me. I shrunk as far as I could into the dark alcove and prayed he didn't open his eyes.

I watched, fascinated and frightened, as his face looked as if he were being hurt. He grimaced and hissed, his eyes scrunched tightly closed. His hand moved quickly over his big, to me, dick, and I watched as something white and fluid came out and spilled onto the cave floor. For several seconds he jerked all over, his hand pulled on his dick, and white stuff came out of the end of it.

I knew what semen was, I just hadn't seen someone produce it before. I always figured it would come out the end of the penis like that, but I didn't know it for sure, and had never seen it happen. The few naked magazines I had seen until then had rarely shown any semen, even if it had a man in it, and when it did, there was no action, only still images of strings or drops of white stuff on the naked woman's butt, or face, or back.

The boy rolled back away without seeing me, and my hand was pinching and squeezing my little dick. My entire body began to feel the same tingling, tickling, incredible feeling that seemed to soak outward from my dick and balls.

The two boys left, and I crept to where I had seen them get the magazine from. I pulled it out of the crack in the rock and began leafing through it. It no time at all, I had my pants down and was masturbating for the first time. I went through the magazine several times, soaking up the naked girls. I pulled and tugged and jerked myself until it got sore and I decided I had better get back to the family before I was missed and it was totally dark.

It was the next day that I sneaked the magazine out of the cave and hid behind the row of trailers and played my favorite new game. A girl about fifteen or sixteen found me back there, and she showed me even more about myself, sex, and even girls.

As I leaned around that boulder and saw one boy's hand holding and playing with the other's dick, those same incredible feelings from the cave that day last summer fired all through me, but many, many times more powerful than then. And now my dick was larger, and it hadn't been played with for days.

The dick I could see being held and stroked was huge! The two boys in the cave last summer had been older than me, but must have been younger than these two, I assumed. Neither boy in the cave had anything nearly as long as the one I saw now. It actually poked out past the other guy's hand as he moved it up and down the long dick. Just as impressive were the balls that hung down so far, and were so large. They had to be the same size as they guys in the rare pornographic magazines I had gotten to see. The dick and balls were so big, that I wondered if they were students, camp counselors, or teachers.

I could make out the fact that there was hair above that big dick, too. The darkness there could only be that, or dirt. My own pubic hairs were barely past the peach-fuzz stage, and I was intensely interested in just how hairy this boy was. And his friend. Or maybe, these adults.

I watched, totally engrossed, as one boy's hand slid smoothly up and down the other's dick. When his hand was all the way down, and in the hair at the base of it, the end of that dick poked out beyond the edge of the other boy's hand. I thought that it had to be at least six inches, if not longer. Just as exciting and interesting was the way his big balls swayed and rocked as that hand moved up and down above them. They swung almost like a clock pendulum, but not as regularly. Often they hit the other boy's hand, or their owner's thighs. That soft slapping sound was awesome, and made me flinch and tingle inside.

I crouched there, watching, my own dick almost painfully caught in my briefs. My whole body felt like when I had been dared into touching my tongue to both terminals on a square, nine-volt battery. Not only was I doing something so sneaky, I could also be in danger from two older boys I was sneaking up on, and they were doing something with each other, just a foot away. My breath wanted to come fast and ragged, but I forced it to remain slow and even, and silent.

"Aww, geeze! Faster, dude!"

The hand I could see didn't comply, so I assumed the other boy had spoken. In fact, I saw the legs in the jeans near me shaking faster now, so I was sure the other boy had spoken.

"Yeah. Oh my God, yeah!" the other said softly and enthusiastically. "Man, gonna go!"

"Fire away," the other said.

Almost immediately his legs stopped moving.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah! Don't move it!" the other said, almost as if he were in pain.

Between his gasps of, "Oh, fuck!" I could hear something hitting the leaves on the ground. I knew what was happening, I only wished I could see it happening. Or that I was doing it to him. The boy in the cave as he came, his expression, and the image of watching his orgasm flow out of him flashed through my mind as soft, wet plops were the only sound other than the boy's words and his ragged breath.

I felt like I was going to finish, too, without touching it at all. It jerked and bucked and my balls tingled so much they seemed to be humming. I was sure my shorts would have a stain - and a big, obvious one, too.

After long seconds, the other boy softly said, "Fuck me! Good one! Whoo!"

"See what a couple of days without can do?"

"Fuck yeah! I'm not jerkin' it every day anymore, gonna build that up all the time!"

"Only takes a day or two. Any longer really don't matter as much, but does, sorta. To me."

The other boy's hand began stroking the dick I could see again.

"How far?" the other asked.

"Not too far. Keep goin'."

For several minutes I crouched there, body trembling from the pressure in my groin, nerves on edge in fear of being discovered, sweating, nearly needing to pant for breath, shaking. I watched that hand move up and down that dick, and those balls swaying and swinging, and listened to the boy gasping and groaning softly.

The boy sighed deeply, gasped, and groaned. The sound of the hand stroking him changed some, became wetter and noisier. I watched that hand play with the end of the dick, and listened to the wet, thick sounds. I was almost on fire. When my own dick jumped and twitched again, I knew I had made the stain even larger.

"Getting there?" the other boy asked after a few more minutes.

"Dude, just keep goin'. I'll get there. Okay?"

"Arm's tired."

"Can't help it I last long, not like somebody I could mention who blows off if the wind is blowin'."

They laughed.

"Speaking of blowing off, Caitlin ever get around to it?"

"Naw. She's too prudey. Won't do it."


"She don't even jack it as good as you do."

One of them snickered a little.

"Wish she'd show you what it's like. Better than a handy any day, man."

"Guess I'll have to wait for a girl who knows how, and wants to."

"Could be a long time."

"Yeah, well, what can I do? At least Caitlin lets me do her."

"With a condom."

"Better than jacking it off all the time at home. At least I got you here for the summer to take care of it."

They laughed.

"It would be nice if she stopped blowing me off about blowing me off, and would just blow me off."

They laughed, and I almost did. It was fascinating how his dick bobbed when he laughed, and the other boy had to regain a grip on it. He moved his thumb over the hole and the tip a lot, and that made the other guy hiss. And when he rubbed quickly just over the edges of the head, the other guy groaned and said it felt great.

It was quiet for a few seconds then, the hand moving back and forth on that dick, and my eyes never wavered.

The other boy said, "Speaking of blowing off..." in an odd way.

The hand let go of the dick, and I was glad to see the whole length of its majesty, and an un-obscured view of his large, hanging balls. It was an amazing sight, and my body reacted with another powerful shudder and a wave of tension through my gonads that washed up through the rest of me, heating up my entire body. Suddenly the other boy was getting onto his knees. I shot backward on my hands and knees, ducking behind the boulder, almost certain I had been seen. I poised for a second, unsure if I should make so much noise by standing up and running away or not.

"Dude!" the nearest boy said in surprise.

I edged onto my feet, ready to pop up and run for all I was worth, still staring at the side of the boulder where I had just been, expecting the other boy to shoot around the corner of it at any second.

"WOW!" that boy said again, almost loudly, and with a tone that made me think of a pleased kid finding out he was going to Disneyland. Then, as if holding his breath and trying to still be heard over other noises, yet still afraid of being heard at all, he said, "Fucking hell! That's fucking incredible, man! Holy fucking shit!"

What was he doing to him now? I wondered. On his knees in front of him, I was sure, would be an awkward position to do that in. He must have changed hands, or is using both of them now. Both! Cool! I bet that would feel great! I gotta see!

As quickly, and even more quietly, as I could, I returned to the edge of the boulder and began sneaking around it again. It seemed to take even longer this time to be able to peek around it but not be seen. The other boy's feet were first in view, and I moved forward ever so slowly and quietly, seeing more of his legs, then his knees on the ground, then his butt, still exposed to the air. I had never seen a guy's butt before, outside the showers at school, and I certainly had never 'looked' at them there. I wasn't insane, stupid, or had any kind of death wish. So I stared at the round globes just inches away from my face. I watched it move gently, and wanted to reach out and touch it, even if I did get caught. It almost seemed worth it. It was certainly maddening to be so close to it and not be able to really see it, or touch it.

Then I heard an odd noise. It sounded like kissing. The boy in front of me was on his knees, and I didn't think the other one could bend down that far to kiss him, but the sounds kept occurring. And the boy standing was now making mewling and groaning sounds almost like in the ones in the one pornographic VHS tape I had seen so far in my life.

I moved ever so slowly and carefully, and eventually I regained my former position. I could not believe what I was seeing.

The boy on his knees was directly in front of the other boy who was still standing and leaning against the boulder, and the boy on his knees was kissing the standing boy's dick. He held the dick with one hand, and was rubbing his lips all over the end of it. The boy on his knees made his lips look a cartoon character about to kiss another, and rubbed them all over the end of the other boy's dick like he was putting on way too much lipstick. The kneeling boy shook his head side to side, rubbing his pursed, wet lips all around the end of the dick while the other boy sighed, groaned, and hissed. Oddly, there were no kissing sounds, though.

Then, as if it were the next normal thing to do, the kneeling boy moved his lips all the way over the end of the dick and slid down it. The other boy said, "Oh, fuck me!" and shivered and grabbed the other boy's hair and seemed to need to hold on tight. He repeated, "Holy fucking shit," over and over as the kneeling boy moved his head back and forth, up and down the length of the dick in his mouth.

Now I knew where the kissing sounds had come from as they returned to the almost night around the boulder.

Those magazines and that one VHS porno had girls giving guys blow-jobs, so I knew what he was doing, but this time it was going on right in front of me, just a mere foot away. And it was two boys!

"Dude! Stop!" the boy standing against the boulder suddenly said, and pushed the kneeling boy away almost a foot. "How can you do that!"

"Nothing to it. Tastes like skin is all. Salty. Nothing else. And besides, I don't want you going back home and having to put up with just a hand-job on the weekend, if she's not in the mood to fuck. And she usually isn't. So no way am I letting you not know what a blow-job is until, what, you graduate?"

"Not like I won't ever find out. I just, I don't know if it's cool if you, you know, if you do it."

After a couple of seconds, the kneeling boy said, "You rather a teacher did it to you first?"

"Ha-ha." the other replied ironically.

"If you don't want me to, I won't. I don't mind, though. Not like butt sex or something. I'd never do that. And I'd never do this for anyone else. I never even thought about doing it to somebody else. It's just... you're my best friend, man. I don't mind doing this for you. I mean, when Kathy gave me that first one, I thought, wow, like, who wouldn't want one? And you can't even get regular pussy from Caitlan, and she gives crappy handies, and you have to use a rubber to fuck her, which she won't let you but on special occasions or a holiday or something. Like some present, or fucking training you or something. Bitch."

"She's not that bad."

"No, not if she knows how awesome you are and goes out with you. She just ain't good enough for you, is all."

It was quiet for a moment.

"Just like the handies?" the standing boy asked.

"Just like. Nobody's business."

It was quiet for a little while once again. The boy on his knees still held the other boy's dick, and he slowly stroked up and down it. I silently begged the boy to let him do it. I used their own words, that guys messed around with other guys, that guys just did it sometimes, to help each other out. Nothing to it.

"It did feel fucking awesome..." the standing boy said slowly.

"There is nothing fucking like it, man, not even fucking. And no, I don't expect you to return the favor. Okay? And I won't ask you to, even when we're giving each other relief like usual. I won't remind you of it or something. Okay?"

After a pause, the boy standing against the boulder said, softly, "Okay."

The kneeling boy returned to being close to the standing boy, and I watched as he licked the dick he had held onto all during the conversation. He used his tongue on it like it was a lollipop. He rubbed his lips all over it, again and again. He made it disappear into his mouth, too, and every time he did, the other boy would groan and moan, and lean over the kneeling boy until I could almost see his face.

My body was burning up. The sweat made my glasses slide on my nose and often dripped into my eyes. That sweat was from what I was seeing and feeling inside of me far more than it was in reaction to the heat and humidity.

The kneeling boy sucked so hard that loud squeaking noises replaced the previous soft, almost kissing like noises.

"Fuck! Matty! That's so fucking awesome! Oh my GOD!"

The boy standing against the boulder now seemed unable to stand still. He held onto Matty's hair, and moved his hips forward and back as if he were having sex. He panted, groaned, and told Matty that it was the best thing he had ever felt.

My own dick was doing things it had never done before. I had felt it bounce and jump in my shorts before, when I got really excited, but now it was pulsating and felt as if it were undulating like an inchworm across a leaf. There was also a new tightness or pressure behind it. It was similar to what it felt like when I was getting near to ending, but right then it felt stronger than before, as if it were on highest setting. I didn't know my body could be so tense and wired, afire with tingles and chills, muscles tense and shuddering.

"Oh, shit! Matty! Unless you want a mouthful of the biggest wad ever to shoot at the academy, you better move!"

He didn't. I didn't think he was going to move, and was going to let the other boy put his semen in his mouth. I almost audibly gasped. I wanted to be Matty right then more than I had ever wanted to be anyone else.

But Matty moved. He swung to the side and moved his hand over the other boy's dick several times as the other boy shivered and panted.

"Fuck me!" the boy said, then his shoes pointed to the sky, his legs locked, and he held his breath. Then a stream of white shot out and landed on the ground just inches from my hand.

I watched, enthralled, as another, then another, and another strip of white fired out, arced wobbling in the air, and landed on the ground. Each time, the boy grunted and his body jerked. I wasn't sure, but I thought that I saw more white stuff ooze out and get caught up in Matty's fingers as he stroked the cock while the other boy sighed, groaned, and shook. The sound his hand made as it squished the white stuff around on the other boy's cock was fascinating.

I noticed that Matty's pants were still down, and now that he was turned sideways to me, I could see his cock jutting out in front of him. It didn't seem to be as long as the other boy's, and curved and pointed upward, almost straight up. It bounced as he jerked off the other cock with his hand. Matty's balls were goodly sized, about the same as the other boy's. I could tell his pubes were pale, probably light blond, or he didn't have much at all.

Most interesting was the fact that he was still playing with himself, stroking it slowly with his fingers, as his friend worked on regaining his breath.

I looked again where that first strip of white had landed so close to my hand. I could almost move my hand the few inches to touch it, but it would be around the corner of the boulder, and I was sure quite visible to them. The pearly, elongated drops stretched out over six or seven inches of ground, and were already soaking into the leaves and dirt. I wished I could have known it was going to land there, and had the guts to have placed my hand there to have caught it.

"Matty! Man! Fucking A! Fuckin', thanks!" the other boy said as if he had just been given a hundred dollars to spend on whatever he liked.

"Knew it'd be worth it if ya let me," Matty said, obviously happy.

"Wow, worth it? Fuckin' A! That was the fucking most incredible thing I ever felt in my life!"

Matty kept playing with his erection, starting to stroke it in earnest as the other boy slid down the boulder and put himself away in his jeans. I saw first his academy shirt, then his smiling, blushed face as he came to rest on his butt. Light brown hair cut sort of short, parted to his left and feathered back. He had a round, soft face, almost as if had been overweight until recently. Big, red lips surrounded his wide, white smile.

I thought how I had just watched the gayest thing I had ever seen, and I had loved it. And I wanted to do it, too. I was really gay.

Matty kept stroking himself, and the other boy said, "You gonna go for two?"

"Fuck yeah!" Matty answered as he sat down.

He was smaller and shorter than the other boy, and had blond hair that was curly and a little long. He had big, dark eyes, and when they met mine, I wanted to ask him if he would do that to me next, or if I could do it to him.

But it was too late.

"Fuck!" Matty screamed and launched himself off his knees at me.

Alex - Camp 1 - -8