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Camp Howit

Chapter 13



The staffer woke us. Robert was lying next to me, on his front, uncovered, fully dressed, head on his crossed arms, asleep. I was still on my side, as I had fallen asleep last night, naked, but now under the blanket. I made sure I was all covered and then opened the zipper. The staffer peered inside to make sure we were awake.

"Raymond, cabin seven, Greg, and we checked in last night and all."


Robert groaned, "Ja. Awake. Here. Vine," and otherwise didn't move or open his eyes.

"Okay, strike it and clean up, and don't leave anything behind. Good job on the fire and so far around your site. Up and at 'em!"

I zipped the flap closed and collapsed.

"Morning mein Schueler," he said, propping himself on an elbow, grinning nicely.

"Morgen, mein Lehrer," I said back, looking at his cute face and hardly believing the dream I had last night.

"Meine Gesch�tzt," he said, then grinned really big.

Then I remembered that it was no dream. I was naked under the blanket, and I hadn't put the blanket over me. We hadn't even brought one with us.

I giggled and felt girlish, but I figured if I was gay, I might as well enjoy it while I could. But we had no time. He grinned at me. I grinned back, stupidly, feeling great. We had to break camp and clean up. I was naked, and it was hilarious as he lay there, watching, grinning, while I fumbled around getting my clothes from around my feet and getting dressed.

His hand just happened to be hanging from his wrist at his hip, and blocking any view of his crotch, and I wondered if he was enjoying it as much as I couldn't hide that I was. It wasn't fair that he could tell and I couldn't.

I knew he wanted to lie there and undress again, and he knew I wanted that too, and we both knew that we couldn't have it.

"We have to get moving," I said sadly, but otherwise didn't move.

He was very cute. His gray eyes sparkled and his lips smiled in a wonderfully cute grin.

"Back tonight," he said, turning red.

I snickered and nodded. We struck camp in record time, fueled by unsatisfied lust. Or, at least, I was. We left nothing behind but footprints in the sand and a pit ready for the next fire. We got checked out and said we would be back again tonight. We were told to follow the same procedure and to have a good day.

We didn't say a word all the way to our cabin. Most of our cabin mates were still at the showers, and Robert and I were among the last ones through. I tried not to stare, but with only a couple of others there, I had to take what glimpses I could. Mostly at Robert who showered next to me.

He wasn't anything particularly standout as far as his body, his looks, or his height were concerned. Most girls would find him mostly boring, maybe geeky. He was just a little taller than me, which meant that he was going to be one of the tallest freshman in his ninth-grade class. I had been average in my eighth-grade class last year, but I was almost a year younger than most, just way ahead in puberty.

So he wasn't tall, or strong, or broad, or handsome, but he was cute to me. His wavy, dark-blond hair wasn't long, but it wasn't short and never looked to have ever been kept short. He didn't comb it much, just waved his fingers through it, so it tended to lie as he demanded, just disorderly so. He looked Germanic, or from that part of Europe, anyway. No extra weight, but not skinny. Muscles showed on him all over, but no bulging or signs of working out. He was almost too bulky too be a swimmer, but obviously liked it all the same.

As he washed, I saw that he had hair on his legs, but not much, and it was blond. The fine hairs I had felt on his chest were hardly visible. He had large, dark nipples, widely spaced. The patch above his dick was filling in though still short and untangled, not really a bush yet. Like me, and the others at the camp. And like me, he barely poked out of my fist, but looking at him in the shower, I would still swear it looked like it would be six inches long when fully hard as it swung mostly plump in the water. And his balls looked nearly nice, hanging from him and swaying around. I knew they were a little smaller than mine, so I wondered if mine looked that much larger on me. I realized I must look well hung.

I blushed and stopped looking around, and finished as quickly as I could. I was hanging long like Robert, and I suspected what that fact meant in the showers now, and wondered how many other guys suspected that already.

I forgot that it had been so hard to get clean yesterday.

I dressed quickly, and Robert was just coming out as I finished. He didn't cover with his towel, but kept using it across his back. I looked into the empty locker in front of me, fully dressed, as he went through the moves. I managed to study the locker the entire time.

Finally I escaped with him to our cabin. Greg checked us in and I said we would go back to the camp sites again tonight. James told us about this and that. We told him this and that about the assignment, and showed him our notes. He told us he was going to take the class before the summer was out, and we recommended it.

A brief bus ride to the academy cafeteria and breakfast. James and the twins buzzed merrily, then blurredly away. Robert and I grinned in relief.

"Are good guys, but yack, yack, yack," Robert said slowly.

"No shit."

"No sheet," Robert nearly mirrored, the phrase still new to him.

I held the right sound for the 'i', until Robert got it, sort of.

At least he wasn't complaining that there wasn't a sheet, anymore.

The waffles were really good, and they had strawberry syrup, too. It wasn't as sweet as I was used to, but I didn't care, even after I noticed. Robert loved that they had coffee.

I hated to go to the classes because it meant Robert and I were apart until lunch. The classes went fairly as expected. Tomorrow was the last day for quite a few of us, so each class was dedicated to working on the project for it.

At lunch, the twins joined James, so they joined Robert and me. They were all excited about the music classes they shared and the parts they were all playing in different songs for events on the weekend. Most of the classes involved something for the weekend crowds: events, displays, talks, demonstrations, and I had managed to avoid all of them. I was proud of myself. The place seemed bound and determined that nearly every kid ended up doing some kind of chore, task, display, speech, or played some part somehow to amuse the weekend crowds of parents and prospective future campers.

Robert and I sighed once they moved on, taking their zone of chaos with them. They were fun in short bursts, and when winding down, but at full throttle in the middle of the day, with so much going on to occupy them, they were too intense for either of us.

And the lunch was awesome, though the juice seemed less sweet than at home.

My geology class would put the best report on the local geology on display over the weekend. I wasn't in the running and didn't aim to be. My short but very detailed paper wouldn't have any flashy graphs or visuals, and was shaping up to be barely five hundred words. Dry facts and statistics, and basic, simple facts.

In our astronomy class, Robert and I recopied and tidied up our numbers and notes, and started on the final report. We even got most of it done before the class ended.

Outdoor Survival, which so far had been mostly talk and maps of our hike tomorrow, and occasionally heaving our packs around the grounds or climbing a ten-foot rope, today was exercises and the obstacle course, all with packs on. On the go, near a jog, all class long. We were mostly all tired by the end, and the two who fell behind early on were told they weren't fit enough to make it. They were large guys, and they didn't look all that disappointed. They gladly left the gear behind at the end of the class.

Afterward, I waited at the table in the cafeteria as usual. Robert arrived and we swapped a few words. I kept it all normal, or as normal as possible. We both blushed and snickered too often, but no one was around to notice, and we were beneath the notice of most anyway.

Riding the bus would be a pain with the big pack and gear again, so we walked, Robert carrying as much as I would let him. I felt better seeing that others had walked with their packs, and some others had others helping with their packs as well. At the cabin, we worked on the astronomy project together and finished it, then we worked on other things we both had to get done so that we would have the rest of the night at the camp site free. We went to dinner, replenished snacks for at the tent, then read on our bunks. At a quarter to eight, we gathered everything and ran to the camp site. The staffer was nearly at the last group, and wasn't happy to see two more boys run past him toward a fire pit.

We set up and were barely finished before he arrived. He insisted we prepared and lit the fire before he left, or we wouldn't be allowed one at all. Robert ran to the cabin for wood, and I got the kit ready. In no time I had some paper burning and the kindling starting to light. He checked us off and walked away after the usual speech on the rules and a reminder of an unannounced bed check.

As intended, we had no neighbors to one side. On the other side, one tent and two boys sat at their fire, seemingly roasting something. We sat at our fire and roasted hotdogs again, snacked on fruit and watched the very last light leave the night sky and the planets begin to appear. Soon other small dots began filling in the darkening sky, and Robert and I watched the placid lake mirror them.

Again, it was perfect. Like God, or fate, or whatever, was trying to tell me something. I had no idea what. But again I was sitting with Robert, and we glanced at each other from time to time, grinning and even giggling. We both knew what the other was thinking, and we both knew it. But we couldn't, until much later.

At one point, he pulled out a pocket knife and used it to saw a stick in two before he tossed it into the fire. I noticed that it had wire cutters, too.

"You had that in the woods with the... James and Dennis and the twins?"

He shrunk a little, and I could see his blush in the firelight. He nodded.

"You could have gotten them out easy with them," I pointed out needlessly.

He grinned wider and shrugged.

"I'm glad you didn't," I said with a snicker. "But, I wish I had James and Dennis instead of the little twins."

"They vas very interesting," he said with a wide grin and a laugh.

I didn't know if he had ever seen or heard of Laugh-In, but he had sounded so much like the Artie Johnson German soldier character that I laughed much harder than he did.

"Alex, I ask, because, I vant to know. No change how I like you vat you answer is. Okay?"

He was looking right at me, and looked so suddenly serious. I knew what he was going to ask. I thought so, anyway.

"Are you homosexual?"

I tried to say yes, but I couldn't. And I couldn't look at him now.

"I don't care," he said simply.

He nodded, and quirked one corner of his mouth upward.

"Are you?" I asked.

He looked worried. That made me feel worried. He looked at his hands and thought.

In his rough English, having to help me figure out some German words as he used them, he told me the same things that Matty and Danny had told each other in the woods. I tried not to let the memories out as Robert said that some guys messed around, that's all, and it wasn't anything gay, or love, or real sex, it was just fun, and some guys just did it. It was helping friends out. Like close, good friends did sometimes.

It wasn't what I wanted him to say, but it was better than what I imagined almost any other guy would have said. I was relieved that he didn't hate me for being the gay one, at least.

"From where I am... guys do. Is not said. Is not gay. Friends, do. Since..." he shrugged. "No big deal. But friends. Not..." he gestured between us and used several words together, than apart, and I took forever to narrow it down some, but wasn't able to pin it.

For the first time, he wanted his little word book and didn't have it. I guessed acquaintances. Not friends, but not strangers, or school, work, or family related. And not homosexuals, or boyfriends, I discovered after some work.

The fire died and we let it. In the dark we could sit closer together and we could see around us better. I felt comfortable talking to him about the subject, and found myself telling him that I didn't want to like boys, but I did. I was surprised that I wasn't near tears, or feel like I could have cried at any moment. I was nervous, but nothing like I expected I would while talking about liking boys. It seemed as telling that to Robert was normal, expected, absolutely normal.

We talked softly in the darkness, close together, sides touching. When the staffer came out of the woods, trying to be sly, we heard him and inched further apart long before he came around tent.

"Bed check," he said as he switched on his flashlight.

"Raymond. Greg in cabin seven."

"Simon, same."

Bored, smooth, and with a wave of our hand over our shoulders as we stared upward. His light flashed over the dead fire pit, across our legs and then down on his clipboard. In a moment, and after, "Night boys," he was on his way. We returned his word, and snickered quietly at each other. We watched as he sneaked up on the next guys in their tent and heard their surprise. We laughed and scooted back together.

We waited until he moved to the next fire, then we made a direct line to the tent. Once inside and zipped up against the rest of the world, we made room, lay on our sides facing each other, and awkwardly grinned and giggled.

"I not know if I am," he said from across that dark space just between us. "This one, my friend, gut friend, we did this one thing, sometime. We said, it was homosexual, but, fun. So, we did. And, I would like to, with you, too, if okay."

His voice was shaking, and that made it obvious that he was extremely nervous and maybe even scared. I didn't like thinking that he was anything but comfortable, especially around me, and even more especially while talking about that particular subject. I wanted him to feel safe and secure, and comfortable, and happy. And I had to know what he did with his friend back home that he now wanted to do with me, so I asked.


I felt his breath on my face, and I knew his face was very close to mine. Then he kissed me in the darkness.

It was short, and quick, and over before I registered it. And I thrilled all over.

Shades of Trey and what hadn't happened weighed heavily in that moment, but this wasn't the same.

There ain't none of Robert's friends waiting in the bushes to jump out and make fun of me. Robert and I already did... stuff. There's no chance it's some trick this time. This is different, and real, and secret.

And I had to.

I leaned forward, out into the darkness, and found his lips with mine and kissed him back. Longer this time. And it felt almost the same as with Trey that day that hadn't happened. This kiss was grander, but less important, wonderful, but not as incredible.

He returned my efforts as soon as they began. His hand found my chest and then flank, and followed that down to my hip. My hand followed a similar path over him as we continued kissing softly and awkwardly. I stirred below as we kissed more energetically. Our hands roamed and found each other excited.

The sensations inside of me were nearly overwhelming. Last night had been incredible, but it seemed that tonight I was even more receptive to touch and sensations, and my body seemed to be trying to overload my brain with sensations.

We wrapped our arms around each other and locked our mouths to each other, barely breathing. His lips were warm and soft, and the incredible feelings as we kissed seemed too good to be real. We both made small mewling noises from deep inside as we learned how to move our lips together.

He seemed to pull me so tightly to him in his arms that I wondered if I would be able to breathe. I could feel his body trembling, too, and I could hear it in his breath. I had never felt anything like what I felt in Robert's arms. I had never known such things could exist.

We went slower this time, and explored, and tested, tasted, and tickled. We didn't seem to rush, anyway, but it seemed to be over far too soon. In what seemed a true Earth-shattering event, I released into his mouth, unable to breathe, move, or hardly think. Just as the last, nearly painful wave of my cum left me, his dick swelled in my mouth and then filled it with his hot semen. I relished it, enjoying every shiver and grunt as I pleased him. If I wasn't so enraptured with what I was doing to him, I would have pulled him off of my sensitive dick, but I didn't. When the last of his hot cum was gone, I nearly jerked myself away from him, and I would have, but for his hands on my butt cheeks, pressing me tightly to his face.

I tried to get away, but he was stronger, and I was weak from what had been the most incredible orgasm of my life to that point. I groaned and whined, but he kept licking and sucking, and it felt so intensely pleasurable! After a minute or two, I was able to think, and I returned to his cock which hadn't softened any. It was pure bliss.

And when he came next, I was worried he would pull the tent down around us. His body seemed to warp and twist in every direction. It was difficult keeping his cock in my mouth, but I managed. He groaned and grunted, shivering intensely. The way his cock swelled and danced in my mouth was indescribably wonderful.

But then I came again. It welled up quickly, seemingly taking all of my strength. I almost cried out in pain as what felt like a live alligator swam through my urethra. It hurt, really hurt, though not badly, and not in a bad way. It was simply so overwhelmingly powerful!

I had no idea that anything could ever feel like that! Not even close!

It must have taken only a couple of moments, but it seemed to take forever before I could breathe, move, and think again. My dick felt sore and puffy, and as limp as wet bread. We were lying facing each other, giggling and softly touching each other in the dark. We had kissed after for several minutes, but now we lay still and quiet. I wanted to fall asleep with him behind me again, so I rolled over and pulled his arm around me, pulling him up tight behind me, his hand in mine, his breath in my ear, our bodies at rest together. I hoped to maintain that all night. Forever.

I began wondering what it all meant. I wondered if Robert felt the same confusing and frightening emotions I was beginning to feel; again. I worried about those feelings, and about what Robert was feeling. And what those feelings meant about me.

But it had been to good, too much fun to be ruined. I could only smile as the wonderful feelings wiped away the worries and fears as I lay under Robert's arm, his body against mine.

As we lay like that, drifting off, he moved his right hand down between us and cupped his privates.

"Don't vant to vake you wrong way in morning," he explained in a giggling whisper.

"That would not be the wrong way to be woken up," I said with a giggle.

That made him giggle against me. Which made me giggle harder. Which got him giggling harder. It was a vicious, self-feeding loop, and soon we were laughing far too loudly and trying to bring it back under control. Which was funny, too.

I had never felt so comfortable with someone before, at least, not since before the first thing that hadn't happened happened. And certainly never lying naked next to someone else. And of course, never lying next to someone I had just done something like that with. Or had kissed.

The feelings were intense as I lay there, wondering if I was starting to like Robert the same way I had liked Trey. The idea was frightening. Not only because of what those kinds of feelings had led to, but also because I would not likely ever see Robert again after Sunday. That hurt almost as much as the feelings themselves felt good. It was all so confusing, frightening, sad, joyous, and wonderful.

Above all the worries and fears, I felt like I had cheated fate, or found the one way out of an endless maze. I was free. I felt wonderful, almost as if I were alive for the first time.

Now I had done it deliberately with a boy. And in the most gay way, with kissing, touching, and hugging, and I had liked it even more than the first time with him last night.

And it was okay. No one knew.

The silent tears weren't sad ones at all.


I didn't sleep well at the camp because I wasn't used to noises in my room. A couple dozen thirteen and fourteen year-old boys don't sleep quietly, and many used the bathroom at night, and camp bunks aren't silent. And I was nervous all the time. The only time I had really slept was after coming back from the hospital after the lightning strike, so when voices woke me up in the tent, after what Robert and I had done, and he was tucked up behind me, I took it as something to pay attention to. He was awaked, too, and hugged me tightly and whispered a shush into my ear. He started to harden. I giggled, and started to, too.

We listened as the staffer told the guys next door to pack it up, and bring everything to the office. He would have someone pick them up and take them to the administration offices. Drugs had no place there, and drug users would not, either.

"We're gonna have to move," I said quietly.

He groaned softly in dread and we started getting dressed as quickly and quietly as we could. The flashlight swung across the side of the tent and Robert told me to roll over, cover up, and pretend I was asleep. We covered up and feigned sleep.

"Wake up, boys, bed check," and his light flashed across the front of the tent.

I reached for the zipper, but Robert's hand held mine back for a second, surprising me. Then he let go and winked at me. I grinned and then hid it as I unzipped the tent. The flashlight shone onto the ground in front of me and seemed very bright.

"Raymond. Cabin seven. Greg."

"Simon, all same," he said without looking up.

"Night boys," and he was gone.

We listened as he walked away.

"We don't have to move our camp," I said with the next breath.

"Keine Nachbarn mehr."

I thought on it a moment, repeating it several times.

"No neighbors?" I guessed.

"Sehr gut, mein Schueler," he said, kissing me as a reward.

"Mein Lehrer," I sighed, grinning widely.

"Mein Gesch�tzt," he whispered into my ear, then began kissing it, then down the side of my neck, tickling me very much.

That led to our hands finding each other's bodies in the dark, which led to our hands roaming, and that led onward.

Hands and mouths were used in every way and on every part we could. We exhausted each others ability to become hard, and still we played and tickled, toyed and laughed into the early morning hours.

Alex - Camp 1 - -13