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Alex's Tales

What Happened At Camp Howit

60,000 words following Alex as he deals with the ramifications from, as well as what he learned from, What Hadn't Happened just after eighth grade.

After the disaster of his first kiss, Alex has to deal with the aftermath; not only that he was afraid he was going to be gay, but the loss of his friends, and especially his best friend. Thankfully he had moved, and could now start all over in a new neighborhood and a different high school.

It was bad enough that he was afraid he was going to be gay, but now he was going to high school in the fall, and he had to learn how to hide the gay away deeply enough that no one could see it - or crush it out of himself.

His new home is becoming comfortable, but his parents want him to attend a summer camp for advanced students before he starts school in two months.

He hopes that by attending the camp he can learn how to get by without anyone noticing him, and thus that he was gay, and get it right before the school year starts.

A big thank you to N Fourbois for proof-reading and editing!

Alex's Tales - Camp 1