Alex's Tales

This is the life of Alex Raymond in chronological order. It is made up of several large books, some made up of several parts, and some shorter, smaller stories as well. Here they are listed in order of occurrence, not by their particular books or compilations, though they are listed.

Not all stories are written or presented in the same manner or style, but are about Alex and his life and times.

And remember, not all stories have happy endings.

Given my proclivity to use Latin in titles of stories of Alex, if his life's story title of "Circles" were translated into Latin, it would be "Circus." Hmmm, fitting, really.

What Hadn't Happened - First love. Not all stories have a happy ending. A short story of about 5,000 words on events as eighth grade ends and the summer before ninth begins. Rated PG (The other side of this story can be read here - Alex: by Trey)

What Happened At Camp Howit - How do you get over your first love and discovering that you're gay? You get sent to summer camp, that's how, no matter how much you don't want to go. 60,000 words, both R and X rated versions. Due mid-2013

What Happened On Vacation - One love found and lost, a second found and lost, and the summer isn't even over yet. What more could Alex be forced to endure? He finds on the family vacation to visit relatives as high school looms large. 60-75,000 words due 2014 or so, both R and X rated versions.

The Circle Begins - As an eventful summer comes to a close, a new friend tests Alex's boundaries, and another his limits. As high school finally starts, things only become rapidly more complex and complicated, and not just at school. 100,000 words due well past 2013, both R and X rated versions

Summer Of '81 - Love found and lost, and yet again, but this time, the third, there was something very special about the incredible Toby. 33,000 words X-rated

Summer Of '82 - Love surprisingly recovered, and lost yet again, but even more permanently this time. Is life nothing but the pain of having love only to lose it? 33,000 words X-rated.

The Circle - Follow Alex during a month as he turns sixteen and his live changes forever - yet again. He learns more about love, loss, friendship, and death than he ever wanted to. A 333,000 word novel. Both R and X rated versions.

The Circle 2 - Picks up immediately after The Circle and covers the next month in the life of Alex as more changes change his friends, his life, and his beliefs. 300,000 words, both R and X rated versions.

The Circle 3 - Alex thinks he has a handle on life, the universe, and everything. But life, the universe, or whatever is behind it, has some more tricks up its sleeves for young Alex, and he learns he's not as smart or experienced as he thought. 400,000 words, both R and X rated versions, due 2014.

A Circle Ends - Nothing is forever, and that is yet another lesson Alex needs to learn, at least according to whatever is behind life, the universe, and everything else. 200,000 words, both R and X rated versions, due 2015

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