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As an online author, the only pay I get is knowing that I gave you, the reader of these stories, something to enjoy. However, it seems that the vast majority of readers are too stingy to offer up a cyber-buck of payment and drop a line to say they read something or that they enjoyed it. It's even rarer for someone to offer an opinion on what could have been better or what wasn't so enjoyable.

So, I'm offering you a chance to read an Alex story that isn't public yet if you will drop me a line to tell me what you enjoyed or didn't about this story. It helps to know what works and what doesn't. Write me an email at circulatim at gmail which is dot com (or use the feedback page) and tell me what about this story has allowed/convinced/forced you to read it so far. That's all. Do you realize that you have probably spent between 24 and 36 hours reading this story? Depending on how slowly or quickly you read, of course. And all I'm asking of you is to spend five minutes telling me why, so that I can make the next story just as, if not even more, interesting. What do you like about it? What were your favorite and least favorite parts, and why? What character(s) do you like or hate, and why? Did you spot any mistakes, irregularities, or continuity problems? Tell me. Tell me those and/or other things about the story, anything, so that I know what works, what doesn't, and I get some real input and information about what people like to read and don't, so that I can improve my style, content, story, and characters. What was fun to read? What parts were painful? What parts will you remember the longest? Was there too much sexual content or not enough? Were the sex scenes interesting or distracting? Were they written well or poorly? What would you like to see happen in the next story? What do you think is going to happen? Will Alex stick with the band? Will he end up falling into heavy drug use and become a slacker? Will he ever get back together with Jeff? Should he try to? Or should he pursue someone else? Who? And why? Who do you think left the Valentine's Day card? Who was the mysterious keyboard player? Did you notice who told Alex that he is gay, but Alex didn't even notice? Who else do you think is gay, but hasn't told Alex yet? Anyone? Or no one?

You can be as long-winded and detailed as you like, or it can simply be a quick note saying something useful that would let me know something useful. "I liked that David was from England" isn't quite useful, now is it? But "David should become Alex's next boyfriend because he seems very nice and would be good for him." is something I can think about for The Circle 3 and would get you the right to read one of the as yet non-public stories.

"I think Cooley and Marcus should get hooked up together." would be a helpful opinion and would get you access to one of the stories. Give me something useful, or at least tell me something good or bad about the story, that's all.

Help make me a better writer, and make The Circle 3 even better than The Circle or The Circle 2. I can't get better without your help and input. Email me at circulatim at gmail dot com, or go to the feedback page.

Wouldn't you like to read Circle Cubed (The Circle 3) one day, and have it be even better than either The Circle or The Circle Squared (The Circle 2)? Or would you rather find it one day and start reading it, and find that the things you liked about this story are missing, and that Circle Cubed was so different or something, and not nearly as good?

How can I know what the readers liked about it, if I am never told by any readers what they liked about it? Think about it. How would you know if you were me?

By getting feedback, of course.

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