Beware The Angel

Beware of the angel,
That comes in disguise,
Tempting allure,
And soul-catching eyes.

Seemingly innocent,
All sweetness and kind,
He'll lure you in tight,
Then mess with your mind.

He wears a bright halo,
But the truth is that besides,
Erasing that bright halo,
There should be horns on the sides.

His words will seem real,
And his manner so true,
But his actions will tell,
The real truth to you.

So beware of the angel,
And don't fall for his lies,
Keep your heart secret,
And try to survive.

Best keep your eyes open,
Yourself distant and apart,
Or that bastard the angel,
Will come take your heart.

I once met the angel,
And thought him my friend,
But I paid the price heavy,
In the cold, bitter end.

Poems - Angel