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First Time Tales

Rated: X

I've been asked to help readers tell their stories of their first times. It started with Fred's Story, and soon, more readers wanted to tell their stories.

So, now after several have been told, and more are being worked on, I've put together this area to have them all together.

Some are short, some longer, but all are straight from the person who's story it tells. I've added details and conversation, using what the person told me and agreed was likely said. In all cases, the person has found the story good enough and wants to share it, so here they are.

  1. Jeremy's Tale - A teen in the early sixties who comes to find through taking swimming lessons that being a homosexual isn't as bad as he's been taught.   series

  2. Nathan's Tale - Nathan, thirteen, finds out how much fun it is to mess around with his two cousins.  series

  3. Mitchell's Tale - Mitch's cousin discovers his browser bookmarks!

  4. Casey's Tale - His sixteenth birthday party, and his first joint, leads to his first time - and not alone.

  5. Jacob's Tale - Sixteen year old Jacob thought his big chance to lose his virginity would come while visiting relatives in San Francisco. No such luck. But on the way home...

  6. Mike and the wrestling coach - Mike wasn't sure he was the athletic type, but the wrestling coach is sure interested in spending some time with him.

  7. I Needed A Jump - After the show at the school's student union, this sixteen-year-old had a dead battery. It was cold, late, and he needed a jump.

  8. Benny's Story - A new neighbor moves in the summer before high school. First his best friends' life changes forever, then his own.

  9. Fred's Story - This story of a high school student's first experience was related to me as true and actual.   series

  10. James' Story - James tells the short story of his first gay sexual encounter at fourteen, with his fifteen year old cousin.  series

  11. Steve's Story - Steve tells the story of his first sexual encounter at eighteen. A different story of sorts, and not all that pleasant. Some violence.   series

First Time Tales