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  • Aiden - A twelve-year-old leaves home, and ends up on the streets with nowhere to go, except for a ride with a stranger. Rated-X Teen in progress

  • Jeremy's Tale - Jeremy takes a swimming lesson, and learns more than he expected. Can he handle the truth? Rated-X Teen   NOW AN EBOOK/KINDLE

  • Nathan's Tale - Young Nathan finds out how much fun it is to play around with his two cousins.  Rated-X Youth/Teen   completed

  • Steve's Tale - Tired of hiding that he's gay, Steve admits it, and lives with the loneliness for the rest of his high school years. But on the last day of class, a horrible event leads to a complete surprise. Rated-X Teen  completed

  • James' Story - James knows that he's gay, he's just not sure how to tell his cousin, who's his best friend as well. Rated-X Teen  completed

  • Fred's Story - Fred begins high school, and knows he's a little different. Amazingly, he finds that he's not the only one, and soon finds himself part of an unusual club. Rated - X Teen in progress

  • Jay's Tale - High School student Jay gets schooled. He knows he's different, in more ways than one. Not only does he like guys, he likes being afraid. He just doesn't know it yet. Rated-X  Mild BDSM/toys  NOW AN EBOOK/KINDLE    

  • All Hollows' Eve - All Hollow's Eve is a tradition running deep through many cultures. Here I offer a yearly seasonal story. Rated-R HORROR   A new story each Halloween

  • Ray and Scott - Two friends since second grade, find out in high school that they hardly knew each other. Series Rated-X Each about 5k words. completed

  • Perspectives - Five different perspectives of the same high school bully story. 12K words each story All Rated-X Teen  completed

  • Alex and Trey - Two sides of the same story. Read Trey first, then Alex. each about 6k words  Teen

  • Deals -

    Have you ever wanted to be rich and travel the world, leaving everything and everyone behind? Doing as you please, with whom you please, how you please, and when you please, money or legality no concern, simply satisfying your every desire?

    The Itinerary:

  • Bonn
  • Amsterdam
  • Stockholm, Prague, Rome, Venice, London, Glasgow and the Galloway Forest, Sydney, Wellington.
  • Stories will be released in order, next due 2013. Other stops may well be added before it's over.

    Series in progress. All Rated-X