Spring Break Kinky Surprises

A.K.A College Kink

Part 2

 Rated: X Contains: College



So, Spencer introduced me to using a sound in my urethra. I had never thought about putting anything in my piss slit before, so my first time was a mix of apprehension and sheer pleasure. There was some mild pain as well, especially when I took a piss right afterward. In fact, for the rest of the day, taking a piss was almost painful. At times I kind of regretted doing it, but then I'd remember how great it felt while doing it, and the fact that it was having a kind of sexual experience with the really hot Spencer.

I didn't describe Spencer or myself in the first story so that you could picture him and me in any way you wanted. If you like that, then don't read the next two paragraphs, because I'm going to describe us.

Spencer is a junior, just turned twenty-one. He is about six foot tall, about one hundred and sixty pounds of beef. No fat, but plenty of lean, taught, smooth muscle. He is on a couple of teams and in great shape. Sandy-blond hair - with honey strands - that hang a little long but not what you would call long. He likes to brush it over his forehead from his left to his right, and the rest of it is layered and razor-cut. Slight. light eyebrows on a bold brow. Slightly small brown eyes. Really nice features, almost right out of a magazine. Long nose with a slight bend from being broken when he was ten. Really nice lips, red upper and lighter lower, both juicy and plump. A slightly cleft, square chin. Size thirteen shoes! Yeah, big feet, big hands, long nose, and a nice, big, eight incher with a big bulbous head, and a small little almost round hole. Big heavy balls in a generous, blond sack. He has firm pecs but not big, with light-brown nipples the size of pennies. Some chest hair, but it is light-blond and shows up well against his tan, like his treasure trail. Nice hair on his legs, but not as much as many guys, maybe because it looks less as it is pretty light and only shows up against the tan of his legs. Really juicy, round butt tops his strong legs.

I am pretty much the opposite. I have long, red hair down to my shoulders. Red, not orange or ginger. I'm pale and pretty skinny. My ears stick out a little, so I keep my hair very long to hide them. Five-eight and about one hundred and twenty-five pounds. Small and slight build. I don't tan, but turn red, then peel and get temporary freckles. I do have a few freckles on my cheeks and arms, but they are very faint. My eyes are very blue, not watery blue or gray-blue. I have a small forehead with faint, red eyebrows, and will probably never grow a beard or mustache. I have no body hair, except under my arms and my pubes, all of which are red. I do have fuzz on my lower legs, but it is faint and hard to see even when you know it's there. Some people say I have elven features: sharp cheekbones, sharp, almost pointed chin, and a long, narrow face. Not totally homely, but no stud like Spencer. My best feature is easily my butt. It is nice and plump, especially on my lean frame. I have a weak chest, almost totally smooth, no muscles, and really pink nipples that are supremely sensitive and get hard when my dick does. I have exactly seven inches of dick, that is lean and slightly narrow, with a lot of foreskin that hides the head when it's not hard, but rolls up behind the head when hard. My slit is long and wide, and in a little cleft at the end of my head. It is usually slightly open, and opens up even more when I've been horny and hard a while.

So, I had picked up this odd thingy on Spencer's desk as we watched a comedian on YouTube, and idly played with it. Spencer had noticed and asked for it back, which got me even more curious about it. I got him to demonstrate it by pretending that I didn't believe what he said it was. Amazing. Then he let me try it out. Man, that thing is a joy to use!

I had jerked off with and jerked off a couple of friends in high school, and had even had an actual sexual fling with another for almost a year, but had never done anything like this! I had really liked that sound, except for the almost stinging/burning sensation when I pissed. It was worse right after, but it got better every time I pissed.

Later that night, about eleven, Spencer asked if I wanted to give him that hand-job with the sound in him. Hell yes I did! I played it cool though. That time I had paper towels ready myself, so that I got to see his jizz flowing out of his hole around the little sphere. Totally hot. And I could smell it. Then I used the rod on myself without washing it off first. He was in the shower and didn't know, but he knew I had used it.

We watched videos and played games for a while, then went to bed. I jerked one off again in the dark, and I was pretty sure I heard him going at it too. I nearly asked him if he wanted me to come over there and give him a hand, or give him a blow-job. And cumming was wild. That prickly/burning sensation from the sound made the orgasm pretty strong and pretty powerful.

This morning I heard him getting out of bed. I peeked and saw his naked butt as he headed into the bathroom. I whipped down the blankets and started whacking one out really quickly.

He had shown me how good it was to go slow and make it last longer, but I didn't have the time, so I went to town on it.

I still wasn't fast enough. Just about three-quarters of the way through, the bathroom door opened and I flung the blankets back over myself. He smiled at me as he walked to his bed and sat down. He was still naked, and was getting hard.

I pretended like I was just laying there was all, but I could tell he had seen what I was doing.

Then he said, "How about we use the sound again?"

I glanced at his growing erection, and thought, is he gay? He made it pretty clear since we'd moved in together that he was very adventurous sexually. But he had never mentioned guys at all. Just that he had done a lot of pretty wild things in bed with girls.

'No whips or chains,' he had said, 'But lots of toys and stuff.'

I hadn't probed, mostly because I wasn't sure if he was trying to trap me into exposing that I was gay, or something. I'm pretty paranoid about my sexuality. My hometown is pretty small, and fags are not open or out, and gays on tee-vee and in movies are pretty much ridiculed.

He had told me about threesomes, butt sex, even orgies. I just wasn't ballsy enough to ask questions and find out more.

I wondered, as I lay there trying not to seem too enthusiastic about using the sound on him again, if he had done anything with a guy before. He had sure known how to jerk me off yesterday.

"Don't have to if you don't want to," he said, reaching down to adjust his growing erection, and smiling really nicely.

"No, I want to," I said hesitantly. I just didn't want to seem to want to too much. "And I have to piss first."

"Great. I haven't had that much fun since the first time I used it. Go ahead. I'll get the stuff ready."

He got up and went to the closet and bent over to pull the sound out of his ToolRider bag. I got a good look at his ass, his dark hole between his slightly fuzzy cheeks, and his balls hanging down between his legs. Damn it.

I used the john really quickly. Man, that burning/stinging sensation was still there, but weaker. I was getting used to it, or it was just fading as my urethra recovered.

When I got back, he was on the bed with everything laid out on paper towels, and had the little red felt bag he kept the sound inside of in one hand, the bottle of alcohol in the other, and his erection full and sticking out straight. I sat down and started to get so hard it was throbbing. He pulled the magic rod out of the red felt bag and handed it to me. Then he opened the bottle of alcohol and let me dip the sound into it. I wiped it dry on a paper towel he was holding out.

He put the alcohol down, and then leaned back on his elbows. Man, I felt those massive tingles fire up all over me as I leaned over him and grabbed his big dick with one hand, and placed the tip of the sound at his hole.

"Jerk it until it gets wet, to lube it," he reminded me.

No problem! I was more than willing to suck it, but I didn't want to seem gay. He was willing to do this stuff with me, and I didn't want to turn him off it by making him think I liked it too much or something. So I beat him off for a couple of minutes before a nice drop of pre-cum showed up.

I got down good and close, so I could see the soft flesh around his tight little hole indent as the weight of the sound pressed against it when I swished it around in the pre-cum, and then see the skin around his tight hole begin to stretch and allow it inside.

I could feel each and every oval sphere slip through his tight hole. It wasn't hard, just a soft resistance that gave under the very slightest pressure. His dick felt so hot and hard, yet so soft. I had my thumb and forefinger wrapped around just behind the edge of his plump head, and my palm and other fingers along his long shaft. I could smell his scent.

I could also feel the sound with my hand as it traveled deeper into his urethra. The tube beneath his cock was thick, but very soft. I could feel each and every little oval sphere. I knew what that felt like to his cock, too. That sparkly, tingly sensation. When about half of the rod was in his dick, I moved my hand holding his dick so that my fingers could follow it as it went in deeper and deeper. I gave it enough pressure to give him that tingly feeling. His dick swelled up at times from the sensation. He gasped a couple of times as I worked it into him.

"Like a fast learner," he said, grinning.

I would pull it mostly out sometimes, sometimes all the way. I would rotate it, jiggle it gently, and sometimes slide it up and down an inch or so for a while before going in deeper.

As I moved the sound out and in, it would make the coolest sounds. Those wet, slick, sex sounds. It was awesome! And the way his dick flexed in my hand was really cool.

"Damn, you're really getting good at this," he said, and put his hand on my back, between my shoulder blades, and started rubbing me softly there.

  I felt great at the compliment, and paid him one back with, "I had a great teacher."

It was probably ten minutes before I put it all the way inside, the big sphere on the end resting on the very tip of his dick. I ran my fingers over the tube just inside his sack, and I could feel all the little oval bumps through it.

He groaned, then he said, "That is fucking great!"

His legs moved in and out, like he had to piss really badly, so I asked him if he did.

"No. It just feels really great! Your really know how to use your fingers."

"I had a great teacher," I said again.

We smiled at each other.

I moved the sound out, almost all the way, and then slid it all the way back inside, my fingers putting pressure on his urethra the whole way.

"God, damn!" he groaned. "You better let me do it to you before I blow."

"Okay," I agreed.

And his words gave me an idea. I was going to try it before we were done, I decided.

I slowly removed the sound from him, and he took it, wiped it dry with a paper towel, washed it in alcohol, then dried it off.

I leaned back onto my elbows and got ready. My dick was already leaking pre-cum and throbbing and ready. He grabbed it, around the edge of the head like I had him, and then slowly began inserting the rod into my open, red slit.

Oh, God. I mean, that thing was fucking amazing! It was so smooth and yet the ovals were so stimulating. The inside of my cock complained a little, but that just made it even more intense.

He did the same things to me I had to him. He'd press against my tube as the ovals went past, making those delicious tingles explode inside my throbbing cock. He'd put some in, take it out, or most of it, and then go one more oval deeper. In and out, spin, tap, jiggle, one oval deeper. Fuck!

It was almost impossible to hold still, except I knew moving around too much would probably hurt. That risk was another thing that added even more to the situation. This was so hot I could just cum from it alone if we did it long enough, I was sure. Pre-cum was leaking out past the sound pretty often.

Finally, the big sphere rested in my open slit. It looked like a jewel resting there. He used his pointing finger to push on it.

"I bet it would go in if we tried," he said. "But then it would probably be a pain to get out."

"Probably," I agreed. not interested in finding out.

I mean, the thought of going to the campus med center with that thing up in my dick... you know?

He ran his fingers up and down the underside of my cock, putting pressure on different places, making those awesome tingles. Then he started moving the sound in and out in a random way that I couldn't anticipate. My legs wanted to run a marathon, and my back wanted to bend me in half in reverse. I was even shaking in places. And my pre-cum was leaking enough that it was all over my head and his fingers and thumb. Man, now I was sure this could make me cum. In fact, I was feeling that early churning warning.

"Better stop. I don't want to cum yet," I told him.

He slowly pulled it out, putting pressure on the base of my head, making each and every oval fire up those awesome tingles as they slid past that point. My pre-cum was oozing out so much that I could feel the trail it made past his fingers and down over my sack.

As the end of the sound came out of my hole, it stayed open, and was filled with the pre-cum that didn't roll out and down over his thumb and onto my sack.

"Man, you sure make a lot of pre-jizz," he said.

He didn't look grossed out by that fact, I noticed. He used some paper towel to wipe the stuff off my dick and then his fingers.

"It's even on your sack, man," he said, and then really carefully wiped it clean.

"I can't help it. That feels fucking amazing," I said. I felt so grateful for the awesome pleasure, that I added, "Thanks for showing me."

"My pleasure, man," he said, giving me a really good smile.

Now my bladder seemed to suddenly be switched back on, and I had to pee so bad I was worried I might actually piss without wanting too.

"I got to piss so bad!" I said, getting up.

He slapped my butt, which made me almost piss right then. I glanced back and saw him grinning at me. Man, I got a wave of warmth all thorough me from that grin. Or maybe it was how badly I had to piss.

I stood in front of the toilet, wanting to pee so badly, but knowing it was going to be almost painful, too. When it finally started flowing, it wasn't so bad. I guess my urethra was getting used to it. It still burned a little, but the ground glass feeling was almost gone. Damn, that was possibly the longest piss I'd ever had! I felt so relieved when I was done that I actually sighed out loud and shivered all over. But it might also had been the pleasure from the sounding and messing around with the hottest guy ever.

I was still mostly hard when I walked back into the room, and seeing him sitting naked on my bed inspired it back to full mast before I sat down.

"You should buy one of these too. Then we could do each other at the same time," he said, holding out the rod to me.

"Sounds like a great idea," I said, and then we laughed at the unintended pun. "Where do I get one?"


"Oh. Cool."

I made a mental note to order one soon.

"How much?"

"Like, ten bucks."

"No way!"


"I'll order one tonight!"

This time I got on my knees in front of him, between his awesome thighs, and worked the magic rod slowly into him. I kept working on what to say to get him to let me try what I wanted as I slid it into him. I made sure to work my fingers around his tube as well. Man, he loved it.

I loved feeling his cock react to my actions. I loved how it swelled up and throbbed, how it felt in my hand. It was so firm and solid, hefty and massive, but so smooth and soft on the head. It was so perfect. His pubes, his big balls hanging down in his big, generous sack, his strong legs...

I loved being between his strong legs, my face mere inches from his hot cock. I could swear that I felt heat rising up from him. I could smell his odor. My body shivered all over, making my hands shake a little. I could do this every day for the rest of my life. Especially if...

I had to try.

"I was wondering something," I said, and looked up at his face.

His head was back, then he rocked it forward to look down at me, and said, "What?"

"Has any of the girls ever sucked on it while this was inside?"

"Oh, yeah. That's so good it's incredible," he said.

His eyes seemed wider than normal, and his smile even bigger than before. I felt his legs quiver against my sides. I looked down at his meaty cock in my hand, the chrome sphere resting on the end of his plump head. It was now darker than usual, deeply red. And so hot. And throbbing.

I swallowed, my guts churning. How adventurous is he? I wondered.

"If I did it to you, would you do it to me?"

His eyes seemed to get even bigger, along with his grin.

"Yeah," he said, nodding. "Do it."

I didn't hesitate for a nano-second. I bent down and engulfed is huge head with my mouth. The taste hit me immediately. So musky and manly. I licked the sphere, and his fat head, and sucked.

"Oh, shit," he moaned, and grabbed my long hair. "Fucking amazing!"

I started sliding up and down, sucking and licking. Yes! I loved sucking cock, and it had been so long since I had last. And I'd never sucked such a nice, big, juicy one before. It filled my mouth, and I couldn't get half of it in.

"Oh, God, that's fucking amazing!" he said again. "Oh, my God!"

His legs swung in and out, almost slamming against my sides. Both of his hands gripped my head on both sides, and almost crushed my skull. I didn't care if he did. What a way to die!

"Stop!" he almost yelled, and pulled me off. "Can you still do it to me after you cum?" he asked, still holding both sides of my head.

"Yeah," I replied. "Oh. I see. Some guys are done when they're done."

I knew that from personal experience. One guy I had messed around with almost never got me off, because he would cum so soon and then be done. I was never like that. I could cum and still be interested. unless I had cum two or three times, I was willing to keep doing stuff.

"Yeah. When I cum, I'm like, you know, not interested anymore."

"Okay. I'm not," I said, and began working the sound out of him, putting pressure on places as it came out.

This time, a nice big wash of pre-cum followed it out. I almost licked it up and gave his fat cock a nice suck to clean it out inside. Instead, I used paper towel. I didn't want to seem gay.

I sat down on my bed, still tasting his musky flavor. He got between my legs, cleaned the sound, dried it, and then began sliding it into me. My hole was slick with pre-cum, so it went in easily. More pre-cum oozed out as it went inside, displacing it. My cock was throbbing and pulsing like mad. His finger put pressure on places, and every oval that went past his finger made my dick bounce and my balls tingle.

Then it was all the way in, and he smiled up at me, and then leaned down, and I leaned back so that I could see his lips take my head inside.

That warm, soft sensation of a mouth on my cock was so sorely missed! Then the suction hit, and man, I almost bent over backward! The pleasure of the suction was magnified by the sensation of my urethra being sucked inward tightly against the sounding rod. I could feel each and every individual oval as each wave of vacuum rolled along the rod. It was... there just isn't any words I know to really describe it!

"Holy fucking shit!" exploded out of my mouth as every muscle in my body tensed, and my balls tugged upward, and then I couldn't even warn him that I was going to cum.

I couldn't even breathe! The feeling in my cock was so intense, I just shuddered and mutely gagged, and my eyes rolled up, and everything went dark, and it was just his warm, wet, soft mouth, the suction, and the rod.

My ankles went sideways, my knees locked, my back popped, my jaw clenched. The first explosion of my orgasm felt as if my cock ripped open! Those waves of suction pulled my urethra in tight against the rod, even though my semen was trying to push out past it. It was a conflict of intense, almost unendurable pleasure, with hints of pain, and the overwhelming sense of loss of control.

I heard myself making short, curt, choking kinds of sounds. I couldn't' even reach down to grab his head, or do anything but shake and grunt. My hips wanted to buck, but the rest of my body was so intensely tensioned that even my hip muscles were paralyzed.

I grunted in waves, in short clips, in time with the pulses of my orgasm, everything dark except for the swirling red dots. I held on, inside, and wondered if I was going to die, have a stroke, or what.

What a way to die!

Those heavy waves of suction, contouring my urethra around the ovals of the sound, finally waxed, and I managed to gasp in a breath. Then another. And after another, I was able to open my eyes. Things were blurry and dark, but I could move my head, and I could see Spencer still sucking my dick. What a sight! I felt his hand squeezing my balls, and wondered when he had started doing that. And I felt a finger rubbing over my sphincter, too. I wondered when he had started that, and how I couldn't have noticed.

My legs began to relax, but now they were swinging wildly and out of control, banging against his sides. I got up far enough to hold onto his hair, and grunted, "Oh, shit. Stop. Please!"

The suction was pulling my soul out! Or so it seemed. The sudden relief as he stopped sucking, and then removed my cock from his mouth, was like breaking the surface after being too deeply underwater and fearing drowning. I gasped and heaved for breath, shuddering all over, and fell onto my back.

"Pretty fucking amazing, huh?" he asked, smiling really big.

I couldn't answer. I just laughed a little, and shivered all over, and tried to keep my legs and arms from flinging around wildly. I grabbed the blanket beneath me and crushed it in my fists. I was still shivering all over.

Then I felt him pulling the sound out. I sat up like a shot and grabbed his arms and held them still. I had my eyes tightly closed. The sensation was just way too much.

"Let go. I'll take it out slowly," he said. "Fight the urge to grab my arms and just soak up the feeling."

I let go of his arms and held my own ass as he pulled it out. I thought I was going to pass out! It was even more intense than that first piss after the first sounding. There wasn't any actual pain, just so much intense sensation that it went up to a level akin to pain.

It finally came out, and I opened my eyes. My dick was purple. The head was actually purple. And it felt so hot, as if it were infected, or in an oven. It bounced in time with my racing heart as it rapidly deflated, all shiny with his spit and my cum.

I suddenly looked up at his smiling face, his shiny, red, juicy lips, and realized that not only had they been tightly clamped to my cock, and had  sucked me off, but he had swallowed it. All of it. What had to be the biggest orgasm of my life, and he'd swallowed it all.

I almost asked him if he had, but I didn't want to point it out. If he had just because I'd cum without warning, I would feel guilty. And I wasn't totally sure he had. I hadn't even been able to see if he had. He might have let me shoot it out all over the room, and just sucked me after I had cum. But it sure had felt like he had. But then, with that sound in, I just wasn't sure. So I let it go.

"Think you can still return the favor?" he asked.

"Oh, hell yeah!" I said, though I was actually not all that turned on, surprisingly.

I mean, yeah, I was willing, it was just... I guess that massive, mind-blowing orgasm had drained me more than about any other one ever had before. But, yeah, boy was I still willing. I mean, pass up sucking off his nice cock? Not on your life or mine!

I cleaned the sound, and got between his legs. His dick had leaked some, so I smeared the tip of the sound in it, and then slid it into his hole. His hole was dilated some, so the sound went in easily. I worked it in in stages, pulling it out some, tapping it, rotating it, and took my time getting it all the way in. When it was, I looked up to see him smiling nicely.

I smiled back, and then leaned forward and took his meaty cock into my mouth for the second time. This time, I knew I was going to get his tasty wad.

Man, I worked that head like a pro. Sort of, anyway. I know I really got into it. He didn't give any instructions or anything, just let me go at it. Maybe I was good enough he didn't need to since I remembered what he liked from earlier.

He held onto my long hair, being careful not to actually pull it. And he ran his fingers through it, too. I liked that a lot.

I remembered to play with his nice, big, heavy balls, and I even pushed a finger up along his taint and tickled his hole. That made his cock jump nicely. And sucking on him even made his pre-cum get past the sound. It was so good tasting.

"I'm going to really soon," he said after his cock had jumped really noticeably in my mouth.

I swiped my tongue all around his head, and wiggled it against the sound's sphere, and worked his balls with one hand and put pressure along his urethra with the fingers of the other.

"Jesus Christ, you're fucking amazing at that!" he said. "I'm gonna blow a huge one! Get ready!"

I felt his cock swell up again, and this time it didn't recede, and then his hot, thick, gooey cum was filling up my mouth faster than I could swallow it. I felt it leaking out around my lips and over my finger and thumb almost from the first shot. It came in huge waves, and I felt his body shuddering and his legs swinging against my sides.

He grunted, "Fuck," over and over and over.

I swallowed as fast as I could, but he came way more than I could get down with his fat head almost filling my mouth on its own. His cock jerked with every shot, and more than once it almost got away from my mouth.

After what had to be ten or more shots, his cock still pulsed, but nothing much came out, and then he pulled me gently off him.

"Damn, that was fucking awesome!" he said, smiling at me really nicely. "You can give some fucking great head!"

"Thanks," I said, feeling really embarrassed, but really great, too.

His dick was going soft quickly, and it was all wet and shiny, and very dark red on the head. I slowly pulled the sound out, making him gasp and almost whine from the pressure I put along his thick tube as the ovals slid past.

It came out, and more cum welled up as soon as it was out. I leaned forward and sucked gently, and licked it clean. He jerked and sighed, and let me, until he gently pulled my head up.

He shivered all over once, smiled, and said, "Damn. This is going to be one fun break!"

I wanted to cuddle with him, but he didn't make any such moves, instead he took the sound from me, stood up, and went to the bathroom. Damn, he has a great ass. He didn't close the door this time, and I hard him pissing. Then I heard the water running for a little while. He came back, all smiles, and put the sound back in its pouch.

"That was the hottest thing I've done for a while," he said from his bed.

"Me too," I answered back.

I felt my dick stir. I knew it would get hard if I wanted, but I didn't want it to. Not really. I was satisfied for right then.

"Let's get cleaned up, and go get some pizza," he said.


We did. When I pissed before taking a shower, it was almost as painful as after the first time with the sound, but not so bad.

We went and had pizza, he showed me some places around campus to go, and we saw a movie. A few hours later we were back in our dorm room, and when I took a piss, I remembered to order my own sound. The stinging wasn't much at all, really. And, actually, I had been thinking about the sound, and using it with him again, pretty much since we had used it that morning.

We got on our laptops, and I signed into Amazon, and searched. I found some sounds, but nothing like the one he had. There were mostly three types, Bakes-Rosebuds, Hegar, and Van Buren. Some of them were downright intimidating. I mean, these were all eighteen inches long! The Van Buren had a scary bend on the end, the Hegar were slightly bent, and the Rosebuds had an oval on a very narrow rod, and were the most like the one Spencer had, but were still eighteen inches long.

"I can't find that thing on Amazon," I told him over our laptop screens.

"What's your email?" he asked. "I'll send you the link to it."

"Okay," I said, and told him. Pretty soon, a message came and I clicked the link. There it was. My dick started getting hard just at seeing it. Eastern Delights Elite Stainless Steel Beads Urethral Plug, Small. $9.99 plus shipping and handling.

Spencer said, "Check your messages again."

I did, and there was another link, this time to the same thing, but instead of small, it was large. I looked at him over the computer screen.

"Hey," he said, grinning, "it's only two millimeters wider, and it's the same length. I figure with your big hole, you could take it no problem."

I thought about it, and agreed. Two millimeters was nothing, and with my wider hole it would go in, and probably feel even better than the smaller one. It was two dollars more. I bought it, and ordered rush shipping.

"Be here Saturday," I said excitedly, and with a big grin.

"That'll be cool," he said, also grinning. "We can do each other at the same time!"

Oh, hell yeah!

We sat there looking at each other, grinning. I knew we were both thinking the same thing. I was getting hard.

I really thought about asking him if he was gay, or bi, or what. I just needed more guts, or bigger balls. Or more time.




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