Spring Break Kinky Surprises

A.K.A College Kink

Part 6

 Rated: X Contains: College


Good Friday afternoon

I woke up having to piss so bad that I shot out of bed and almost ran to the bathroom. Good thing I was naked. If I'd had to open my jeans and fish out my dick through my boxers I would have pissed down my pant's leg. I started pissing as soon as I was in front of the john, and, oh man...


It hurt, not badly, but, man, that was so fucking weird! Any pain in your dick is scary. That tingling/burning sensation was there, but kind of weak or I was getting used to it, but the feeling in my prostate and my bladder sphincter was something like having to piss after being passed out for a full day after a drinking binge. Or something like that.

I heard him laughing. I didn't even remember seeing him on my way to the bathroom. All I'd had on my mind was getting to the toilet.

It felt so good to relieve myself that I got fully hard. I mean, it felt good! Not really sexual, but the sensations were deep inside, around my prostate and bladder, and I guess that was enough to make my body horny.

Mentally, I wasn't even awake yet, let alone horny.

I didn't even have much pee to get rid of. But that sensation of a bustlingly full bladder was something else. Wow. I wasn't sure I was going to be okay with that or not. I might have made a huge mistake. If it felt like that from now on, I had indeed made a life-altering mistake.

As I walked back into our room, my boner obvious, and I couldn't have cared less by now, I asked, "Is it going to be like that from now on?"

"No, not as bad. Like the sound, worse the first time, less the less you do to it."

"It might go away?" I asked.

"Might. If you stop doing it."

"Guess what," I said as I sat down heavily on my bed.

"What?" he asked over his laptop screen.

"I've stopped doing it."

"Don't blame you," he laughed.

Snickered, really. And he kept snickering. Which made me mad at first, but then I was laughing along with him.

But I was serious. I was not going to do that again. Well, maybe the hose up there that deep, but not inside my bladder again. And no way was I going to pour water into my bladder again. And for double-sure no way was I ever going to use the plunger to blow my bladder up like a water balloon again. Ever. Serious.

But, the hose... yeah. That was likely. But not again today!

I was asleep again in minutes.

I was woken up by the smell of Italian cooking. I sat up and sniffed.

"Hungry?" he asked from his desk.

"Hell yeah," I moaned, and then turned and put my feet on the floor.

I realized that I had fallen asleep, naked, with nothing covering me. I didn't even mind. It was striking how used to the idea of being naked in front of him I was already.

"Good. I got you an order of baked rigatoni," he said, waving at the bag on my desk.

I stood up and walked to my desk and sat down in one blurry movement. If I wasn't so hungry I might have stopped to pull on some underwear or something. Instead, I tore open the bag and then the tray and got to work shoveling food into my mouth. After a few swallows I noticed the delivery tag on the bag.

"I'll pay you after I get to the ATM later," I said.

"No problem," he replied.

"Hey," I shot suddenly, and glared at him.

"What?" he asked, meeting my glare.

"Did you get this delivered?"

"Yeah, duh. So?"

My jaw dropped, then I griped, "I was naked on the bed!"

He shrugged at me with a small grin.

"Not like the delivery guy hasn't seen a naked guy passed out when he's delivered to a dorm room before," he said with another shrug.

I saw that he probably had a valid point, but this was me we were talking about.

He cracked up, then said, "Yeah, I threw your blanket over you before I opened the door."

I rolled my eyes in exasperation and relief before a fact occurred to me.

"Uh, I wasn't covered when I woke up," I pointed out.

"No. Too nice a view to keep hidden," he said with his mischievous grin. "I guess covering you up woke you up a bit, and moving the blanket back down woke you up more, because I was pretty quiet, but you still woke up."

"I smelled the food," I pointed out.

That burning question raised yet again: If he'd covered me up when the delivery guy had come, then why had he uncovered me after? He pretty much said he wanted to enjoy the view of my naked body as I slept. I was dying to ask. I was worried by asking that I might spoil the situation and he would be less willing to continue doing such things. I didn't know if I should ask, or just let things go on as they were.

We ate mostly in silence. I got a soda from the fridge. I fired up my laptop and cruised emails and such for a while. But the entire time I was wondering. I took brief glances at him over our laptop screens. He was so handsome. Any girl, or gay guy, would jump at the chance to mess around with him. I was a complete dork by comparison. So why should I risk ruining what I had going by asking?

So, of course, I asked.

"Uh, can I ask you something personal?" I managed to croak out after finishing the food.

"Sure, anything," he said, barely giving me a glance.

"Um, you said you had plenty of girls, right?"

"Yup. Why?"

He gave me a short glance this time.

"Well, you know, considering what we've been doing... you know..."

"You want to know if I like guys too, right?" he asked, now looking directly at me.

"Well, uh, yeah."

I felt my face going deeply red, and a rapid rush of sweat under my arms as he met my gaze.

"Well, let's just say I don't see why a guy has to choose to like one or the other. Okay?"

I nodded, very relieved, and more.

"Besides," he went on, "I remember you saying you had a few girls back home, but you're pretty willing to do some pretty gay things. You sure didn't seem to mind it any."

I laughed, mostly in embarrassment, and I felt my face get even redder.

"Yeah, okay, so I'm not going to, like, call you a fag or something," I said. "I mean, yeah, I had some girls, and all that, I'm just asking, you know..."

"You're asking if I like guys the same way I like girls," he told me firmly. "And I'm going to tell you the truth. Yeah, I'm into guys and girls. I don't really seem to have a big preference. Sometimes a guy catches my eye, sometimes a girl. Sometimes I'm hot for a girl and a guy at the same time."

Well, that certainly answered the question. And relieved a lot of stress. He held my eyes as if they were glued. I couldn't have looked away if I'd had to. His statement nailed my attention to him.

I could only think of a couple of things to say.

"Uh, well, to be honest, um... I'm more into guys than girls, myself."

Wow! That was the closest I had ever come to admitting to being gay. And it felt great! I was suddenly dying to tell him more.

"Okay, actually, I'm like, pretty much actually gay. I mean, I've had a couple girls, but..."

I trailed off, unsure of how much more to reveal, or if I even could. But he helped me out considerably by saying....

"But you like guys more than girls. You're just too scared to admit it," he told me, nodding.

"Yes!" I nearly screamed in relief.

He understood!

"Yeah, I've got this friend back home. He said the same thing, sort of, and then it took him a while to come out with the rest."

"It's so hard to even think about!" I said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, I think I can understand. It wasn't easy to tell you what I just did. I can pretty much imagine that it's not easy to tell someone that you don't even like girls."

"It is!"

He smiled, and I felt as if I weighed nothing! This was awesome!

"Well, it's cool with me," he said, instantly becoming my best friend. "Just remember one thing."


"I am into the girls, so don't go getting all pissy and moody when I score some poon and shit. I'm not dating you, and we're not boyfriends."

I felt my stomach drop a bit, but I instantly saw the truth of the situation. I nodded, holding my smile only by effort.

"Okay," he said. "I like messing around with you and shit, and this is a ton of fun, but I'm not looking for a boyfriend. So you should keep your eyes open and looking out for a guy to hook up with. Got me?"

"Yeah, sure," I said as happily as I could.

It wasn't as if I was now sad or anything, but I was a bit more down that I had been just moments before. I had no right to expect him to fall for me or anything, and I saw that, but it was still a downer to be told right off that nothing serious was going to happen between us.

Then, almost instantly, I saw that I didn't want anything serious between us anyway. I liked him, and he was hot, sure, but I wasn't falling for him or anything.

"Yeah, well, just don't go getting a big head, dude. It's not like I'm in love with you or something," I told him firmly. "I mean, yeah, you're hot and all, and I really like the messing around, but you're not all that, you know."

He laughed and I felt a lot better.

He smiled at me for a long time. Or, what seemed like a long time.

"What?" I asked after a bit.

"So, if you don't like girls," he asked slowly, "I'm curious about something."

"What's that?" I asked, feeling a nervous tingle fire up in my guts.

"Well. Have you ever been fucked?"

I blushed quickly, and nodded, then said, "Yeah. I had a sort of actual boyfriend, you know."

"No, I didn't know," he said. "So, you guys pretty much did everything?"

"Yeah," I laughed.

"Did you like giving or getting better?"

I laughed nervously, then said, "I sorta liked both."

He nodded a bit, and a question came to my mind.

"So, have you? Been fucked?"

"Once," he said. "Sort of. I mean, he didn't really want to. He liked being fucked. Total bottom. But he did once. Just not very well or very long."


I was dying to ask it, but I wasn't the bold type.

"I was wondering," he asked. I met his eyes. "Think you can?"

My dick immediately answered that question. If the desks and our laptops weren't in the way he could have seen the reply for himself. But since he couldn't see that, I met his gaze and smiled, and eventually nodded.

He waved me over with a nod of his head. I got up, unashamed of my raging boner, and met him at his bed. We sat, and nervously snickered, and then he leaned in. It was our first kiss. It wasn't bad at all, and it wasn't all that I had built up in my head either. Maybe the nervousness blunted some of the excitement. At any rate, there wasn't anything wrong with it at all. Soon we were closer, arms around each other, kissing harder.

I had never been with someone that much bigger and stronger than me before. My boyfriend was about the same size as me, and the friends I had messed around with were either about the same or smaller. There was something new and different about being in the arms of someone so much larger and more solid than myself. That, and I wasn't the instigator or the aggressor. This time, I was the one being led into it. By someone larger than myself.

It felt really good. His body was firm and strong, and he had hair in all the right places. He knew how to kiss well, too. And he knew where to put his hands, and what to do with them. His dick felt like a kielbasa sausage in my hand. It was the largest one I'd ever touched. It wasn't huge, just bigger than the ones on the guys I had messed around with when we were younger, and bigger than my boyfriend Dennis'.

As I held his big dick in my left hand, I wondered what it would feel like pushing its way into me. It was thicker than anything I'd put in myself, including Dennis' dick. It was longer, too. The head was bulbous compared to Dennis' more pointed, aerodynamic head. I was sure it would be far more intense than anything I'd had up there before. Maybe too much. But I was willing to find out. Later. First, I was going to fuck him right and proper.

And before that, I was going to suck that cock something fierce.

I moved from kissing his lips to his neck, then his chest. Nice big nipples on firm pecs. Then down the center and to his abs. No washboard, but some definite definition. I slid to the floor, and between his knees. I could smell his musk as I slid below his navel. He moved nearer to the edge of the bed, making my position better. I grabbed his butt with both hands, and admired his big dick from inches away.

Big, bulbous head, slightly darkened by being hard for a good ten minutes of kissing and touching. A tiny drop of moisture at the tight hole on the very tip. Prominent edges, slightly darker than the rest of the squat, fat head. Long, almost perfectly straight shaft, with a prominent urethral bulge from the sack to about two inches behind the head. The gentle curve where both edges came together below the meatus was symmetrical and generous. I licked it there, upward, making that bead of pre-cum grow just before I licked it all away.

His big dick jerked in my hand as my tongue continued over the end, and over the top, and then over the edge. My lips closed around it, and I sucked it firmly as my tongue rolled over the side and down beneath it again. Once there, I let my tongue form a caressing cradle for his cock as my lips worked the edges of his head and I sucked deeply.

"Oh, shit, you give great head!" he moaned.

I knew, and I had more to use yet. But I stayed with that tried and true method for a few moments. I cupped his big balls and worked them around as my other hand squeezed and rubbed his long shaft. He had enough length that I could easily work his head with my mouth and his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other and not be cramped for space.  I did so for long enough that he leaked a tasty drop, then I slid my hand down to the base of his cock and took as much of his long cock into my mouth as I could get. I knew how far I could go without gagging, and I took every centimeter I could.

"Awww, shit!" He gasped in some air after that, and then moaned one long, "Oooo!" as I sucked and worked the underside of his cock with my tongue.

His legs swung in and out, and I slid both hands up and down the inside of his thighs for the entire time I could hold that much of his big cock in my mouth. When I needed relief from the mass of his big dick and slid my mouth up until only his head was still within my lips, I moved my hands back to his shaft and his balls.

Now I stroked his cock, tugged and squeezed his balls, and bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking and licking furiously. I made sure my wet fist worked his wet head every third or fourth cycle of bobs upward, and I immediately closed my hot mouth and lips back over his head and returned the suction and licking to maximum levels.

" Fuu-uu-uuk!"

I wondered if he could take the mind-flayer. Okay, my dorky Dungeons And Dragons side is showing here, but Dennis and I had come up with that nickname for what I was about to do.

I got a good grip on his big, long shaft with my right hand, down at the base. I pulled my mouth off his dick, slurping tightly all the way off. Then I released his balls with my left hand and moved it, fisted, to my lips. the forefinger and thumb of my right hand pulled all the slack out of his foreskin, pulling all the skin of his dick tightly back toward his pubes. I made sure my left-hand fist was soaked with spit, and then slid it tightly down over his head, stretching it as my tight fist moved forcibly down over it. That was closely followed by my lips, which spread just as tightly over his head. I sucked firmly as more and more of his head entered my mouth, with my tongue working against his glans, and once I had all of his cock in my mouth I could, I then slowly slid upward, removing my mouth from his head, dragging my wet, tight-fisted left hand over his head now, until only the tip was still tightly held in my fist. I twisted my hand over his head, then I slid my tight, wet fist back down over his head, stretching it tightly backward again, closely followed by my lips and tongue. A brief moment of maximum suction as I got all I could take in my mouth, then up and off again, sucking the entire way, followed by my tight, wet fist. A bit of a twist, then back downward. Always making sure my fist stayed very wet and slippery.

Slowly at first, a bit faster with each cycle, until I was moving at a good, quick, easily maintained pace.

"Shit! Fuck! Oh-my-god!"

He couldn't stay quiet. He couldn't stay still, either. Nor could he take it for very long.

"Shit! Stop or I'm gonna cum!" he begged after perhaps two or three minutes.

"Not that I'd mind cumming while you were doing that!" he said quickly as soon as I had stopped. "It's just, if I did, I don't know if I'd want to go ahead and get fucked or not."

"Probably not," I said, grinning up at him, and moving to sit down next to him. "When you cum during that, it's pretty much a session-ender."

"No shit!" he laughed. "That was the best fucking head I've ever felt!"

"Thanks," I said, embarrassed as hell, but just as much pleased with myself.

"I think I'm supposed to get your dick all wet, though, since you're supposed to fuck me," he said, grinning, and then slid down my body with his mouth.

He followed the same course I had: Nipples, mid-chest, stomach, navel, then he got onto the floor. I made room by spreading my legs, and he got in between them. He grabbed my butt with both hands, held on, and started sucking me pretty well. He knew how to use his tongue, all right - it felt like a massive eel, entwining and wrapping itself around my dick. Tightly, then softly, and all the while plenty of varying suction.

After a couple of minutes, he tried the mind-flayer. He didn't get it perfect, nothing as well as Dennis could do it, but this was his first time, so he did pretty well. His timing was a bit off, and he didn't know exactly how much tension to use, but I had no complaints. I let him practice it for as long as I could take it, then told him, "Better lay off before I finish off."

His finale was really nice. He sucked it very hard and deeply, all the way off, and then slid his wet, slippery fist off very tightly. It almost get me off.

I knew from giving him oral a few minutes ago that he had showered this morning, so I got on the floor, pulled his legs out and up, and exposed his hole. His brown, furry starfish twitched before I even touched it, as I closed in on it. I got a glimpse of his big grin just before his big cock and balls eclipsed his face as I dove downward.

He moaned right away. His hole was furry enough that there was no pretending it was Dennis. Dennis was smooth and almost hairless down there, pink and white with only a slight brown center. This one was dark and furry. But as far as feel, it was very familiar. Soft and pliable. My tongue easily probed into it. The smell and taste was slightly familiar but also different. I licked up and down, side to side, and in and out. I got it wet and slick, and all the probing with my tongue easily relaxed the sphincter muscle. I could wriggle almost half my tongue into his hole in no time.

I placed my first and second finger against his wet, soft hole, and easily slid them inside. Soft and warm. So easily pliable. I turned my fingers and found his third nut. He groaned nicely as I began working it. I held his cock with my other hand, and kissed and sucked his balls. While I did that, it was easy to slide a third finger into him. I couple of minutes of this, and he told me he was ready.

I tongue-lashed his hole a bit more, to get it nice and wet, and then got up and into position. The bed was just a bit too low.

"Scoot back," I said.

He did, and I got onto the bed. Now it was far easier to match up. And it was easy to glide in. His hole was soft and warm, and there was almost no resistance. My dick wasn't all that big, but I had expected a bit more resistance that that.

"You sure you haven't been fucked?" I asked him, almost laughing.

"No, just barely, like I said. But I do have a nice dildo in my bag of toys," he said.

"That explains it," I said, and began fucking him.

There was almost nothing to it. His ass wasn't very tight, and my dick wasn't very thick, so it was easy. It felt great, too. With Dennis, my dick and his hole made for a very tight fit. There was no sliding in and out, it was more like his tight hole gripped it firmly and I slid my dick through my own skin, like a very tight hand-job. But this was more like... I assumed, fucking pussy. The skin of my dick slid through his hole, and I could feel that friction and motion. When I moved my head in and through his sphincter, it was tight enough to feel fucking great, but loose enough to allow me to do it more often and with more speed than with Dennis. Pulling it out and putting it back in was easier, and something that felt very good to both of us.

All in all, I liked his ass a lot, but not better than Dennis'. I liked the emotional connection with Dennis far more. The physical feeling was better than with Dennis, but not the overall experience.

He was enjoying it. He moaned and sighed a lot, and held onto me tightly, and even kissed when we could get close enough. Sometimes he asked me to do it harder, or deeper, sometimes faster, sometimes slower and gentler.

It was very good, and I was enjoying it, but it paled in compared to the times with Dennis. When he asked if I could last a while, I told him I could go for as long as he wanted. Maybe.

Tuned out, I could. I let my mind wander off at times, thinking about this or that instead of what I was doing. His ass was warm and soft, and it felt great, but after the intense, emotional, loving times with Dennis, this was almost easy by comparison. We changed to doggie-style for a while, then he sat on me while I lay on my back, and then he lay on his front and I laid on him with his legs way up. Then he lay on his side with one leg up while I was on my knees. Then we were both on our sides. Then, when he was on his knees and chest, and I was behind him fucking him hard and fast, he asked me if I was close. I told him I could be. He said I should jerk him off when I got close, because he was getting close even without the reach-around.

I started paying attention to the fact that I was doing my roommate in the butt. I looked at his body as I reached around and played with his big dick. It had leaked a lot, and I was able to give him a sloppy, almost wet hand-job. I was going to get off this way. So was he. He leaked and throbbed in my hand.

"Oh, man, harder and deeper! And tighter with your hand! I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too," I moaned.

I worked his head with my hand, smearing that pre-jizz around and squeezing it. I shoved my dick into his ass, deep and hard. I felt my balls getting ready.

"Shit, soon!" he groaned.

"Me too!" I groaned, leaning down over his back, stroking his big dick, shoving my dick into his hole.

I felt his body tense up. My body tensed in apprehension of orgasm as well. Then I felt his hole clench down on my dick, and then I felt his dick throb in my fist, and then he groaned. Then I felt his hole clenching in rhythm around my cock, and his cock throbbing in rhythm in my hand, and the wetness covering his head and my fingers.

I could feel his body tensing as his orgasm raged through it, and I could feel his orgasm in the movements of his ass and his cock, and the slippery wetness covering my fingers. The sensation of his hole around my throbbing cock was enough to really throw my orgasm into high gear. I came into him as his orgasm wound down. Each pulse of his ending orgasm in his hole tugged my orgasm out of me.

I didn't have to keep moving to keep my orgasm in high gear - the motions of his body as his orgasm waned was enough to propel me through my own.

It wasn't as good as with Dennis, but it was fucking good! I emptied out into his warm, soft ass, over and over, after his orgasm was done.

I fell forward against his back and panted a bit, then when I fell out of his ass, I fell off to the side. He rolled onto his side and faced me. We smiled at each other.

I realized that I much preferred fucking someone I really cared about. But it was still pretty damned good.

He scooted up and kissed me. I returned it, but felt a bit odd about it. He caressed me, and I returned it, but it wasn't nearly the same as with Dennis.

I realized that I missed having someone I cared about. Sex was good and all, but the emotional connection was what I really liked.

We ended up in each other's arms, cuddled up and comfy, but it wasn't as good as with Dennis. Still, there wasn't anything wrong with it at all! 

He began kissing down my chest. I grinned down at him as he kissed lower and lower, and as he licked the very tip of my hard dick, then licked down the shaft, and then over my balls. He lifted both of my legs, knees up, then placed my feet widely apart. His face vanished, and then I felt his warm breath on my hole, followed closely by his wet, soft, squishy tongue.

It had been a while since I'd been rimmed, and he obviously had done it before. HIs tongue worked all the areas around there, then over it, and then into it. Out, around, in, over and around, and on and on. Nice! He spent at least ten minutes working my hole with his tongue, then licked up over my balls, over my dick, and up my front, and he kept going, until his big cock was in my face.

I was more than willing to get it nice and wet and slippery. That bulbous head was a nice treat to work on, I'll tell you. Bulby and prominent and juicy. He slowly worked it further and further into my mouth, until I used a hand to hold around the base of it to keep any more from getting in. He had enough length that I just couldn't take it all in my mouth.

Dennis had a good dick on him, and I could take it all. But Dennis had seven inches of slim to average dick. This was almost eight inches of thick meat. It wasn't really thick or anything, but it was sure more than average. Especially that head. I couldn't take it all.

He pulled it out, and looked down at me, and asked, "Ready?"

"I think so. Just remember, it's thicker than I'm used to."

"No problem," he said as he slid his dick and balls down the front of my body.

He rolled me over, pulled my hips up off the bed so that I was on my knees, and then he spread my cheeks. He licked and tongued it again for a bit, and then got into position. I felt my hole tensing up in anticipation. I did my best to relax it. Then I felt his cock up against it, and I had to force it to relax.

Then he pushed. Gently and slowly, but inexorably.

"Oh, shit, slower," I groaned.

His fat head was trying to spread me open too quickly.

His hand came around and grabbed my cock and began slowly stroking it. His other hand cupped my balls and worked them over gently at the same time.

"You push back against me" he said.

I did. Very firmly, and very carefully. HIs big hands worked my cock and balls, and I slowly worked his big cock into my ass. It seemed to take a long time, and I was very impressed and grateful for his patience. He only rarely pushed forward, and only a tiny bit that I was sure was more instinct than intentional.

Over a period of a couple of minutes I felt his head spread my hole more and more, and eventually I felt the prominent head slide into me. I gasped.

"Oh, God, that's so tight," he sighed.

He slid his hand up my dick and into a tight fist over my head, and began emulating a tight hole on my dick. This was working out really well. I was leaking pre-cum into his fist, making his reach-around hand-job feel great. If he was leaking pre-cum now I couldn't feel it inside of me.

His dick was the fattest thing I had ever had inside of me, and I could tell. It felt like it. My hole was stretched as far as it ever had been. The pain was mild, and easily tolerated, especially as the pleasure was so intense as well.

I felt that fat, long dick intrude deeper and deeper. Dennis' seven inches had often felt as if it were going to end up poking out the front of me before he got it all in. This felt like it was going to end up pushing against my skull soon.

Then I felt his bush against the cheeks of my ass, and then his skin.

"Oh, God, that's nice," he sighed, trembling against me.

"It feels like a baseball bat," I moaned.


"Yeah, but not bad."

"Is it okay?"

'It feels great. Just go slow at first."

"You got it."

He was gentle, no doubts. He pulled almost all of it out in a slow motion, then put all of it back inside in another slow, gently glide. He held my dick and balls and filled and emptied my ass over and over.

After a few minutes, he pulled it almost all the way out - I could feel his prominent head ridges at my hole, and then he wiggled it in and out there a few times.

"Ah, man," I moaned softly.

"Fuck. Feels like super tight pussy," he groaned. "But better in ways."

Then slowly all the way in, and then he began a slow, steady, deep fuck.

"Tell me if I go too fast or hard," he whispered.

"Okay. That's awesome like that."

"Yeah, it is," he laughed.

Man, that was a lot of cock. It was more than I was used to or had before, so it felt massive.

Over the next few minutes he picked up speed and force, but kept it in check. He was doing a great job. Good enough that his slow and tight reach-around was getting me close to orgasm.

"If you're not close, you better stop jerking me off, because I'm getting kinda close."

He grunted deeply, and then pushed all the way in deep. Then he started stroking me more quickly. Just as I wondered if he was getting close and wanted me to cum along with him, he grunted, "Cumming!" and shoved in all the way.

He jerked me off fast and hard as he came inside me. I felt his cock jerking and I felt the growing wetness inside me. He grunted several times, animalistic and primal. His fist beat me off rapidly, and I groaned a long, "Ooooo!" as I released a thick load onto his blankets.

Cumming with a big, thick cock in your ass is something else! It felt as if I was cutting his dick in half, or pinching off a loaf too hard to pinch off. My ass complained with each expulsion of cum, which only made each expulsion that much more intense.

"Oh, God, your ass is so tight!" he moaned, more grunted, as the last of my orgasm squeezed his cock tightly in rhythmic pulses.

"Your cock is so big!" I moaned back.

The last waves of my orgasm waned, and fell onto my chest from my elbows.

"Ah, shit," he groaned, and then fell back, pulling his cock out of my ass.

I sighed, "Ahhh!" with the relief, and then let my legs spread out and my hips fall onto the bed.

He fell onto the bed next to me. I looked into his face as we both laughed a little.

"That was some good ass," he sighed.

"Some good dick," I replied, still laughing a little. "Much more and it wouldn't have fit."

"If you were still a virgin, I wouldn't have been able to get it in."

He rubbed my back a bit, and I found myself drifting toward sleep.

"Keep that up, and I'll fall asleep," I softly warned him.

"Go ahead," he replied, and then snuggled up closer to me, and began caressing me even more.

I smiled at him, and was asleep in no time.





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Started off reading this story on nifty and I came to your website and found the wealth of short stories you've written. I'm such a huge fan of yours and your family stories, especially this one! I can't wait for the next chapter to come out.

Much love,


12-09-2018, 04:05

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Thanks Carter!

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