Spring Break Kinky Surprises

Part 8

 Rated: X Contains: College, estim

A.K.A College Kink


So, Easter Sunday. I woke up in his bed, facing his junk, my junk not far from his face.

The beer enemas had been the most kinky thing I'd ever done. The sounding rods up my dick had been before yesterday.

As I lay there, looking at his nice dick as it hung downward across most of his upper thigh, and his big balls hanging alongside it, I started getting hard. He had one of those dicks that didn't shrink up when it wasn't hard. That thing was nice and big, a little thick, with a bulgy, big-edged head, and a piss-slit that was small and closed. Seven inches hard, but about six right then as it lay plump and thick beside his generous sack. His brown hair wasn't thick on his thighs, but it wasn't sparse either. His bush was thick and dense, nicely brown. He had a nice spacing of hairs on his sack, too, that wasn't thick, but was enough to prove he was no high-schooler.

Laying there, my face just a few inches from it all, I could smell the musk left over from last night. It was rich and aromatic. My dick grew fully hard and began to bob with anticipation. I almost reached out and took hold of his thick dick, or his big balls, but we weren't exactly boyfriends or anything. We were friends, roommates even, but that wasn't enough to me to make grabbing his dick while he slept something I'd do.

So, I slowly and gently rolled out of his bed and sat down on my own. My dick was throbbing and ready. It was past noon, and I knew he'd wake up soon, so I wasn't willing to wank one out right there and then. I considered going to the bathroom and doing it, but I knew he had something pretty special in mind for today and I didn't want to waste a wad alone.

It'll be better if I keep it for later, I told myself, and went to the bathroom. I took a long piss, a short and noisy shit, and then a shower. I managed to think about classes and got rid of the boner. When I came out of the bathroom he was sitting at his desk watching his laptop, naked. That thing was nearly hard, but it always looked that way anyway. He had a great body, very lean and slightly muscular, tanned almost all over, nice body hair in the right places, smooth in other places. He was more than just handsome, and less than perfect. I knew he could have almost any girl he wanted, and probably any guy he wanted. I felt pretty lucky and very amazed that he was even willing to mess around with dorky me.

I walked to my dresser and got out a pair of sweat shorts and slid them on. I turned around to see him looking at me and smiling.

"What?" I asked, feeling the blush forming on my cheeks.

"Just thinking," he said, grinning wider.

"About what?"

"How lucky I got this term. Hot frosh roomie who's into guys and willing to do new things."

I laughed, and said, "I was thinking how lucky I got. Hot junior roommate who's into messing around with a dorky frosh fag."

He laughed, then said, "Hey, dude, you might not be studly material, but you ain't no dork. A little geeky maybe, but that's part of what makes you such a hottie."

"Whatever," I said dismissively.

"No, not whatever. You've got really great eyes, and a nice face, and a really good bod. Your ass is a bit flat, but that's because you don't work out or run or anything. I bet if you did some exercises you'd build that ass up into something that'd get everyone's attention."

"Shut up."

"No, seriously. You've got a real bookish look, but it's nothing totally dorky or anything. You're not real skinny, and you don't have bad acne, and you have good hair. Kind of a baby face, too. Chicks dig that a bit. I guess guys would too. I mean, I'm not totally bi or anything, but I can see you're a decent looking guy. If you let it, I'm sure you'll find a dude or three who'll be willing to mess around. Probably even find a couple who'd want a relationship."

"Shut up."

I was getting really embarrassed. I knew I wasn't a total dork, but I knew I was far from hot. My lips were too narrow, my chin was too weak, and I lacked any real muscle tone or athletic ability. Having a nearly studly dude tell me I was pretty good looking was very new to me, and really embarrassing. And really nice, too. I knew he meant it.

"Yeah, well, can ya do me a favor?" he asked.

"Prob'ly. What?"

"Take off the shorts. The view is pretty nice."

I laughed in embarrassment, and finally stood up and dropped the sweat shorts. I was getting a bit hard, but too embarrassed to get fully hard. I tossed the shorts onto my dresser and walked to my desk, sat down, and turned on my laptop.

We messed around on our laptops for a while, then had burritos and beer around one-thirty. It was strange to do such a domestic thing as fix microwave burritos while naked. Eating them at our desks was almost erotic. I mean, come on. Burritos, mouths... yeah. We both sort of slid those burritos into our mouths more erotically than most people eat burritos. I got hard.

When I tossed the paper towel I had used as a plate into the trash, I got gutsy enough to ask, "So, what's so special you got in mind for today?"

"Well, first I've got to meet the guys for a game in a bit. I guess we'll play a couple hours or so. When I get back I'll want a nice long shower, and then dinner, and then a couple beers, and then we'll get down to seeing just how adventurous you are."

"Oh, come on. Give me a hint already," I nearly begged.

"No way. The suspense is gonna kill you," he laughed.

Then he stood up and stretched. Man! Nothing is like seeing a great body stretch a couple feet from you, with a nice big boner aimed right at you, nice big balls hanging down.

"I'm gonna have a quick shower, get dressed, and meet the guys. You keep your hands off yourself, if you can manage it, and that'll make this evening all that much better."

He turned toward the bathroom, and I watched that nice ass walk away. I nearly beat off right then. I mean, really nearly. I was so hard, and it just begged to be taken care of. It really throbbed and bounced and even leaked, as I imagined what he could possibly have in store for tonight. But I managed to leave it alone for the most part, only playing with my balls and tracing my finger along the edge of my head.

I wished I had a nice plump head like his. My subtle corona was almost weak appearing compared to his nice bold edges. His head was prominent and large, while mine was nearly smaller than the shaft and almost smooth. In fact, my entire body was smaller and smoother than his. I looked like a high school boy compared to him. But, then, I pretty much was. I was barely eighteen, he was twenty-one. I was a book dork, he was an athlete.

I was so lucky.

He came out of the shower, drying himself, and putting on a show. He got me hard again as he toweled off. He grinned at me the whole time. I sat back from the desk, arms behind my head, so that he could get a clear view of what he was doing to my anatomy. His own anatomy was responding in kind. The he went to his closet and bent over. What a view. I could see that hole, and remembered what I had done to it. Damn how my dick danced!

"There. I locked the goodie bag so you can't peek in it. I don't think you have yet, but today it might be too big a temptation," he said as he straightened up and turned around.

That big dick was enough temptation as it was. And he was right. Today I just might have invaded his privacy and looked into that bag in hopes of learning what he had in mind for today. But that temptation was now gone. His big dick wasn't, though.


"What?" he asked as he got clothes out of his dresser.

I had nearly asked. Now I had to force myself.

"Ummm, how about you walk that thing over there, and let me have a little taste?"

He laughed hard enough that his dick bounced up and down with his laughter.

"Hard to resist, huh?" he said, laughing some more as he waggled his hips, sending his dick and balls swinging side to side.

I shrugged, too embarrassed to say anything.

"Tell ya what. You promise not to beat off while I'm gone, and I'll let you have it for a couple of minutes. Deal?"

I nodded vigorously.

"Promise? No beating one out. Save it for later. Okay?"

He was taking slow steps toward me. I would have promised about anything to get that dick for a couple of minutes. I nodded again, then said, "I promise. I won't jack it off and I'll save it up for later. It'll be better after the wait, right?"

"It will," he said, taking the last steps toward me.

I reached out with my left hand and cupped his big balls, and wrapped my right hand around his long, hard cock. Then I leaned forward and opened my mouth. His hot cock was so smooth and soft in my mouth. The sensations of it on my lips and tongue were awesome. I slid down the length of it, until I was in danger of gagging, and then sucked my way back up it until only the head was inside my mouth. I bathed it with my tongue, probing into that tight hole, and then all around the big ridges.

He gave a heavy, almost shuddering sigh, and said, "Shit, can you give great fucking head, dude!"

I caressed his balls, sliding one finger up behind them to the soft, warm, damp space there, and rubbed it. I sucked hard as I slid back down the length of his cock, and undulated my tongue beneath his shaft. I sucked gentler as I slid upward again, paid a lot of attention to his head with my tongue, and then sucked hard as I slid back down that big dick. My finger massaged behind his balls as the rest of them gently squeezed and rolled his balls around.

"Damn it, that's fucking great!" he sighed.

I felt his cock throb a bit, and was very shortly rewarded with the taste of his pre-jizz. I concentrated on his head for a while, using my tongue and lips on it as I held the skin tightly back.

"Oh, shit! Okay, that's enough, or I won't be able to hold back," he said, pulling away.

HIs cock came out of my mouth with an audible pop. He stepped further back, pulling his balls from my other hand.

I felt as if I were five years old again and I'd just had my favorite toy taken away.

"Man, can you sick a dick!" he said, smiling widely. "That's better than any of the chicks I've been with."

He turned to his dresser again, showing me his awesome ass. I watched it closely as he got dressed. I was hoping what he had in mind for later included me filling that great ass with my cock, until I filled it with my wad.

He finished getting dressed, got his things together, and went to the door. He was so good looking. Studly but not overly so. Manly, but not overly so. Just really attractive. It was no wonder he had so much sexual knowledge. He probably had more sex in the last year than I had my whole life, even though Dennis and I had gone at it like rabbits for over a year.

"I'll be able to tell if you beat off, you know," he said from the door.


"By how much you shoot off, for one thing. And how much lube you leak during, for another. And if I'm sure you beat one off, I'm not going to show you anything new tonight. So, either save it up and experience something I think is the best thing yet, or beat one off and all you'll get is a partial hand-job."

"Wait, you'd just stop? If you think I did beat off?"

"Yeah. I'm telling ya, dude. What I got in mind for tonight will blow your mind. It'll make everything else we've done seem boring. But only if you save it up. You wank it off, and when I get started with a hand-job, and I'm sure you beat one off, I'll stop and you'll just have to beat yourself off again. And, believe me," he said, bouncing his eyebrows, "what I got in mind for tonight really will fry your brain, it's so good."

He left with that evil grin on his face.

I sat there, sort of holding my throbbing dick, the taste of his cock and his pre-jizz in my mouth, wondering how I was going to manage not to crank one out now.

It was fucking hell. My dick stayed so hard it was almost scary. Every time I managed to get my mind off sex, or what he had planned, it would go right back to it before my boner was fully gone. Six or seven times I grabbed my dick and almost went at it.

How is he really going to tell if I do or not? I asked myself.

Because he'll be able to! I answered myself.

If I do a real quick one, it'll be all hard again before he gets back and he'll never know.

He'll know. He's got more experience than you. He knows how much you usually leak. If you get off, he'll know you did.

Damn it.

It was the longest day ever!

I spent as much time as I could staying busy. I cleaned everywhere, watched videos, played games, did everything I could to keep my mind off my dick. Sometimes I managed it for a little while, but sooner or later I'd think about his dick, or my dick, or what he could possibly have in mind for tonight, and.... BOING!

I eventually decided that being naked wasn't helping, so I got dressed. It might have made a difference, it's hard to tell for sure. At least I didn't look down and see my dick and balls hanging free every time.

I was watching a British comedian I like on my laptop when he came in. He was sweaty and dirty as hell. It looked like he had been in a massive brawl. And he was all grins.

"Good game?" I asked. "Looks like it."

"Hell of a game!" he said with a huge grin. "Must have been a hell of a show! We had about a hundred people watching and cheering by the end of it!"

"Surprised you didn't bring a hole back to fuck," I said.

"Oh, I could have! Could have picked from like a dozen chicks who were all over us after the game." He kicked off his shoes with a big sigh. "But," he added, "I told them I've got plans for tonight."

The idea that he'd turned down several chicks to mess around with me was hugely ego boosting.

"I did get some phone numbers, though. Might even give a couple a call once classes start again."

He pulled his shirt off. Man, there is something about a sweaty man's chest and pits...

"But until then, I've still got a few things to show you," he added with a wink.

He pushed his shorts and underwear down his long, muscular legs. Yeah, I was totally hard by now, of course. And now I could smell his sweat. I'd never been turned on by Dennis' sweat. Not much, anyway. And I wasn't sure I was then, but it sure didn't hurt any at all right then.

"I'll be out after a nice long shower. Why don't you get undressed and start dinner?"

I shot out of the chair and almost tore off my clothes. I had a cold beer in front of both our laptops, and mac 'n cheese and ham sandwiches ready when he came out of the bathroom naked and drying himself off. I opened the sour cream and onion chips - his favorites - and poured some onto each of our plates as he sat down. I took our plates over to our desks and stood next to him. I could smell the shampoo and soap. The scent of a clean guy was always so sexy.

He reached out for his plate, I thought, but instead grabbed a handful of my balls and tugged them firmly. I was so shocked that I just gasped and stood there holding our plates. He hefted them, rolled them around, and gave them several squeezes as he looked closely at my dick while it bounced and bobbed up and and down.

I guess a day of boners and no satisfaction made me so horny that just his playing with my balls that way caused my body to be fired up very intensely. Even the hair on my head seemed erect and trembling with anticipation. I started breathing in short, fast, irregular gasps, and shivering all over. My dick was dancing the fucking Macarena, and leaked a huge drop of pre-jizz after just a couple minutes of his big hand massaging my balls like that.

When that drop of pre-jizz flowed out and began to drip off the tip of my dick, he looked up at my face, and said, "You didn't beat off, did you."

He didn't ask, he stated it.

"No," I said, almost as if he were one of my parents asking if I'd done something I was told not to do when I hadn't done it.

"I can tell," he said, then leaned forward and licked that drop of pre-jizz up before it dropped off onto the floor. He gently slid his lips over my head and licked the underside of it, and sucked. Oh, God! I hissed in a deep breath as my body trembled all over. I nearly dropped our plates. Then he slid up and off, leaving my dick bouncing up and down.

"Good," he said, and then took his plate.

He turned to his desk, set the plate down, and turned on his laptop. He started eating his dinner. I was standing there, trembling, my dick so hard it felt as if the skin might split open from the pressure, and wondered if I should forcefully turn him to face me and shove my cock into his mouth.

Instead, I saw what he was doing, grinned, shivered from head to toe, and then sat down with my plate and ate.

"So, tell me about the game," I said.

I wasn't a big sports fan, but I didn't dislike sports at all either. And I was sort of curious about this game that was so epic. He told me about the game, and the big plays, and it sounded like a great game for sure.

I could claim I was all cool and collected as he told me about the game, but I wasn't. My dick was almost painfully hard, my nipples were so hard they almost hurt too, and my balls had tucked up so high and tight that I worried they might just stay up in there forever. My body shivered from time to time, and all my muscles felt tight. I was so sexually tense, that if I'd started jerking off it would probably have taken about three jerks to blast off the biggest wad of my life.

It wasn't any easier sitting across from his naked, clean body. I could still smell the shampoo and soap and him. I saw his chest, and I knew his dick and balls were hanging loose between his thighs in that chair, just barely two feet away. I wondered if he was hard. I wondered if I would ever again not be hard.

"So then this chick with really blonde hair was all over me next. Wanted me to go with her right then, too" he bragged as he finished his meal. "I told her I had plans, but I'd give her a call next week. So she gave me her number too. Guess I'll have plenty of pussy on hand when I want it."

He looked up at me, and added, "Once I'm done having a lot of fun with you, that is."

I thought that I should maybe be insulted, but I wasn't. I felt more complimented than anything else. I felt a blush spread across my cheeks.

"Pussy is easy to come by, but teaching a hot frosh guy some of the stuff I know, that's a lot more interesting and a lot more fun."

"Pssshh. I am not hot," I said, feeling that blush grow.

"Oh, you're no stud, but you're sure no dork. If you were, I'd be out getting some pussy right now, and you'd have no idea what was in my goodie bag in the closet."

And that reminded me...

"Yeah, so, exactly what is in your goodie bag for tonight?"

He grinned at me with that one grin, glanced at the closet then back at me, then said, "How about another beer and a joint first?"


I got up and got us beers out of the little fridge, and he went to the closet. I stood at our desks, watching, as he bent over in the closet and got something out of the goodie bag after unlocking it. His ass was really just so... damned nice! And bent over like that I could see his furry hole, his hanging balls... damn it!

He turned around with a small glass water-bong and his bag of weed. He sat down and poured some beer into the bong, put some weed into the bowl, and we smoked and drank while he talked.

"So, I'm really glad you're my roomie this year," he told me. "Last year I had this stuffy dude, all preppy, and totally straight. He was so uptight that I never even saw him naked. He was so uptight he always went to the bathroom to shower wearing his clothes, closed and locked the door, and always came out fully dressed. One time, he got out of bed one morning with a boner, wearing sweatpants, so I'm sure he had a dick."

We laughed, the pot kicking in, especially with the beer in the bong.

"The year before, when I was a freshman, I had this guy who was pretty out. More gay than bi. He was sort of the one who turned me on to some of the toys I have. Man, that was a great year. He got me to open up to my more, uh, I guess bi side. Whatever you want to call it. I'd messed around with a couple friends back in high school, just jerking off together, mostly. One guy and me jerked each other off a lot during tenth and eleventh grades, when we weren't doing chicks. Got my first blow-job from a guy from him. It was almost as good as yours."

I felt that blush come back.

"He was the first guy I ever sucked off. Man, that was pretty wild. I found out I liked it, but I didn't let on how much. Ya know? I mean, we were both into chicks, for the most part. I think he just did that stuff to do it, but I sort of actually liked it. Never let on. Then my first year in college, and Colin, and, well, I sort of went all out with him. I let him show me anything and everything. First dick up my ass and all that. First guy's ass I ever fucked. First time I ever swallowed a guys wad, too. A lot of firsts. By the end of the year, I had done pretty much everything."

"Even the beer enemas?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah. Pretty much everything I've shown you I learned from Colin my freshman year here. Some things I haven't shown you, too." He bounced his eyebrows, and added, "Yet."

Man, did my dick do the Macarena again!

"So, tell me about your past sex life?" he asked, filling the bowl on the bong again.

"Well, I pretty much knew I was gay when I hit junior high. I mean, the guys were so hot in the showers, ya know? So when a friend and I were getting drunk one night, and talking sex and girls, and we ended up pretty much feeling ourselves right in front of each other, I offered to give him an hand-job if he gave me one. We did," I said with a shrug. "It wasn't all that great, but it was pretty awesome anyway. Thing is, he got all distant and shit after that. Sort of ruined our friendship for a while. It was a year later before I got any action, and that was with Dennis."

"Your boyfriend."


"How'd that get started?"

"Well, he was sleeping over at my house one weekend, and he said something about having blue-balls from not being able to beat off with his little brother sharing his bedroom. So I told him he could go ahead and do it if I could. He said that was cool, so we did. And the next weekend he said the same thing, and I said the same thing, and it sort of got to be a regular thing every weekend. After a while, I got brave about it, and asked him if he thought it might feel better if someone else did it instead of doing it yourself. He said it would probably have to feel better, and then he asked if I wanted to try it out and see. So we did. And, man, it was so much better than with the first guy. I mean, it was like we both knew what we were doing and how to do it. It was great!"

"You just jerked each other off that time?"

"Yeah. But about five or six times all weekend!" I laughed. "Then, the next weekend, well, I asked if he wanted to check out trying blow-jobs. I can still see his face when I asked that, and how he smiled, and nodded, and said, 'I really want to!' So we gave it a shot. So to speak!"

We laughed uproariously at that.

"Man, that was the best! I think we did it about ten times that weekend. And then, after a couple weekends, I tried to kiss him afterward. He let me, and, well, then we sort of got into kissing and stuff too. And pretty soon we were talking about being gay, and how much we liked each other, and we agreed we should be boyfriends on top of friends."

"Sounds cool. So, how long until you tried anal?"

"Not long. Maybe a week after we became boyfriends. He brought over a tube of lube, and grinned, and I grinned, and I went first. Man, I think I busted off after about one minute. Then he did me. We sort of did everything that weekend. And after that, we sort of became more than just boyfriends."

"So what happened when you came to college?"

"We knew we'd be apart for a long time, and we weren't stupid, so we agreed we would get together when we could, but that if we met someone at school, that we'd go for it. And we'd tell each other. And if one of us didn't want to get together, you know, that way, because we liked someone at school, that we'd have to be okay with that."

"Ah. Pretty adult."

"We thought so. I didn't think I'd really find anyone, though. He might. He's better looking than me. So I sort of figured I'd come back home and he'd be all caught up with someone, and I'd have to beat off alone instead of having sex with him again."

"Ah. So, hear anything from him about that?"

"No. But I haven't told him about you yet, either."

"Well, remember, this isn't a boyfriend thing. It's just sex and fun. Right?"

"Yeah." I had to laugh. "I mean, I haven't told him I'm having wild, kinky sex with my roommate or anything."

His grin was nice.

"So long as you remember this isn't something serious. I like chicks more than guys, and, to be honest with you, I don't have any feelings for you. You know what I mean?"

"Hell yeah. I mean, I like the stuff we do, but, well... you know when we fell asleep in you bed? Hugging?"


"Well, it was nice, but, it didn't feel like with Dennis. It was okay, but, there isn't anything emotional going on here."

"Yeah, good. I mean, I like you, you're cool, and nice, and good looking, but I don't feel anything for you other than that."

"Me either."

"Good. I don't like the thought of you getting jealous and messing things up when I get a chick later."

"No, no biggie. I might be a bit jealous, but I won't try to fuck things up. I'm not falling for you at all. I'm just enjoying the stuff you're showing me a hell of a lot!"

"Excellent!" he said, and toasted with his beer. "I'd hate to think you were falling for me or anything."

"Yeah, no worries about that. Not like you're all that and a bag of chips."

We laughed, clinked beer bottles, then finished them off.

"How about you go get us another beer, and I'll fill the bong again," he said.

"No, thanks. I'll get you another beer, but if I have a third one, I'll get queasy."

"Ah, okay."

He began filling the bong again. I wasn't sure if I should smoke any more or not. I was really buzzed, and the beer was working on me as well. The beer in the bong was also enhancing the pot buzz. I was nearly as stoned as I'd ever been. No, I was more stoned than I had ever been before. But at least I wasn't having paranoia or fright fits. I guess I was too comfortable with him for that.

I brought him another beer, and we slowly smoked the bong, talking about sex and girls and boys. Hearing about some of his favorite sex acts made me nice and hard again. He had me tell him about the things I had done with Dennis that were the most enjoyable, in great detail. We were both very hard by the time we smoked the bong to ashes.

He set it down on his desk and smiled at me.

"So," he said slowly, "think you're ready for something really wild?"

"Hell yeah," I said enthusiastically.

"Okay. Now, keep in mind, this is pretty wild. I don't think most people have even heard of it."


His answer was to get up and go to the closet. Man, seeing his ass as he bent over in the closet to pick up the goodie bag, and being so stoned, it was like I was about to grab hold of the first dick other than my own all over again. I felt thrills in my guts, my dick wobbled, my muscles tingled all over.

He stood up motioned me to sit on my bed. I did, and he sat down next to me, his goodie bag on the other side of him from me. He opened it and rummaged around a bit, and then placed several things on the bed between us.

click here to see the objects 

My reaction was, "Ummm..."

His was, "Ever heard of estim?"


"It's using electrical stimulation to massage muscles and even work out."


Talk about being alarmed.

"This," he said, picking up the small device that looked a lot like a cell phone, "is an estim machine. It's called a TENS device. It sends out small electrical signals that cause muscles to contract and then relax. It's used for sore muscles, sciatic pain, all kinds of stuff. It's a medical thing, sort of alternative medicine, but getting accepted my mainstream doctors."


"It has a lot of different signals, and you can control the strength of the signals, from so weak you can't feel them to so strong it can even hurt. It has a fast off button, so if it gets to be too much you can shut it off instantly."


"This," he said, putting the device down, and picking up the sound, "is a lot like the ones we used before. This one has a connector for the device on the end here."


"And this," he said, putting down the sound and picking up the blue ring of cloth, "is an electrically conductive band. It conducts the signals this device makes to your skin."


He stretched the blue cloth to show that it was elastic-like, and then he moved the adjustment to show how it could be made larger or smaller in diameter. Then he handed it to me.

It was very light, very soft, and very flexible. There was a small silvery plate behind the buckle, on the other side from the electrical connection. I handed it back to him.

"Okay..." I said slowly.

I had been kind of reluctant and hesitant several times before, but now I was ready to stand up and put my clothes on. My boner was totally gone. I mean, electricity? Sending electricity into my dick through a sound? Did he really think I was going to plug my dick with the sound and let him shock it? How was that going to be any fun? And strap another electrode around the outside of my dick? No way!

"You look like you're gonna say no," he said, looking right at me.

"I wonder why?" I said to his face.

"Oh, come on. Trust me. You liked the sounds, right?"


"And you were afraid to try at first, right?"


"And you liked the prostate massaging, right?"


Yeah, I'd really liked that. The sound was fun, and felt different and really good, but the prostate thing had been even better.

"And you liked the deep sound, right? The longer one?"

"Uh, yeah."

Yeah, that'd been really wild! I'd been more than a bit worried about it at first.

"And the bladder filling wasn't all your cup of tea, but you liked having that tube in that far, right?"


I didn't like the after-effects at all, but the sensation of filling my bladder with water had been awesome. And the feeling of the tube going into my bladder had been really great, too. It was the incredibly strong urge to piss that it caused afterward that I hadn't liked at all. I still had sudden powerful urges to pee from just the once, though they were getting weaker as time passed.

"And the beer enemas were good, right?"


Not as great as the other stuff, but fun alright. And being drunk without being queasy had been nice.

"Well, trust me. This is the best yet. There is no way to describe how it feels. It's like... it depends on which setting you use, but it's like a blow-job, sort of, on one setting, and kind of like a prostate massage on other settings, if you use the longer sound. And it feels so cool on other settings. I just can't describe it. Imagine trying to describe a prostate massage to someone."

"Yeah... but..."

"Worried about the electricity?"

"Well, sure, but..."

"Look, you use it on me, and see that it's not painful and it feels awesome. Then, if you want, you can use it yourself. If not, fine."

"Okay. So long as if I don't do it, you don't make fun of me for it."

"Oh, hell no. I can understand being worried about it. When Colin turned me onto this the first time, I was so worried about it that I really didn't do it very much that first time. But after that first time, I did it more, and used more settings, and man, I found some settings and places to use it on that it became my favorite thing of all."


"Yeah. Dude, man, this is the best! It's so awesome. But if you don't like it, well, not everyone likes the same things."

"Yeah. So, you use it first. Right?"

"Sure! I'll show you how to use it, then you take over. Okay?"

"Take over using it on you."


"Okay. I guess."

"Cool. No pressure. It's just... this thing is so fucking kick ass, I really want you to try it."

"I might. If I see if you like it."

"Oh, you'll see I like it!"

Man, what a grin he wore!

I was more than a little hesitant about this one, but I trusted him. If he said he enjoyed it, then I'd see how much he liked it, and go from there. But I really didn't think I was going to use it myself. But it might be nice to watch him enjoy it.

"Okay," he said, "First things first. To get the sound in easy, I need some lube worked up inside."

I knew what that meant: Hand-job or blow-job to get his juices flowing.

He turned on the bed to face me better, lifting one leg onto the bed. I grinned, moved so that I was almost on hands and knees, and slid both hands up his firm thighs until I had one hand cupping his big balls and the other one was gripping his big, hard dick.

Now, this was what I was talking about - having a nice firm dick in one hand, nice big balls in the other, and having fun with them. I rolled those big balls around in my hand, taking note of their size and weight, and the way they moved inside his sack. What is more fascinating than that? They moved so smoothly and frictionless inside the skin. Their size and shape were just right. The soft skin on his sack was velvety and warm. The hair on his sack was dense enough to be pleasurable but not thick enough to be gross.

And his cock... wow. So thick and long. Solid, but so soft on the outside. So warm. And the incredible silkiness of his head. It was almost a mushroom shape, but more conical. Mostly peach in color, but a bit of redness around the edges. The small hole in the end was closed tightly. And the way the skin moved so effortlessly as my hand stroked it.

And his smell, too. Musky and clean. Slightly spicy. Just nice.

I opened my mouth and leaned down further, and felt the warm, soft, smooth velvetiness of his head as my lips passed over it. Then the warm, silkiness as my tongue explored it.

Wow, what a thrill I got from sucking cock. Having such a nice big one to suck on was still new to me, and I really enjoyed it. So big, so thick, so firm, so soft, so velvety, so silky, so satisfying. Everything about sucking cock was awesome. I guess my enjoying it so much made what I did pretty enjoyable as well.

"Oh, yeah. Man, that's just so good," he sighed.

His hand came to rest on the back of my head. He guided my motions without forcing them. He let me know when to speed up and when to slow down, when to concentrate on his head, and when to take as much as I could. I decided when to suck hard or soft, how to use my tongue and lips, and what to do with his balls.

He really liked it when I held his skin back tight and bobbed up and down on his long dick. He groaned and moaned and squirmed when I did that.

"Okay, better stop, or I'll just let you do that until I blow," he said, and gently pulled my head up and away.

His head had gone from peach tones to slightly reddish and a little pink on the edges and around the hole. The shaft was slightly darker than before, but not much.

"I can't get over how good you give head," he said with a big smile. "If a chick gave me head that good I'd propose to her."

We had a good laugh.

He got the bottle of rubbing alcohol from his goodie bag and dipped the sound into it, then dried it by shaking it and blowing on it. He connected one of the red wires to it, the white one from the same wire to the blue ring, and then he applied something from a huge blue and white tube to the metal plate on the inside of the blue loop.

"Electrically conductive gel," he explained. "It will make better contact. Without it, the electricity feels more like when you get a static shock from touching a doorknob or someone's hand. Not all that great. With good contact, though, all you feel is the vibrations of the current. That's really good stuff."

He slid the blue loop over his fat head, then positioned it just behind his head, with the metal plate beneath the head. He snugged it tight. Then he handed the sounding rod to me.

"Slip it in, just like before. Slow and easy. Let my hole relax and take it in."


I got into position in front of him, and held his big dick with one hand, and placed the end of the sounding rod against his tight hole. Man, I liked doing this! The way his soft flesh deformed as I applied gentle pressure was so cool. The end of his dick indented around the sound's tip, until his hole accepted the end of it and it went inside. I felt the small popping sensation as the first oval went into his hole, and I saw his body jerk slightly.

"That's it, nice and easy," he said softly.

I rotated the sound a bit, and pushed a bit, and another little oval popped into his hole. I placed the thumb of my hand holding his dick beneath his cock, along the bulge of his urethra, as close to the tip as I could, right up next to the blue strap. I pushed gently and another little oval went in. Then another. He groaned as the fifth went inside. I knew the strap was causing him to feel every little oval as it passed beneath it. My dick jumped in sympathy. Another couple of ovals and I felt the tip of the sound with my thumb. I got another oval inside, and then I used my thumb to move over those two ovals inside his urethral tube. He groaned and sighed at the pleasure of that. I did that for a few moments, then I pushed the sound in deeper. My thumb felt every oval as it passed beneath it through his thick tube, until I had the entire sound in, only the end of it outside his hole.

I ran my thumb gently up and down, feeling every oval inside him. He groaned and sighed.

"Ah, yeah! You've got a good touch with this," he told me, a huge grin on his face. "Now, let go of my dick and my balls, and pick up the TENS device."

I did, pretty gingerly. It was connected to the blue strap around the base of his head and the metal sound inside his dick. It seemed like if I dropped it he would be electrocuted to death.

"On the left side is a slide switch. Move it down to turn it on."

"You sure?" I asked, not sure of this at all.

"Yeah. I've used it tons of times. Don't worry, you can't electrocute me or anything. It's not that powerful. And when you first turn it on, there's no signal at all, so it won't do anything until you pick a function and then you have to turn the volume up. So go ahead, turn it on."

I moved the little switch downward, and it clicked in that satisfying way that some switches do. The face of the thing lit up. The word "Kneading" was flashing inside the top left circle.

"Okay," he said. "See how there are six circles?"


"Each one is a different signal that makes a different feeling. See how there's a little one inside that first circle?"


"Each circle has four settings in it. Each one is slightly different feeling of the same kind of signal. So there's four times six, or twenty-four different sensations it can give."


"The word is blinking in the top left circle, right?"

"Yeah. Kneading."

"Okay. That's the general type of sensation. The one is type one. If you push the top button on the left, it will change to two. Go ahead."

I did, and the numeral one in the top right of the top left circle changed to a two in the bottom right of the same circle.

"Push it again and it will change to three. Then again and it will change to four."

He was right.

"Now push that button again, and the word kneading stops blinking, and the word in the next circle will start blinking, and there will be a one inside that circle."


"Now it's a totally different sensation, and there are four different flavors of that. See?"


"Okay, click through all the circles and numbers, and stop when you get back to the first circle and the number one."

I did, and when I was back where it started, I nodded and looked up at him.

"Push the bottom button on the left, and you will see the time change in the top of the screen. That's how long it will run until it turns off."

I cycled through in ten minute intervals until I was back to ten.

"Okay, set it to sixty."

I did.

"See the little A blinking in the lower left?"


"Push the middle button. Now the B in the lower right is blinking."


"This TENS has two channels. A and B. I have the wire plugged in the A side, so the B is not going to matter. So set it so that A is blinking."


"You can have other things plugged into this other wire at the same time," he said, holding up the other white wire with a red and white connector on it, just like the one that was currently connected to the sound and the blue loop. "You can adjust both volumes so that one isn't stronger than the other, and get a nice match of sensations. I'll show you that later on. Right now we'll stick with using one channel."


"Now, make sure you're on the first circle and number one."


"Okay. Now, that is on channel A, so make sure the A is blinking."


"Okay. Now, the two buttons on the right are the volume. The top on increases it, the bottom one lowers it. See the little mark above the A?"


"Push the top right button about three or four times. There should be three or four lines above the A, one for each time you pushed the button."

"Yeah. One click, one more line."

"That's the volume level. Click it one more time."

I did.


I did.

"Yeah, I can start to feel it now. One more."

I did.

"Ah, yeah. Haven't used this thing since you went back home over Christmas break. Feels good. One more."

I clicked the button again.

"Oh! Yeah!"

I saw his dick slowly rise up, then drop. Then again.

"What's it feel like?" I asked.

"It's like a soft buzzing sensation, over and over. Ever lick a nine-volt battery? One of those little square ones?"

"Yeah," I laughed.

"It's sorta like that, but softer, and more... nice. The TENS builds up from nothing to the full volume you have it set to, then back down, all in about three or four seconds, then nothing for a couple of seconds before it starts building up again. Nothing sudden. But some of the settings are more sudden. Some even feel like a sudden shock, but I don't like those much."

"It actually feels good?"

"Oh, hell yeah. It tingles a lot, kind of tickles, and there's a lot of a buzzing kind of feeling. It's great. One more click on the volume."

I gave him another click.

"Oh! Yeah! Nice!"

His dick seemed to swell up for about two or three seconds, then relax for a couple of seconds. Over and over.

"Man, I know you're going to like this," he told me, grinning. "A lot."

"Maybe," I said, still not sure.

"Okay, click the top button again, until you get to number three in the top right circle. That's another good one."

I did as he asked. The volume automatically dropped down to zero when I did. He told me to turn it up one click at a time until he said to stop. I got the volume up to what looked like half way before he said, "Stop there!"

"What's that one like?" I asked.

"A lot like the first one, but more buzzy," he said, as his dick swelled and relaxed in turns. "Fucking nice."

After a couple of minutes, while I watched his dick and his face, I knew he really liked this thing. Then he told me to change to another setting and turn the volume back up. It went to zero every time I changed the setting.

At the fifth setting, a little drop of pre-jizz leaked out past the sound.

"It's actually making you pre-jizz," I said in astonishment.

"You kidding? Oh, man, this thing can make me cum."



"Just using this? No jerking it off or anything?"

"No, just using it. It used to make me cum really quick, but I got used to it, and now it takes forever, but it can."

He had me change to another setting, and really turn up the volume.

"This might be my favorite one," he said, grimacing and almost shaking.

"What's it feel like?"

"They all feel kind of buzzy, but this one sort of varies a little, and it's got this neat hum at the end of each cycle. It's really good!"

More pre-jizz leaked out around the sound in his hole. Enough had leaked out now that it made a trail down to the electrode on the blue band on the underside of his dick. When it got there, he jerked and hissed.

"My pre-jizz made the connection even better, and that made the sensations stronger," he explained.

He clearly liked this. A lot. His dickhead was turning darker, the edges going pinkish-purple, the hole around the sound a bit scarlet. And his sack wasn't as loose now, almost tightened up.

"More volume," he told me.

I gave it another click. I got a mischievous thought, and after a few seconds, I turned up the volume one more click.

"Oh, shit!" he laughed, and then grimaced, and then said, "Keep it there! No! One more up!"

I gave it another click, and he grunted, "Gonna blow!"

He lifted his ass off the bed, grunted, and I watched his dick bounce up and down as his cum oozed out past the sound. It rolled down the underside of his head as it danced in big bounces. I was surprised it didn't flick the cum off it was moving so much.

"Oh! Yeah! One click more!"

I gave the volume one more click, and he shook all over, cum almost pouring out past the sound as his dick bounced and jerked like mad. Then he grunted, "Awww!" and then, "Turn it off."

I did.

He opened his eyes and looked at me, all smiles, and said, "It hasn't been that good for a long time! I guess the surprise of you turning up the volume was enough to make me cum pretty hard!"

"That was cool!" I told him. "Didn't even touch your dick or anything, and you shot off a big wad!"

"I told you. That thing is fucking awesome."

He took a few deep breaths to steady his breathing, then told me to take the sound out of him. I did, and a lot of cum came flowing out with it, especially when I got it all the way out. Man, a lot of cum!

"That was really a big one!" I said, almost awed.

A thick, heavy trail of cum was running down the underside of his dick, down over the blue band, down his shaft, then over his tightly compressed sack, and down. HIs head was dark red, with purple edges and around his hole. His dick was going soft fast.

He loosened the blue band and took it off. The lower edge of it was soaked and dark with his wad.

It was really tempting to lean down and lick his cock and balls clean. I could smell it, too - his heavy, musky cum. God, so tempting. My mouth pretty much watered. I felt a trail of pre-cum trickling down the underside of my own dick. I had been so fascinated watching his cock and his enjoyment that I hadn't noticed my own dick leaking and jerking around. Now I felt how charged and tense it was.

"So, you ready to give it a try?" he asked.

"I don't know..."

"You sure don't have to. I won't think any less of you. It took Colin a couple of times before I'd give it a go."

"It's really good, huh?"

"You saw me blow a huge wad."

"Yeah. No touching your dick or anything. Just that thing."

"Yeah. It's fantastic."

"What's it feel like?" I asked again.

"Dude, it's so hard to explain. Some settings are a lot like licking a nine-volt battery, but different. And it feels buzzy, kind of tingly, and... you just have to see for yourself. Like I said, try explaining how a sound feels to someone who's never tried it."

"Yeah. Well... okay. But... I control the machine."

"Sure. Let me clean the sound, and I've got a newer band you can use. This one is sort of soaked with my jizz."

Not that I would have minded using that one. The idea of his jizz up against my dick was kind of interesting. But I let him get another one out of his goodie bag and hand it to me.

It was really weird trying to fit an elastic band around the head of my dick. I'd never done anything like that before at all. I ended up pinching the skin of my head despite his warning to be careful not to. Finally I got the band nicely tight around the base of my head with the metal plate in the right place on the underside.

"You can put the metal plate on the top, too. Or the side. It feels different in different places. I think you'll like it there. Then you can move it and see if you like it other places too. You can even slide it all the way down your dick to the base. That feels very different, but still sort of the same. You'll see."

He handed me the cleaned sound, and I handed it back to him.

"Go ahead and put it in," I said.

"Okay. Cool."

He leaned down, grabbed my throbbing dick, and placed to cool metal tip of the sound against my slightly open slit. It went in easily, and predictably pleasantly. I liked the feeling of the sleek metal ovals sliding into my tube. And since I had been so horny all day, it was even more sensitive and intense. I was shaking before he had half of it inside. I could feel every oval as it passed between the metal plate and my dick, and it felt great. Then I felt his thumb against it again. God, this was good stuff! By the time he had the sound all the way in, I had already leaked a lot of pre-jizz. He swiped it up with his finger, and to my surprise, brought it to my lips for me to clean off. What a turn-on!

"Okay, all in," he said once I had his finger clean. "Now, turn on the TENS."

I hesitated, of course. This was so strange and intimidating. But he'd enjoyed it so much that it made him cum. He said it felt great. I trusted him. So, as I looked at his face, I moved the switch. I felt the slightest sensation. A sort of twinge, but nothing more.

"Turn up the volume one at a time until you start to feel it."

One click. Nothing. Another. Nothing. Another. Nothing. Well, maybe. Another. Something. Something very faint and weak. A sort of electric shock that was there then not.

"Remember, it's not constant. It builds up, holds steady, then declines. So increase the volume, and wait several seconds."


I turned it up one more notch.

Oh, yeah. There was something. A faint tingle. It weakened and went away, so I waited. It came back, slowly, tingled a bit, then faded. I turned up the volume one more notch.

Oh, yeah! There was definitely something. A buzzing tingle on the underside of my head. It grew from nothing, held steady for a moment, then faded. I turned up the volume one more notch.

Oh, yeah! A tingling buzzing sensation along the underside of my head, that kind of flowed around and into my dick, tingled and buzzed, then faded.

I waited, and it returned, slowly building, buzzing, tingling, steady for a moment, then faded.

I turned the volume up one more notch.

OH! Hell yeah!

There was a slowly growing buzzing tingle that started beneath my head and grew stronger, flowing out through my dick. Then it slowly faded down and went away.

I hurriedly turned the volume up a notch.

The tingling buzz grew from inside my dick, out through my head, and then all around my swelling head. It made my dick grow, throb, and pulse. Then it faded.

I waited, then it slowly returned.

"Oh, yeah!" I sighed as the sensation grew and spread. "That's awesome!"

It went away. I gave the volume another notch upward. It came slowly back, and swelled through my head, my dick, inside, and made my dick swell up and throb and pulse and leak more pre-cum.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" I moaned.

I nudged the volume up another notch.

The tingling returned, stronger, deeper, more intense. My dick swelled up thicker than ever before, my balls have a huge heave, and then I felt my wad exploding upward.

"Shit!" I grunted. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Turn up the volume one more," he told me.

I did, and just as the tingling buzzing began to return, and just as I began pumping cum up through my cock. The semen made for better electrical contact, and the sensation exploded in intensity. I nearly screamed as I began pumping cum out past the sound in my cock. The buzzing subsided, but my orgasm didn't. I squirted again, and then the buzzing tingle began coming back, stronger and more intense as the cum I was pumping made for better electrical contact. As the buzzing tingle hit it's peak, I let loose with as powerful and intense an explosion of cum as I'd ever experienced.

"Oh, shit! Oh, God! Fuck!"

My dick was thrashing up and down, squirting cum around the sound, spreading my hole open wider, and the buzzing returned again, and every muscle tensed and went rigid as I squirted even more cum out past the sound in my hole. My eyes were clamped shut, my body was so tense that my ass was off the bed and my weight held up by my angled legs, and I felt thick, lumpy, heavy semen squeeze past the sound in my hole as another round of intense, powerful buzzing tingles grew up through my cock.

"Fuck! Too much!" I almost shouted, and began yanking the sound out of my dick.

I had forgotten all about the device itself, I just needed to stop the overwhelming sensations of the buzzing and tingling, and out of instinct, pulled the sound away. It hurt as I yanked it out, but the relief was worth the pain. I shot several more times, but they were weak and meager after the intensity of the pulses of orgasm during the pulses of the TENS device. I saw my cum ooze out of my red hole in several slow waves, roll down over the blue band, down my shaft, onto my sack, and then drip onto the paper towel Spencer had placed there I didn't know when.

My dick bounced and pulsed, but squirted nothing, several more times, then slowly began to go soft. It still tingled inside in a way. I could still sort of feel the TENS device's sensations, but I knew they were phantoms that my mind and body were conjuring from the incredible experience.

Spencer took the TENS from me and turned it off. He tried to take the blue band off my dick, but my dick was so sensitive from the intense orgasm that I grabbed his hands and told him, "No, don't."

He laughed and left me be.

In a few moments, I was able to slip the blue band off over my shrinking head. It was soaked with cum, and left a long stringer as I moved it away from my red, softening cock.

I handed it to him and instantly felt like an idiot about it, but it was too late. He took it without any comment. I was too weakened to care anyway. I fell back onto my butt and sighed heavily, letting the shivers wrack my body.

After a few moments, I felt the cool sensation of my wad running down over my taint. My dick felt as if it were still connected to the TENS device, but barely.

"So, I guess you liked it," he said, his voice sounding like he was about to laugh.

"Uh, yeah," I sighed. "You were right. That was fucking awesome."

"Told ya. I wouldn't steer you wrong."

"Oh, man! Thanks! That's the best thing you've shown me yet!"

"Yup. And there's other ways to use it, too."

I sat up, opened my eyes, looked at him, and asked, "Like what?"

He laughed, then said, "I'll show you later. Right now I want a bowl and a beer, and we can try something else later."

"Yeah, okay."

I was still panting a bit. My dick still buzzed a little. My balls felt like they'd been through the wringer. I honestly couldn't remember ever having so strong an orgasm before. The wild, intense, incredible orgasms I'd had with Spencer the last few days had been among the best ever, but this last one was by far the best. I was shaking all over. I couldn't wait to try the TENS again.





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