Ray and Scott

Chapter 2

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He smiled and got a little red in the face again, then turned and kind of jogged to the bathroom. I didn't move for a long time because I was just wondering if I was dreaming or something.

Scott and me had been friends since second grade, and pretty good friends, too. We spent a lot of time together at school and sat on the bus together. During the summer we rode bikes and hung out in town together, sometimes with other friends.

I had other friends, but none that lived close enough to ride to, and Scott was barely that close. So of course we became best friends, or almost. If one of us had a car, we would probably spend even more time together, but maybe more time with other friends. Our friends that did have cars hung out with girls and their other friends with girls.

I thought I knew Scott. I mean, I thought I knew he would rather shave his pubes than do something gay. I guess I was wrong. Sitting there waiting for him to shower and come back I wondered if I even knew him at all.

I tried to figure if he was just messing around because he hadn't got any from Helen for so long, or if maybe, maybe, he was okay with doing stuff with me. Or maybe, just maybe, he liked doing it, too.

I heard the water running. I felt a little nervous again, but I remembered that I wasn't waiting for him to come back and talk about what he had seen this time. This time he was going to come back and I didn't know what we would do. I wondered if he was going to want to again, like he said. I wondered how I would ask when he was ready to. All kinds of worries and questions.

It was confusing and scary. I mean, Scott was cool, and a good guy, and a good friend, and we had just done that. He seemed okay that I had sucked him off. Hell, he even said I could play with it again if I stayed. I wasn't going anywhere. And not just because I might get to do that to him again. I wanted to stay anyway. Even if we didn't do anything more tonight. Or ever.

I tried to relax, but I was too nervous. After a little time I felt how sticky and gross my junk felt and remembered how I came while I was blowing Scott. I was glad he had told me to bring a couple changes of clothes. I got new underwear and changed. I used paper towels I got wet at the kitchen sink to kind of clean up before I put the clean briefs on.

That was weird, let me tell you. Scott in the shower washing off the sweat I'd made on him and the cum I sucked out of him and me in the kitchen wiping my own cum off my junk with paper towels.

I kind of felt better, though. At least I didn't feel like my insides were vibrating.

I was sitting on the end of his bed, kind of thinking how I had been sniffing his boxers a little while ago, then I had sucked his dick right there on his bed, and now he was in the shower. It didn't seem real.

When the water shut off, I started getting all nervous again. By the time he walked into his room, I was sweating and shaking.

He still had his robe on, and that was so hot. It was long enough to almost reach his knees, so I could see some of his thighs. Gawd, it was hot. His hair was all shiny and wet again, and he had brushed it, but it was just curly enough that it wasn't laying straight. And his eyes always stood out. So golden, hazel, bronze, whatever. Nice.

He was grinning funny. Like when we had got in trouble and were trying to pretend in front of our folks that nothing had gone on.

I think I started grinning the same. It was cool. We laughed.

He sat down next to me, just like earlier, real close, and I could smell soap and shampoo and him.

He looked at me and into my face and into my eyes. I shivered and my guts shuddered. I smiled wider and couldn't stop it. He did too.

We kept snickering and looking at our feet, then back at each other, and laughing, and blushing, and fidgeting. It was awkward, and funny, and strange.

"Ray," he finally said, the first thing said since he had come back from his second shower.

I waited. It didn't sound like a question, so I waited.

"I trust you and I know you won't say anything. Right?'

He looked at me with those hot eyes and his cute, kind of worried smile.

I nodded, then said, "Never, man. Our secret. Swear."

And I meant it, for sure. Who would I ever tell that I had gave head to anyone, let alone Scott?

"I won't ever tell anyone that you're, gay. Swear," he said while holding stares. "And I think you won't ever tell anyone that I... that I think I like... I like guys as much as girls."

He didn't look away one bit, and I admired him even more. I mean, he could hold my eyes and tell me that he liked guys and girls!

I remember how I was thinking more about how he could say so face to face than I was thinking about what he said.

I remember how I blinked when I realized.

He laughed at me.

I was almost mad for a second, then I laughed.

Man, did we talk then. I mean, we started talking about what it was like to like guys. We talked and laughed and giggled and shouted and everything. For hours. When the phone rang we both jumped.

It was ten-thirty and his mom called to say they were going to stay there and avoid the storms. We didn't even notice it had been storming, so I guess it was worse over by town. I listened and could tell that his dad was going to the bar with his brother, and his mom was going to play cards.

He was leaning over on his side and had a leg up and that knee bent. Do I have to remind you that he was only wearing that robe? I could see up his legs to his crack, and the robe fell even more and I could see the very start of his butt cheeks and the bottom of his balls. I could almost see the very tip of his dick, maybe, but it was dark that far up under his robe. But man, that view did things to me I can tell you.

When he hung up and told me, he was turning red and grinning with his grin he had when he was thinking of doing something we might get in trouble for.

I started tingling inside and couldn't stop grinning or stop my face from getting hotter and redder.

When he had sat back up from leaning over to pick up the phone and then put it back on the table, the robe didn't fall all the way back down, and now I could see his stuff through the front where it didn't go all the way back together.

He saw me glancing. He turned redder. I did, too.

Then he untied his robe and pulled it open. He was getting hard and it was starting to stand up. It was so cool to watch happen. I was already hard and it started throbbing.

He stood up enough to pull his robe all the way off and put it behind him. He was buck naked and getting fully hard. He was grinning that grin, too. And man, it was so cute on him.

"So, come on, Ray, I ain't got to play with yours yet."

He bounced his eyebrows.

I heard myself gasp and felt my mouth fall open.

He laughed and blushed even darker. It was so cute.

I had no idea that he was so gutsy. I didn't think I could have said that. I was sure. No way I could have done what he did next.

He leaned over and pushed me back onto my back and laid down on top of me.

He ran his hands along both of my sides and I could feel his hard dick pushing against my package. His face was next to my head and I could hear him breathing hard and feel his hot breath on my neck. It was so hot!

"Can I take your clothes off?" he suddenly asked, then looks at me.

I gasped again. I smiled, too, then nodded.

He pulled my shirt off over my head then threw it to the side. He was ginning a lot as he looked at my bare chest. He played with the hair between my nipples, then my nipples. I don't have a lot of hair, but it's brown and shows up nicely.

He started kissing and sucking and licking my nipples. It felt great! His breathing was fast and I could feel it on my skin and I thought it was awesome! Between his fingers and his mouth, my chest and nipples were getting a lot of attention. I loved it.

Dieter and me had done a lot of stuff at camp, and it had been a lot of fun, but this was Scott. Scott! And it was so much better! Already, and we hadn't done anything much yet, and he'd only played with my chest and nipples so far.

He started kissing lower.

I was on fire!

He used his tongue around my navel, tickling the hairs there. His hands went everywhere. When he squeezed my package I thought I was about to cum. Honest. All he did was squeeze it, hardly any at all, but I felt my balls move up and my dick throb. I really thought I was gonna, but his hand moved away and down my thigh.

His other hand slid behind me and under my butt where it massaged that cheek for a little bit. Not long, because both of his hands went to the button on my jeans and then my zipper.

My dick was bouncing like crazy. There was tingling all down there, like crazy. It had been awesome when Dieter had showed me what he had last month, but this was Scott, and it was so much more... just more!

I really had thought that the feelings I had with Dieter while we messed around would be the best feelings I would ever have, but Scott was making me feel like what happened with Dieter was almost nothing. Dieter had felt good, great, awesome, but Scott, Scott was making me feel things that I could never have suspected existed. Even just the touch of his fingers and lips was far more powerful and just felt... better. More intense, maybe, but sure more... something. Just so much better!

So Scott pulls my jeans all the way off and throws them somewhere. I'm all nervous and tingling and excited and... everything! I see a huge wet spot on my white briefs and I wonder what he'll think of that. I see him smile at it, then he looks up at me.

"Excited?" he asks with a laugh.

I nod, wishing I knew some cool or smart words to say. I want to say something that would impress him. I want to make him know how much I'm loving what he's doing.

Then I want to tell him how much I love him. The idea shocks me. I mean, love him? Love Scott?

I didn't get to think about it much because he almost tears my underwear off. I guess he tossed them somewhere. I was busy watching him just sitting there and looking at me all naked. It's embarrassing, but cool, too.

His hand starts running slowly along my hip, kind of tickling. He's staring at me. Not any one place, but all over. Even looking at my face and smiling at me. I laughed a little, mostly embarrassed.

He scoots up and lays next to me and puts his hand over my balls and his face right in mine. We were eye to eye and just an inch from each other. It was so exciting!

Then he asks, "Is it okay to kiss?"

I didn't answer. I kissed him. I'd never kissed Dieter, not much, just fast and quick touching of lips. Scott and I did that. Once, twice, three times. Then he pulls back and he's all red-faced and grinning cute. Then he kisses me again and it's longer and hotter and we start moving our lips. It's all awkward and shit, but it fucking rocks, too.

I don't even know how to describe that. I mean, it's Scott. He's been a best friend since second grade, and a good buddy. And I'd thought about kissing him before, sometimes, but we were really kissing. I was kissing my best friend, and doing sex stuff, together. It was weird and awesome, strange and great, bizarre and wonderful.

We rolled so he was on top and then hugged so tight it was unbelievable! And so warm, and nice. We kind of wrapped up in each other so tight it was like we were trying to be one person. I noticed we were both panting like crazy. I could feel his hard dick near mine and wetness there. I wondered if I was making a wet spot somewhere on him, too. It sure felt like it.

My whole body was tingling and shivering. My dick was throbbing like never before. It almost hurt, and had a weird tingle all through it. It was almost like when I had blown off earlier. I started worrying I would cum on him before he did anything to it.

He started grinding up against me and groaning. His cock was next to mine and his motions were making my skin move up and down my dick. He was breathing really hard and fast and shaking. Then he kind of shuddered and squeaked and said, "Oh, shit!"

I felt something warm hitting me next to my dick. He shivered and groaned and I knew he was cumming. That was so hot! I mean, it was the hottest thing yet! I knew I was going off really soon. I felt his cum hitting my skin. It was so warm it was almost hot. His breathing caught a bunch of times as his cock fired his cum onto me and his body shivered all over.

He was just stopping his shuddering when I gasped and started cumming.

"Sorry, Scott," I kind of said as I came.

He giggled some and kept grinding against me while my cock jumped and shot cum between us. It felt like a huge puddle of warm goo was running down my side.

We didn't say anything. We just lay there and panted and started kissing again. It was so nice.

His hands roamed so I let mine, too. I loved how the skin of his body felt under my hands. It was almost like his body was made just to be felt. Everywhere my hands went he felt wonderful. His hand went down my side and got into the wetness running down toward the mattress. He kind of brought his hand up and stopped kissing to look at it.

I think he was going to wipe it off on the blanket. I grabbed it and brought it to my face. I started licking his fingers. It was warm and sticky, and smelled really strong. I liked it. He giggled. I was surprised that he still wanted to kiss me, but he did.

We rolled onto our sides and stared at each other for a long time and didn't say a word. We kind of touched and traced lips and faces and other places.

It was like being in a dream.

Our cum started getting cold and was running onto the blanket. It tickled.

"I need a shower," I said, not really wanting to leave the bed or him.

"Wanna together?"

I smiled. We did.

We helped each other soap up and rinse off, and washed places on each other. We got hard before we got wet and stayed hard all shower long. We played with each other a little, and even while we dried each other off. It was awesome.

He was hot. Thin but not skinny. Some muscles but nothing bulgy. Smooth but with a nice bush and fuzzy balls. Clear face with nice features and awesome hair. And his eyes were so wonderful. His lips, too. They were red and plush, but not thick or fat. And his smiles were great.

I loved the way he laughed when I tickled in places. He had the cutest, short, little laugh, like a bell ringing.

I wondered if I was feeling something like love.

I didn't care, I just loved that my best friend not only didn't hate me for being gay, he was bisexual and liked playing around together.

We walked back to his room all naked and holding hands. It was so great.

"Mom and Dad'll probably hang out with my aunt and uncle all morning. They probably wont' be back until after noon or later. Maybe even not until after dinner."

"Cool," I said, glad, and wondering how many times we could do it before they got home.

I was tired, though. All the drywall and then cumming twice, and the excitement all had me wiped out. I wasn't going to miss out on anything and fall asleep, though. It wasn't even midnight yet.

We sat down on his bed, naked, our sides touching, smiling and giggling. It was weird, and nice.

We were both hard as hell and standing out. I was a little longer than him, a little wider, too. We both just looked. I liked his. It was shaped nice, with a good head that was a little wider than the shaft. It was almost perfectly straight, almost all pale, only the skin right behind his head darker than the rest. His skin kind of wrinkled up there, too. The edges around his head were prominent and darker from playing in the shower and then drying each other off. His balls were nice, too, barely hanging at all right now. They had hung lower in the hot shower, but in the cool air they were tucked up a little and the sack was wrinkled.

I looked down at my longer one. It was maybe half an inch longer and just barely thicker. The red skin behind my head was longer than his and I didn't have as much skin to wrinkle up. My head was a little longer, and the edges smoother and more softer and rounded. I wished my balls were hanging, but the sack was all tight and wrinkled and shriveled up from the cool air in the room. My darker hair was easier to see on them, too.

We just kept looking at each other, and not just at our junk. I loved looking into his eyes. Their color was like nobody else's. There was more to his eyes, too, not just their color. It was like I could share his soul with him through them.

I was looking in them when he leaned in and kissed me again. It was great!

"I never returned the favor," he said softly when he pulled back.

He dropped off the end of the bed and between my legs, pushing them apart. My cock jumped like crazy as he wrapped his fingers around it and started playing with it. His other hand started playing with my balls and I was in heaven.

I laid back and let him have fun. He jacked me slow, from tip to bottom.

"So I just suck it?" he asked.

"And use your tongue and lips. Go up and down a lot. And use your hands, too."

He started by licking the tip a few times, then the shaft. Then he put it in his mouth and closed his lips over it. The warmth of his mouth was intense! When he started sucking it was the best thing I had felt, ever. Even better than Dieter had done, but I think it was because it was Scott. Scott!

I gave him pointers from time to time, and told him what felt good. He'd ask a question now and then. He did great!

His warm, wet mouth slid up and down my cock, sucking and licking all the right ways. I loved having his tongue work the edges of my head and going in the hole. He sucked perfectly. It was the best thing I had ever had done to me.

I watched him going up and down on me. My cock jerked and jumped in his mouth. He grabbed my balls with a hand and a finger slid between my balls and my ass and that was hot! He noticed, I guess, and started playing around down there. Wow how I groaned!

When he slid the tip of his finger against my hole I exploded. I didn't expect him to do that at all, so when he did it was the last straw. I didn't even get a chance to warn him I was gonna cum. Just all of a sudden he was pushing his finger against it and I went off.

Boy, did I go off! I mean, I'd come three times in the same night before with Dieter, but this was Scott, and he'd surprised me with his finger, and it was Scott!

I kept saying, "Ow!" over and over while I shot off, and he kept sucking and licking and swallowing, and it was incredible!

It hurt! Honest. Not a bad hurt, but it felt so good that it hurt! Each time I shot it felt like my dick was going to rip open. And he kept sucking. And licking and bobbing. I wanted to stop him, but I wanted to let it go on forever, too. I let him play with it as long as I could before I had to stop him.

I pulled his head off me and said, "Shit, Scott, can't take any more!"

He laughed and laid down next to me. He was playing with his dick, and it was making squishing sounds. He started pulling it hard and fast and I slid down the bed and took over with my mouth.

He didn't last two minutes, but it was two wonderful minutes! I didn't try to make him cum right away, in fact, I tried to take it slow, but it just didn't take much. I was just getting into a rhythm and moving up and down when his cock swelled up and he said, "Oh, shit! Gonna!"

I tasted that saltiness and felt his cock bend against the roof of my mouth, then my mouth was filling with hot, sticky, slippery, salty, muskiness.

He pushed my head down on him and pushed his hips upward and locked like that as his entire body shook and shivered. He made little gasping sounds under his breath while he pumped his cum into my mouth and I swallowed it.

Then, when he seemed to be about done, he groaned out a long, "Uggggh," and shivered even more strongly.

He let me play with his cock a while, but stopped me too soon. He collapsed like a rag doll.

I moved up and lay down next to him. We grinned at each other for a long time. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and fall asleep in each others arms.

Know what?

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged up tight, putting his head against my chest. I could just see the smile on his cute lips, his eyes were closed, and he sighed.

I put my arms around him, too, and my face into the top of his hair. We wrapped our legs together. We both shivered a little, and we pulled the blanket up over us and snuggled deep into the warmth of each other.

It was perfect.

Part Three


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It was perfect! Beautiful loving! Great writing! Loving Scotty. Loving Ray!

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