Ray and Scott

Chapter 3

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Have you ever woke up in someone's arms, and with someone in yours?

It's perfect.

Your arms are crampy, and one or both of your hands are asleep, and your back is sore from laying in a strange position, and your legs ache.

And it's perfect.

His face was all pressed up against my chest and he was breathing slow and his breath felt so good.

My face was in his hair, it smelled like shampoo and him.

It was so perfect.

I just laid there and felt great. There was a warmness inside me that I never knew could exist and I loved how it felt. I wanted to cry but in a good way. I wanted it to last forever just like it was right then.

I remember just feeling good and not thinking about anything.

I fell asleep because I was woke up when Scott moved and tried to sneak out of our position. I popped my eyes open and he was rolling away and out of the bed. He didn't look back as he walked out of the room and I heard the bathroom door shut.

It was a sight to make you lose your breath. Me anyway. It made my dick complain and get sore when it tried to get hard.

I felt empty all of a sudden and couldn't wait for him to come back. I had to go, too, though. We'd peed at the same place at the same time before, mostly in the woods or someplace else, so I didn't see why not. But it seemed different now. I felt like if I went in there and tried to pee like normal it wouldn't be anything like normal.

I waited for him to come back and said I had to go too and went. I didn't put anything on and didn't look back to see if he watched me leave or not. I peed and drank some water and went back. He was under the blanket and smiling. He pulled open the blanket and I dove on the bed and next to him.

He smiled nice and his arm went over me and dropped the blanket on us and we snuggled up again face to face.

We didn't talk at all for a long time and just held hands and snuggled and wriggled up together.

It was three in the morning and we had hours and hours before his parents came back. We were both pretty wiped out and fell asleep again like that.

I was woke up when he started putting his fingers between my butt cheeks. His fingers were moving from behind my balls to almost my back all slow and gentle. It tickled a lot, but I didn't move so he didn't know I was awake yet. It was even more intense because I was trying to hide how great it felt.

His fingers kept brushing deeper and sometimes right between just over my hole. Because my thigh was between his and one of his was between mine, and my hips and knees was bent, my cheeks were a little apart. After a little time his fingers went really deep and between and he started tickling around it.

I laughed a little. It felt so good and it was so strange that Scott was doing this!

"You're awake," he said and it was no question.

I didn't say a thing, instead I reached between us and found his dick and started stroking him off. He giggled all cute and shit. He started humping my fist and breathing faster with his breath over my chest under the blankets.

His other hand grabbed my dick and I started humping his fist.

My dick was still sore and touchy and I was sure his was too by the way he moved. We kind of were gentle with each other and taking it easy and going sorta slow. There was a lot of, "Ow," and, "Ouch," and giggles.

I think that just made it hotter. He kept his face against my chest mostly, and my face in his hair. I was kinda tired and pretty worn out but no way was I gonna not do it.

We were under the blankets and it was warm and dark and felt like a fort does when you're a kid. There was that feeling, and the one when you've got somebody in your arms and you're in theirs. And the feeling of being jacked off while giving that same thing to that somebody in your arms who's kinda special.

Like I said, we was both pretty touchy and sore, but we loved it. We moved kinda slow most of the time and didn't try anything but holding it while the other one humped it. We sometimes hit each other's heads but it was more painful than pleasant and we both tried not to after going, "Ouch," or something.

It was a lot of work. We both sweated like crazy. We were breathing hard a lot and it was gettin hard to keep going. It was building up and I was sure I was getting close. Scott started pumping in a kind of jerky way and warned me he was gonna cum. We was close enough together that when he came I felt it hitting my belly a couple of times. Best of all was how I felt his cock jerking in my hand every time. It was so cool.

I started getting even closer even faster. Then he wipes some of his cum off me and rubs it on my cock and his hand I'm fucking and it gets all slimy and slick and that does it.

It was the best! I think I shot as much as the first time but it was thicker this time. A lot of it got on his hand I was fucking and my dick and that was awesome. It was all slippery and wet and it felt so great! I kept humping until it was too much to stand and as soon as I stopped I shivered all over a lot.

We laughed and snuggled and fell asleep again.

We woke up when the phone rang. It was his mom and they would be back after dinner.

We were both so happy we laughed. We talked a while about how cool it was to be together and doing stuff. I asked him what it was like to like both girls and guys and he asked me what it was like to just like guys. We couldn't explain it to each other but we understood why we couldn't.

We were both kind of tired but not very much and we played around a little but we were too sore and tired down there.

We fell asleep for a little while and then I woke up and had to use the john. It was after ten and cloudy and windy and looked like it was going to rain all day. When I came back he was in his robe and said he was going to take a shower. It was pretty obvious he wanted me to shower with him and I was sure willing to.

We got in the shower together and soaped and shampooed each other. It felt really great to have somebody do that. We sort of did the first time but this time we actually did soap up and rinse off and shampoo and all that with each other helping.

We were both all hard and shit and laughing at it and having a great time. It was so fun to rub my hands all over his wet body and him doing it to me. We used the water to make it easy to slide our fists over each others boners and stood and fucked the others fist. Man it was fun! It felt so good with his hand all lose and the water lubricating his fist and my dick. I really liked holding his dick while it slipped in and out of my fist too. We laughed and made stupid jokes for a while before it got more serious and we started really going to town with each other.

My dick was still kinda sore and tired but it felt so good and there was no way I was going to stop. His dick was sore too because I slipped a little and his dick fell out of my fist and hit the side of my hand when he pushed forward again and he went, "Ouch!" and complained that if he had any more sex today his dick would fall off.

I knew how he felt. I mean my dick was complaining like crazy. It felt great what we were doing but it hurt too. It felt like my dick was turning into raw hamburger but it felt good too so there was no way I was stopping. He didn't so I wasn't going to.

We kept humping each others fists for what seemed like an hour. It couldn't have been that long but it sure seemed like it. I never understood how sometimes people said having sex for a long time was like torture until that shower. How could sex ever be like torture, I always thought. Now I knew.

My legs were getting tired and wanted to let me fall. My back was getting tired and wanted to let me fold in half. My arm holding my fist for Scott to fuck was tired and wanted to fall. My dick was sore but what we were doing felt great so we wasn't gonna stop. It was torture.

We were both sort of weaving a little and looking at each other like we wanted to go back to bed and sleep the rest of the day. We were smiling too. It was almost funny.

Finally he started shaking and I wondered if he was close or about to fall down when he says he's gettin' close. It was hard to tell because my hand was almost numb. He sort of pushed in jerky movements for a little bit then grabbed my fist with his free hand and pushed really hard with his hips and then groaned really loud.

He was so hot looking! It was so incredible to watch his face as he came. He was about six inches shorter than me so I was looking down some and he was looking up except his eyes were closed. His mouth was open and his hair all wet and plastered down and he had this kind of smile even though his mouth was all open. Man, it was so cute! And so hot!

He sort of shivered a hell of a lot and pushed hard with his hips and groaned and was enjoying it so much. He looked so happy and pleased and I just wanted to see him look like that forever! He kept shivering and pushing against my fist and my numb hand couldn't feel his cock shooting his wad but I could tell he was. I couldn't see it in the water from the shower either but I knew he was.

It made me feel so good to make him feel so good. I loved that I was making him cum! It was like its own reward but I was about to get my other reward too. I could feel that tingling and pressure all growing between my legs making my legs get all weak. I had to lock them to make sure I didn't fall as it built up and my dick started feeling like a balloon with too much air in it and more being pushed in it.

I was still watching his cute face after he came so when he opened his eyes I was looking. He looked beautiful. His smile was so sweet and cute. He saw me looking and it didn't change. He kept smiling at me and I felt like I was the luckiest guy ever.

He pulled my hand off his dick and make a face that meant he felt something like pain. I knew he was sore. He let me play with his balls while I fucked his fist and got closer to finishing. He asked if I was close and I nodded and never looked away from his face and his eyes.

We looked at each other while I fucked his fist. I got closer each time I moved and we never looked away from each other. I said something like, "Uh-huh," a few times as I got right to the edge and started getting off. He smiled wider and could tell I was starting to finish.

It hurt this time. Really hurt. Not really painful but it did really hurt. Not all hurt, it felt so fucking good too! Just this time the inside of my cock felt like it was bigger than the skin on the outside. I know I didn't shoot much but it felt so great each time!

And we never looked away from each other. It was so sweet and so deep and so wonderful.

Finally I was done and I almost fell down with the relief. We laughed because of it. It was so hard to walk out of the shower. I was exhausted I guess. My legs felt like rubber and my dick felt like it was rubbed raw. Both our dicks were red as hell. I swear mine was even puffy. I think his was too.

We started to dry each other but it was too much work and we ended up going to his bed and collapsing on the top cover. It was cool in the house and we were shivering so we cuddled up real tight face to face and it was awesome. We didn't say anything just laid there and looked at each other and I was asleep before I knew it.

We woke up later when the phone rang. It was Derrin Clark and he wanted to come pick up Scott for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. It was noon and they wanted to play until six or so. Scott said he felt sick and wasn't in the mood. I stayed real quiet until he hung up the phone.

"You could'a played," I said meaning it.

"I wanna play with you some more," he said and turned red.

I did too.

"I don't know if it'll get hard again," I said honestly because I really didn't think it would.

He got that look again, the one he gets when he has an idea that he thinks will get us in trouble. I had to know so I asked.

"I know something we can do until it gets hard," he says all cute and shy and turning even redder.

I asked what and he tells me to lay on my back so I do. Then he pulls my legs up in the air and gets between them and holds them up until I get my arms around my shins like he tells me to so I can hold onto them. Then he goes down between my legs and I can't see him and I feel him doing something to my hole. I'm sure he's licking it and I can't believe it. It feels so great! I never thought of anything like that before. I never knew it would feel good to have someone mess with my hole like that. I had thought of being fucked before and didn't know if I would like it. I had even put a finger or two up there sometimes and sort of liked it. But he was licking it and it felt incredible!

"Where'd you think of that?" I ask.

"Saw it in a porno. This guy was eating out this chick and he started doing her hole and she went fucking crazy. How does it feel?"

"Fucking awesome!"

He goes back to it and I'm really enjoying it. It tickles sort of, and sort of feels slimy and funny, but it feels great. I start giggling and shit. Then after a little bit I think he stuck his tongue in. Something. It felt like it anyway. So neat. Then I know when he starts fingering it. That felt great too. But when he put his finger inside it I almost groaned. Okay I did groan. It was great!

I told him it felt awesome and I really liked it. He played around some more and then asked me if he could do two fingers. I said sure, and wow, did that feel great too! It wasn't as good as being sucked off but it felt great.

He stops and says to hold on for a sec, he's got an idea. He runs out of the room, and I loved that view! Then he comes back in a minute and that view is even better, and he's got a tube of something. He grins that evil grin and shows me the tube. It's Love Lube. I ask where he got it and he says he found it in his mom's stuff a while back. Then he gets his evil grin again.

"So can I use it and see if you like being fucked?"

My mouth drops open and I'm like, almost scared. I mean, I really like all this sex stuff with him but I'm not so sure about being fucked. It has to hurt, right?

Like he's reading my mind he says, "If if hurts say so and I'll stop."

I nod and hope it don't. He grins and gets on his knees at my butt and I've still got my legs up and he puts the stuff on my hole. It's so cold! Man did that do something to me! I didn't know if I was hard before but in that second I'm sure it was then and it's sore and not ready for this. I mean I've got my legs together and bent so I can have my arms around my shins so my dick is cramped and trapped but it's hard and sore.

But he puts more lube on my hole and slips his finger inside with some and I like it. Then I can tell when he puts two fingers in and moves them around and in and out. It feels really cool. I don't know if I can describe it except to say it was just a good feeling. Then he puts three fingers inside me. Slow and careful like but it kinda hurt some for a little while.

He's smiling a lot and I smile back and tell him it feels good and keep going.

He slips his fingers in and out for a few minutes and I'm sure I'm getting close to having another finish. Not even touching my dick and it's all trapped and cramped and it still is getting ready to finish. I tell him so he stops and tells me to put the lube on him.

I let my legs go and my dick pops up all red and puffy looking. We laugh at it. It feels like it could fall off if it gets touched. It kind of feels like it's being rubbed and it ain't. So he comes up closer so I can put the lube on his boner.

Okay, we've done some stuff so far, and I've liked all of it, but putting that lube on his dick was so embarrassing and I don't get why. I mean I've sucked his, jacked it, licked cum off it, swallowed his cum, all that, but putting lube on his dick was embarrassing. The most embarrassing thing so far except when he caught me sniffing his boxers.


Anyway, it was fun too. He giggled and his dick would bounce. And it felt so cool with lube on it. All slippery and slick. My fingers slid along it so easy. It felt different with lube on it. I liked it. It was sensitive and no doubt. He kept hissing his breath through his teeth and saying to take it easy. I do.

When we think we got enough on it he moves back to between my legs and I pull them up and hold onto them. He moves around and gets into position and I wait and hope it don't hurt.

I feel his hot head pushing against my hole, just not right on target, kind of off to the back too far. It takes a bunch of tries but he gets it in the right spot and then starts pushing.

Fuck it hurt. I don't think he ever pushed real hard but it still hurt. And not real bad but sure not feeling much in the way of good. We kept trying but we didn't get anywhere. It was painful to my butthole and he said his dick was sore from trying.

We gave up and laid down and I got an idea. If the water helped then the lube should help more. Right?

So we lube each other up and start wanking each other. Man it was good. That stuff was so slippery. It was cold at first too but it got warm quick.

We laid down next to each other and gave each other hand-jobs like never before. We were both so sore and it hurt so often but it felt so incredible too. If we wasn't going, "Oh, yeah!" we was going, "Oh, ouch!"

It was hot. So hot. We kind of watched each others faces and looked into each others eyes the whole time. Smiling and laughing and jerking in pain sometimes. The lube let us squeeze each others heads with our fingers and it would slip out and stuff and feel so incredible! It made me jump every time he did it to me and I'd go and do it to him right back and he'd jerk and go, "Ow!" and we'd laugh. It was hilarious and hot and sexy and totally cool.

And we both got close at the same time and then tried to make the other one shoot first. It was hilarious! Our bodies were jerking on the bed and we were jerking each other and sometimes it hurt but it mostly felt awesome.

He went, "Ow! Going! Ouch!" and as soon as he shot off his first shot I started going off. It was almost at the same time. I couldn't feel his cum with that lube but I felt the lube get warmer and slipperier and it made more noise. That noise was even sexy. And I could feel his cock swelling up each time he shot off and I was sure he could feel mine because it felt like I was pumping harder than ever before. I know I didn't cum much but it felt so strong and so powerful and so intense.

We never looked away from each other the whole time. Even when we were stroking each other and softening down and then changed to playing with each others balls we kept looking at each others faces and smiling.

We kissed when we were done for a long time. Our hands kept toying with the others balls and we just kissed and laid there.

"This is awesome but I got to get this greasy stuff off me," he says.

I know what he means. It was fun to play with but it felt gross now. We showered with each other. We smiled a lot. We did touch each other to help out or just to feel each other, but we didn't even try to get each other hard or mess around. We were both way too sexed out.

It was almost two o'clock when we sat down on his bed. We were naked and still pretty wet. He wanted to change the sheets so we did then he washed them while we played video games.

We had lunch at four and played more video games. All naked. We didn't get dressed until almost six. I didn't want to and I don't think he did either but his parents would be home pretty soon and we both knew we weren't going to have any more sex today. It wasn't that we didn't want to it was just that our dicks were sore and puffy and our balls ached.

We sat down on the end of the bed like we always did and played games for a bit then ended up talking about what we did and what we liked and what we wanted to try.

Sometimes we shut up and kissed for a while. Sometimes we were quiet and just grinned at each other like idiots. Sometimes we talked about normal stuff. Sometimes we laid down and held each other and said nothing for a while.

We wanted to see each other through the week but we didn't want to do anything different and make our parents or or friends suspicious. We finally agreed that he would come spend the night at my place next weekend. I had the room in the basement so we could be alone even when my parents were home.

As time went by I felt more and more of something that I didn't like. It was the same kind of feeling you get when you're about to leave a favorite place and you don't know when you'll ever get back. I didn't want to leave - ever. I knew I couldn't live with him and even if I did we couldn't do anything at his house all week with his mom home all the time. Still I didn't want to ever leave him. But his parents would be home soon and then they would give me a ride home.

It was the saddest I ever felt.

He said he felt the same way. He wanted to stay like it was last night and this morning forever.

We ended up sitting and holding each other for a long time and not even talking very often at all until we heard his parents car.

Moving to sit apart was the hardest thing to do. I saw he was looking almost like he was going to cry. I felt about the same way. I didn't want his parents to see that though.

"Please don't look so sad, Scott. Your parents'll wonder why. Do I have to have your folks catch me sniffing your underwear to make you smile?"

It worked. He was shocked first but he was still grinning when his folks popped their heads in to let us know they were home and would be taking me home in a few minutes.

"You boys behave yourselves?" his mom asked.

"Nope," Scott said, looking at me with his grin that told me he was about to do something stupid. "We got up to all kinds of mischief, mom. You'd be shocked."

I almost swallowed my tongue!

"Well, as long as nothing was broken," she said with a smile knowing he was joking.

"Nothing broke, not permanently, but that don't mean we didn't try."

I broke up.

Part Four


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Simply delicious. Both being so sore was wonderful. Great memories. Sad ending!

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