Ray and Scott

Chapter 4

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Have you ever woke up in someone's arms, and with someone in yours?

It's perfect.

Your arms are crampy, and one or both of your hands are asleep, and your back is sore from laying in a strange position, and your legs ache.

And it's perfect.

It's nothing like waking up alone the next day.

I wanted to run over to his house and grab him with both arms and never let go again.

All I could do was lay in my own bed all alone and feeling like there wasn't much reason to get out of it. I was looking forward to the weekend already and couldn't see how I could go all week staying away from him.

I could bike over there but I rarely did before and we both wanted to keep to the same old routine so that our parents and our friends didn't have a clue.

Sometimes we would meet at the creek that was about half way between our houses and spend some time in the woods or ride to the beach on the lake almost a mile away. But we hardly ever did that because we usually spent time on our consoles or computers and would sometimes play an online multiplayer game together.

Today he would be shopping with his mom and then they would visit his great-aunt for dinner. I knew I wouldn't see him sign on until later tonight but maybe he would be online before he left.

I got out of bed now that I had a reason and turned on the computer. I logged on and saw that he wasn't on but Tim and Casey were and we talked and played a few games together. Tim was cool but Casey was an asshole. Tim was just a normal guy from school and acted like a normal guy. Casey was a total geek and nerd and acted like he was some kind of online god. Playing with Tim in the games was fun but playing with Casey meant headaches and putting up with his attitude and him ruling the server.

About noon I got beeped on the IM and it was Scott! I never felt such a thrill in my guts from someone coming on IM before. I didn't even say bye to Tim or Casey and just exited the game and opened the IM.

Scrutt: busy?
Me: nope u?
Scrutt: goin shopping in ten be back tnight 9
Me: wish I was going with u
Scrutt: me 2 but it will be boring as hell
Me: better than sitting here all day bored
Scrutt: so jerk it a few times
Me: saving it for someome special lol
Scrutt: all week? youll explode! lmao
Me: all over him! ;p
Scrutt: lucky guy. I know him?
Me: nah just some hot dude
Scrutt: he got a friend?
Me: just a dopey dude who plays computer games too much and is all hot for his friend
Scrutt: mabe we can do a foursome some time?
Me: nah I'm too jealous of a type to share him
Scrutt: LOLZ gotta go be back on after 9
Me: miss you
Scrutt: me 2 bye

I sat there and stared at the convo and felt great. It was stupid I know but that was what it was like. It was all I could get of him for now and I didn't want to close the window and lose his words. Stupid I know. So stupid.

In a couple of minutes Tim was IMing me and asking if I was going to be back to play. Casey was chasing everyone off the server and Tim wanted me to help crush him. I didn't feel like it but there wasn't anything else to do so I did. After we pissed Casey off Tim and I played a little longer before he had to go do stuff.

I sat and watched television
for a while and then someone was at the door. It was Casey. His older brother dropped him off on his way to work. I didn't really like Casey much but he was sort of a friend and he came over sometimes and never called first. So I let him in and we went to my room and sat around and sort of had an okay time for while. But then he was on my computer and he sort of looks funny and looks at me and I remember the convo with Scott and I get the worst feeling ever.

"You and Scott fags?" he asked.


So then I have to tell him how it was just a boring convo and jokes. He looked like he believed me after a few minutes and I try to act as cool and normal as I can but I'm ready to beat the fuck out of him if don't believe me.

See the funny thing is Casey gets called a fag at school almost every day. He's sorta geeky and nerdy and really smart. He's smallish and weak and shy and wears glasses and everybody thinks he might really be gay. I always thought he was just small and got picked on a lot and too chicken to fight back and probably not gay at all.

He wasn't ugly but he wasn't cute. Just a normal geeky dude is all. I was never interested in him other than to jerk off to sometimes if I felt like pretending it was with someone that might really want to have sex with me or a guy.

"I won't tell anybody if you are," he said and he turned red and I could tell he was really nervous.

I'm not totally stupid, okay? So seeing him and hearing what he said I started thinking that maybe he was gay after all. No way I'm going to tell him I am and no way in hell I'm going to give away Scott. Ever.

"I'm no fag. Okay?" I say like I'm pissed off.

"Okay. I'm just saying if you are or Scott is I won't care and I won't say anything. That's all."

"We're not fags! And if you say anything that we are I'll beat the fuck outta you! Got me!"

I was pissed and didn't have to fake it anymore. The chance that Scott could be found out and have all the trouble at school and shit was unacceptable and just the thought of that made me angry.

Casey looked like he was gonna say something but stopped and thought for a minute before he said, "Sorry, just sayin', I won't care."

"I don't care if you care or not! You come over here and call me a fag and call Scott a fag and then say you don't care if we are? Who even asked you over here?"

"Sorry," he said and looked sorta sad.

I didn't care if he was sad because I was too pissed. I couldn't allow any chance that maybe me and Scott could be found out. No chance of that being allowed at all. I had to get rid of Casey.

"I don't care if you're sorry or not. Nobody asked you over here anyway. Why don't you fucking go home?"

He looked hurt but I didn't care.

"It's almost five miles home," he said slowly.

"So? I never asked you over here. Ever. You just keep showing up like I give a fuck or want you to come over. I can't stand you. You act like you're the best player ever in whatever game you're playing and you get all cocky and arrogant and I can't stand that shit. Why do you even come over here?"

I was yelling and it felt great. He looked like his feelings were hurt and I didn't care. He got up and walked out without looking back or anything and I heard the front door close. I watched out my window and saw him walking down the road toward where he lived.

I kind of felt bad but not very much. Like I said I didn't like him much, he was all arrogant and shit in games and he came over without calling and I never asked him to come over since we were in middle school. I was glad he was gone and I hoped that he never came back.

I felt safer and I knew Scott was safer so it was all good.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. I played some games and watched some television
. I was sitting on the computer with the IM open before nine and waiting for Scott. I felt kind of empty and alone and I wanted to see his words appear on the screen so I would be something like near him.

I waited all night but he never came on. I fell asleep after midnight and felt like I was all alone and even betrayed. It felt so awful. He had said he would be on after nine so why wasn't he? I didn't want to be mad so I wasn't but I did feel let down and got really sad. I didn't even jerk off before I went to bed and that was like some sort of record. I always jerked it before I went to sleep every night.

The next day was just as boring and dull. My folks gave me some chores and I got them done then waited for Scott on the computer again. When he finally showed up I was instantly excited and happy. We chatted and made jokes and had a decent time until he had to go to dinner. When he got back from dinner we chatted some more and played a couple of online games until it got late and we both were tired.

Me: okay goodnite man
Scrutt: nite be thinking of you while I pull it!!!!
Me: me 2!!!
Scrutt: lol nite!

I felt great again. I saw how I was getting all crazy and shit over him. I wasn't stupid. I knew I missed him so much and wanted to see him so much. When he said he was going to be thinking of me when he pulled it I felt myself smile and I laughed and I felt great!

I thought of him while I pulled it. I thought of all those things we did over the weekend and I pretended it was his hand doing that stuff to my dick. It was sorta still a little sore but not much and it almost made it feel better in a way. Man when I let loose with my wad it was great! I don't know if it was all the sex over the weekend or that I missed a day or both together but I really had a great one that night.

Next day was another boring day except when I got to talk to Scott on the IM. He came up with an idea and I couldn't say no. His mom was going to take her car to the garage in town to find out why it wasn't running very well and she would drop him off at my place on the way past and pick him up later.

Why would I say no to that? How could I?

So I hurry and take a fast shower and tidy my room up like I got a girl coming over. Geeze. But I was ready when I heard them come up the driveway.

He hops out smiling and I feel terrific! He's got blue jeans and a red shirt on and he looks so hot. His mom honks the horn and pulls away and I wait at the door for him. He gets up the stairs and he's smiling so cute I just want to sweep him off his feet and kiss him all the way to my bedroom.

"What's up?" he asks.

"Me!" I say and laugh.

He cracks a cute grin and turns a little red. It's so cute! I feel like I could live my whole life inside his smile.

I hold the door and step back a little and he walks past and grabs my package and lets go real quick and says, "No kiddin'!"

As soon as I close the door he turns and walks right up to put his front right against my front and he puts his arms around me and he looks up at me and smiles that one special smile he had last weekend and then puts his face in my chest and just holds onto me. I feel my heart race and I feel like I could fly right then. I put my arms around him and hug him tight and kiss the top of his head. I rub his back with both my hands and he does it back and we just stand there for a while. It's awesome!

I want it to be like this forever.

"Mom said she'd call when the garage was done, so we'll know when she's coming back."

He looked up at me and his smile was so sweet. I leaned down and he leaned up and we kissed like we had the last hours of last weekend. It's fantastic! His hands suddenly fell and landed on my butt and started playing with my cheeks and I did the same and we started walking all awkward and clumsy to my room.

He kicked my door shut and we fell on my bed on our sides and kept kissing and feeling each others butts and it was so great. I was all thrilled inside and my guts were all shivery and I felt like if the whole world ended it wouldn't matter at all so long as we both could stay like that together.

After a little time like that he rolls over so he's on top and he starts pushing his boner into mine. That felt great. His hands kept roaming along my sides and I kept playing with his soft, firm, round butt. I know I told you he had a perfect bubble butt, like two perfect bubbles, but I wasn't kidding. I don't know how a guy gets his ass so perfect but he did it. I loved feeling his cheeks and they just seemed the perfect thing for my hands to play with. He liked it anyway.

I heard his shoes hit the floor so I kicked mine off. We were panting and kissing and wriggling together with him on top. He was smaller than me so it wasn't uncomfortable at all. I liked it anyway. He started kissing my neck and slipping down me and I felt my dick dancing in joy. My guts were too. So was my head. It was all so awesome!

He pulled my shirt off like that first time and threw it to the side then kissed my chest and nipples and kept going lower. He was kissing right at the top of my jeans and then started unfastening them and unzipping them. He looked up and we met eyes and we grinned. It rocked.

I watched while he took my jeans off and then pushed my legs apart and laid down between them and started playing with my goods. He pushed them around and gripped them and rubbed and all kinds of stuff with his hands while he kissed both inside thighs and over the waistband of my underwear. He was driving me crazy. I made a wet spot after I shivered all over and he laughed and kissed the wet spot and sucked on it. That was so hot!

Then he slid my shorts down and pulled them off and threw them behind him on the floor and he started kissing my balls real light and gentle while his hands went up and down on both sides of my hips. So hot!

Then he sucked a nut into his mouth real gentle and sucked on it and it felt almost as good as being sucked off! I watched his face and he looked up sometimes. It was hot. He was so cute and seeing my junk in his face was like the best thing I could ever see. His smile while he worked on my junk was so cute. He kept getting red-faced and giggling. I did too.

Then he let my ball fall out of his mouth and he grinned and came up so we could kiss for a little while. I grabbed hold of his butt and played with it. I loved how it felt even when his jeans were in the way. He slid both of his hands behind my butt and and licking just the head and sucking just on it. That was pretty damned good! I was sure he was trying to make it last a long time this time. He moved real slow and sucked only part of the time. It was great! So I was shocked when he asked if it felt okay.

"Sure!" I told him.

"You're so quiet I thought maybe I was doing it wrong."

"No way! It feels awesome! Lemme show ya!"

So I sit up and pull him up and he stands up in front of me and I take his shirt off and start doing the same thing to him he had done to me. I kissed him and pulled him down on top of me before I kissed his chest and rolled him over. Then I started kissing his nipples and my hands started undoing his pants. I kiss all the way down to his belly button and pull his jeans off and he's got the same boxers on that he saw me holding that day he caught me with them. Man did I laugh. I don't know why but it was so funny. He laughs too and his dick jumps in his boxers and I pull it out of the fly and start doing the same thing by sucking only his head and playing with his shaft and balls.

He groans and hisses and tells me it feels great. I get the boxers off and I'm loving doing it to him and I feel all kinds of thrills and chills and stuff inside me and down in my nads. I even felt my butt hole twitch and I start thinking about him wanting to try to fuck me that last day and I wonder if he still wants to. I'm still not sure I want that because it seems like it would hurt. It sure did when we tried to. So much that we just quit.

Since he was in front of me it was easy to hold onto his butt with both hands as he slid his dick in and out of my mouth. I loved his ass. The way it felt in my hands as he moved, how round and firm it was, so smooth and soft and warm. Holy fuck did it feel good to hold his butt while he fucked my face.

I really enjoy tasting him and smelling him and making him feel good. He's all squirming and groaning and saying how great it feels and I feel great making him feel great.

"Fuck, Ray, man, that's so awesome! But I wanna sixty-nine!"

Sounds great to me! So I get on the bed with him and we get into that position and start really enjoying each other. He tastes clean and salty and I just love it. His head was so soft and smooth and felt like heaven on my tongue. I loved running my tongue all over his head while I sucked him. He loved it too and loved doing the same thing to me. It made us cum soon but we loved it. We both knew we were gonna shoot off fast this way but it felt too good.

I held onto his balls and rolled them around feeling how great they were to play with. They were the perfect size and his sack was warm and soft and let his balls move around enough to be fun to play with. In no time he was pushing hard into my mouth and his balls were rising up in his sack. I could tell by how his cock jerked and felt thicker and bent that he was about to fire even before he groaned really deep and grabbed both sides of my head. Then my mouth was full of his cum and the salty flavor changed to musky and earthy. I swallowed as fast as I could but he came and came and I almost gagged on it this time. It was so thick and gooey.

He pushed hard and held still and shook while he groaned and said it was fucking great. I loved how he sounded when came. I loved how he tasted. I loved how he smelled. I knew I really liked him.

I was kinda close but not very and he was done. He didn't stop on me though and kept sucking and licking. I groaned so he knew I liked it and when he slipped a finger behind my sack and touched my hole I kind of shivered and said, "Oh shit!" and I was suddenly feeling my balls pushing my cum up my dick and I started kind of shaking inside.

He pushed his finger in and I shot like a shotgun! I mean I came like crazy! It was so good! My dick pumped up harder and I came and then my dick pumped up again and I came again and each time it was so strong! Wow. It was crazy! I tried not to scream like a girl so I only sounded kinda funny when I kept saying, "Fuck," again and again each time I shot more cum into his mouth.

I think I shot about ten times! No kidding! And that last time it felt like sand pouring out my dick. He kept sucking and licking and slipped his finger out of my hole which only made me kind of cum a little more it felt so great. He kept licking and playing and I couldn't stand it. I had to pull him off me because it felt so intense!

He laid down next to me and asked, "Good?"

I smiled at him because I didn't have a word to say about how incredible it was. He smiled back and we kissed. I tasted my own cum on his lips and I didn't care.

He snuggled up to my chest like always and sighed and put his arms around me and it was so nice. I put my arms around him and held him so tight. It was so nice. We laid there like that for a long time.

The phone rang and it was his mom. The car was a simple problem and was fixed and she would pick him up after stopping at the store real quick for a few things.

I told him and he looked like how I felt about it.

"We got a few minutes," he said and cuddled up tight again.

It was great! Holding him seemed like the perfect thing to ever do. His naked skin on mine felt like the way things should always be. I loved how he ran his hands over me almost everywhere and I loved doing that to him too. I let one hand lay on his butt for the longest time just feeling his warm smooth skin and wondering if I should slip a finger between his cheeks. I really wanted to for some reason but I didn't.

We heard her car coming up the drive and man did he get dressed in record time. It was hot watching his body get into his boxers and then jeans and finally his shirt. I don't know why I like guys like him but I did. He was hot. Just plain fucking hot. I can't tell you how hot it was to see him pull up his boxers and cover up his pink balls and white dick and then his golden triangle. His smooth sides moved smoothly and gracefully as he pulled his jeans on over his sexy legs and then his shirt covered his smooth chest and pink nipples and fell over his little belly button.

I was so hard again.

"You gettin' dressed or wanna have my mom ask why you're naked?" he asked with a laugh.

"I'm sayin' right here," I say.

He grins and nods and comes over and kisses me. It was soft and gentle and warm and moist and just plain hot. His hand was on the back of my neck and I put mine on his round butt until we heard her car come to a stop and her honk the horn.

"See ya this weekend!" he said with that grin that he had when he was thinking of something to get us into trouble.

"Friday night about six," I said and kissed him again.

"Can't wait!" he said and turned and walked to the bedroom door.

His butt was perfect. Just fucking perfect. He glanced back at me as he turned down the hall and he was grinning so wide. It was so sexy. I watched out the window as he got into the car and they left. I felt so good and so empty at the same time. I was so hard too.

I laid down and started jerking it while I thought about his butt. It was so perfect and I was surprised that I was thinking about sticking my dick in it. I wanted to. I hadn't really before but now I really wanted to fuck his ass. I imagined him on his hands and knees and me behind him with my dick going in and out of his tight round ass. He moaned and groaned and wriggled all over as I pushed my dick in and pulled it out. He was tight and I had to go slow so I slowed down how fast I stroked myself until I was kind of in time with how slow I imagined I would have to fuck him.

I stroked slow and tight and rolled over on my front and started humping my fist and it was great. I kept imagining his ass gripping my cock and me pushing it in and pulling it almost out. I would pull my hips up a lot when I imagined almost pulling out of his ass and I would push my dick as far as I could into my fist when I imagined pushing my dick far into his tight round ass.

I kept going slow. It felt so good! The slower I went the better it felt! I was humping my fist slow and holding onto my dick tight and thinking about it being his ass. Oh man it was so hot!

I came so soon I was totally surprised. I was surprised by how much I came too. I just shot a huge wad with him so I didn't think I would cum much but boy did I get a surprise. It felt like it had when he had got me off earlier, all like sand coming though my dick instead of slippery cum. I shook as I shot my wad into my fist and onto the blanket. When it was over I was shivering and felt great.

God it was a good jerk off.

I took a shower and washed the blanket before mom and dad got home. It was a boring night until I went to bed. I thought about fucking Scott again and had another extremely big orgasm and shot cum on my chin and all down my front. I was shaking and shivering after.

I started thinking about talking to Scott about doing it. About fucking each other. Mostly about me fucking him. I wanted to. Bad. Real bad.

I even dreamed about it that night.

Part Five


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