Ray and Scott

Chapter 5

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Thursday I went into town with Daniel and Mark and had a pretty good time. Dan got a car last month and usually ran around with his girlfriend and sometimes Mark and his girl, but that day the girls were doing something with some other girls and Dan and Mark called then picked me up.

We had polish sausages and fries and cokes and had a good time. It was fun. But then two guys go walking by and they obviously are all gay and pretty much barely not holding hands. They looked like they could be in college and in town for summer break. So Mark says something about fags and Dan joins him and then they start talking shit and how they would beat the hell out of anybody they knew who was gay, and how fags are sick and need to be put down like rabid animals.

I was trying not to be obvious and not say anything by just agreeing sometimes but I felt like an asshole.

Later when we were leaving in Dan's car we saw the those guys again and Mark wanted to go over and give them a hard time. I tried to think of something to keep him from going over but Dan said that they were probably carrying guns by the way they had big loose jackets, so I went along with that.

But still Mark rolls down his window and yells, "faggots," at them. Dan floors it and we get the hell out of there. I felt like a traitor or something.

The worse thing was that the one guy had red hair and was skinny and wearing all black and I thought he was pretty hot looking. When we drove by them I saw his blue eyes and how he hated us for what Mark yelled.

Man did I feel like an asshole.

I was quiet all the rest of the day until Dan dropped me at home. He asked if I was okay and I said that I was coming down with something and was feeling like crap.

The feeling like crap part was true.

So Thursday ends and I have another great jack off thinking about sticking my dick inside of Scott. I humped a sock in my fist while I laid on my stomach and shot a nice big wad into the sock.

Friday was sunny and I woke up early with a hard-on. I didn't jerk it though because I wanted to keep it for tonight. I got thrills every time I thought about being with Scott tonight.

The basement had been fixed up with a real room when dad wanted an office and den but he had sort of just forgot about it, and I ended up taking it over and making it into a kind of party room. If I had more friends maybe I would have had a party in it sometime. Instead it had a table and two chairs and some rugs on the floor. There was an old fold-up rollaway bed in one corner of the basement and I took almost all afternoon getting it through the little door and in the room.

We didn't have any sheets that fit it so I put both sleeping bags on it and tucked them under the mattress and put a blanket over them. It was as good as I could do.

We could have risked doing it in my room but my parents might hear because only one room was between theirs and mine and the house was quiet and I was sure they would hear. In the basement we would be on the other side of the house and under the floor. And I could play music on the little stereo and that would help cover our noises. I hoped.

So I'm all ready I think. I'm all nervous and worried and can't wait. I get on the computer in the afternoon and Scott pops up on the IM and we talk about tonight.

Me: I kno going to be great!
Me: basement room set up
Scrutt: bringing the lube
Scrutt: that ok?
Me: sure! great!
Scrutt: ;p
Me: 8p
Scrutt: mom calling gotta go see u at 6
Me: l8r!!!!

I was flying high. I couldn't wait. I tingled inside and couldn't sit still for a second.

I knew I was falling for Scott. I'd always liked how he looked and liked the guy he was and loved being friends with him. When I started liking sex and guys I knew I liked Scott. It was hard at first keeping it all secret and not letting him know how I felt about him. Turns out he liked guys and girls and years later we were doing it.

I thought what would have happened if I had told him sooner and we had been doing stuff all that time. I imagined him and me being together and in love with each other all that time and having all that sex and fun. I wondered if we would have got caught by now by our parents or our friends. I wondered if we would have got away with it all that time. I wondered if we would get away with what we were going to do from now on.

By the time six o'clock came around I was bouncing on my ass and felt like a little kid on the way to Disneyland and seeing the parking lot finally.

I heard a car in the driveway and ran to the front door and opened it. I waited while Scott got his sleeping bag and pack out of the car and held the door so he could come in. We smiled at each other and turned red. It was so sly and so funny.

Mom and dad said hi and asked if he had dinner and all the polite stuff as usual. We went to my room and sat at my desk and messed around on the computer for a while. Sometimes one of us would reach over and put a hand on the others junk and we'd giggle. When I came to a website about a band we liked a lot he leaned over to see the screen better and put his arm around my shoulders for balance.

I got a huge thrill from that and really liked it. I grinned and tried not to too much but it was difficult. He grinned back at me and his arm got tighter around my shoulders and he leaned in close like he was going to kiss me. I leaned toward him too. We were just about to touch our lips together when mom walked in.

Oh my God. The only good thing was she was holding a pile of laundry and couldn't see what we had been doing. She dropped the laundry on my bed and smiled and said I had a job putting all that away. I said so and laughed. She left and we both looked like we had just got away with murder. We laughed.

"When can we go downstairs and be alone?" he asked.

"As soon as they go to bed," I said. "We could go sooner but there's nothing to do down there so they're gonna wonder what we're doing."

He grinned and leaned in and kissed me. Gawd it was hot! His lips were so smooth and warm and felt like the only thing in the world that mattered for shit.

We didn't kiss as long as we both wanted to that's for sure. We went back to the computer. We watched some movies and listened to some music and had a great time. We had pizza delivered at ten and my folks had some then said they were going to bed.

I was overjoyed and Scott looked like he had won the lottery. Everytime we grabbed each others junk for a joke or something we both could tell we were both hard almost all the time. I was more than horny though. I was getting all kinds of feelings I never had before and not only in my body. There was a kind of warm feeling that wasn't really in my body but was warm and nice all the same. I knew it was him but I didn't know why it was him. Unless it was that. I wondered if it was. It felt like it was. And there was all the body stuff too. I had chills around my stomach and chest and my junk felt like it was all vibrating.

We went back to my room and played a computer game until mom came and told us to be quiet. That was normal and just as it always was when he stayed over.

After she went back to bed we were quiet and started looking at porn on the net. It was always easy to find pics and even short vids and for the first time ever I looked at gay porn with somebody else. We giggled and snickered at first and then started really getting into it.

We found a place with short videos and watched guys jerk off on the screen and even found two cute guys doing it. We watched it over and over and made sure we saw how they lubed and got their dicks to go into each other. We laughed and turned so red but it was so fun. We put our hands on each others laps and played with each other. It was so hot!

We were both so hard! I loved playing with his crotch and I loved how he played with mine. I was so hard and I knew I was making a big wet spot in my underwear. I didn't care. I only cared that I liked what we were doing and wanted to get downstairs soon.

We started the video over and watched it all the way through. They started out in clothes and undressed each other while kissing. Then they took turns blowing each other and then one lubed the other and used more and more fingers then got on his hands and knees behind the other one and squeezed his head and pushed it between his thumb and finger and into the other one. It took some time and he slipped out a couple of times but he got it in and then they moved slow and took it easy and then later changed positions and fucked harder. Then they traded places and the other guy fucked the other guy and did it slow at first then they changed positions and did it again and started fucking harder. Then they were laying next to each other and jacking each other off.

"Okay. I saw enough. I wanna do it!" Scott says and kisses me real firm and squeezes my goods and rubs them real good.

I do the same things to him and we turn off the computer and my lights and close my door. He got his pack and we went downstairs. We sat on the little bed and kissed and felt each other up all over. Fuck it was so hot!

He took my shirt off and kissed and sucked my nipples a little I took his shirt off and did the same to him. Then we laid down with him on top and he grinded his package into mine and it was so hot. We kissed and panted and felt each other.

He sat up like the guy in the video had done and wriggled his perfect bubble-butt on my boner. It was great. He was so cute. I can't tell you how cute he was. His hair was so gold in the yellow light and hHis gold, hazel, bronze eyes glinted. His eyebrows were almost invisible. His cheeks were red with his blush and almost as red as his lips that were soft and wet and glistened. They were plush but not fat and shaped so perfect. His slim chest was smooth but his fine hair between his pink nipples sparkled a little in the dim light.

I ran my hands up and down his sides loving how it felt. He was warm and smooth and soft and it was the most wonderful feeling under my hands. He loved it because he sighed and hissed his breath and closed his eyes and arched his back and ground his round butt on my package.

Gawd it was so hot!

He started undoing my jeans button and then my zipper. He pulled my jeans off and then I started taking his off just like in the vid. He rolled on his side so I could get his jeans down and I threw them over the side of the bed and then he rolled me on my back and sat on me again just like in the movie.

Holy shit was that awesome! His perfect tight bubble-butt was sitting right on top of my hard dick and he was wriggling and making me feel like if he kept doing that I would cum. I could feel both of his firm cheeks on each side of my dick! Holy shit was it hot! He kept grinding and smiling and I kept playing with his nipples and his sides and then I got a full hand of his package in his boxers. So nice!

He was so hard it wouldn't move around. I felt how his balls were all up tight too. I pulled his dick out his fly and it was all wet at the tip and I wiped it off and licked it off my fingers. He came right down and kissed me and this time his tongue was all over my lips and then inside my mouth. We had never frenched before but now we started doing that like it was the only way to kiss.

He kept moving his ass on my hard dick and that felt like heaven. I wanted my dick inside of him so bad I wanted to rip his boxers off or poke my dick right thorugh them and plunge it straight in him and fuck him until I blew my wad deep inside.

I slid my hand down his sides and pushed his boxers down. He got out of them and took mine off then sat down on me again and my dick was between his warm butt cheeks. Oh gawd! It throbbed and jumped constantly. I felt it get wet and spread around between his cheeks. He kept grinding and smiling and we were loving it.

He played with my nipples and my sides and grinded his round firm butt all over my cock. I worried that I might cum before we got down to what they did in the video. I wanted to fuck him. I wanted my dick deep inside of him thrusting and pushing until I came. I needed to.

Finally he slid off me and off the bed and picked up his pack. He got the lube out and grinned and came back to the bed.

"Roll over," he said real soft and opened the tube of lube.

I rolled over on my stomach and he spread my legs apart. I wasn't real sure suddenly that I wanted to do it. I wanted in him really bad but I wasn't so sure about him doing me. I figured it was only a finger and it wouldn't hurt. My dick was pushed against the bed and it was a little uncomfortable but not bad. I forgot all about that when his finger went between my cheeks and I felt the cold lube going on the outside. He rubbed it around and then put more on his finger then slipped it against my hole and pushed really gently. He wiggled his finger easy and pushed and his finger slid inside.

He started sliding his finger in and out.

"Like it?" he asked.

I nodded and said, "Uh-huh."

I did sort of like it but not as much as they guys in the video make it look like they did. I mean it felt okay, sort of like dropping a loaf but different too. I was all turned on a shit and he was sticking his finger in me so I guess it would have to feel okay right?

His finger came out and after a few seconds I felt him put two fingers in. He slid them in slow and took his time and made it so it didn't hurt. Soon he was slipping in and out and it really felt pretty good.

"Ready for three?"

I nodded.

He came down and we kissed for a little bit. He was so cute. He was always cute but when we were doing stuff together he looked even cuter. Something about him changed a little and he looked even hotter during sex. Finally he went back behind me and lubed three fingers. They went in but it took a few minutes. He got one in then two easy and it took a little work to get me able to take all three but we did it.

It felt weird and kind of strange but felt good too. He was moving them in and out and it wasn't hurting like I thought it would. For a few minutes his other hand was all over me and that felt great too. Finally he pushed his fingers in all the way and held them there.

"You think you're ready now?" he asked.


He got in front of me and handed me the lube. I put it on him and enjoyed doing it as much as I could. It was so cool to feel his cock slipping through my hand and fingers with all that slippery lube on it. I liked how the edges of his head felt with the lube and played with them.

"Stop soon or I'll finish in your hand!"

I laughed and he moved behind me. I got up on my hands and knees and pushed my butt out like the guy in the vid so that my hole was easier to get to. It took some work but he got so that he could hit the target and he put it against it. I felt him pushing up against it and I tried to relax and let it in. He asked if it hurt and I said no and to keep going. He pushed some more and it was uncomfortable and almost hurt. I could feel his cock opening me up all wide and I thought about telling him to stop but I put up with it.

He'd get in some then he'd pop out. I would stretch some, but he kind of bent or slipped and had to try again. Like a dozen times before he got it in and I felt it go in further than before. I swear I could feel the edges of his head go through! It felt different, painful, but so hot. I stretched and kind of pushed and refused to let it pinch off. Then he was inside and I felt his hard hotness inside me and it was pretty cool. Still painful, but something else, too!

"I'm in some," he said and his hands went up and down my sides making me wriggle a little. "Oh man! So tight! Hurt?"

"No, don't stop man. Go in!"

He pushed more and I pushed more and was sure I could feel him going inside further. It felt great. He pulled it back some then pushed it in some more. In and out a bunch of times before I felt his pubes tickling my ass. In a few more ins and outs he pushed right up against my butt with his pubes and was all the way in.

"Oh, gawd, I'm in!" he said all breathless. "Hurt?"

"No! Keep going!"'

It felt bad and good but mostly good. He started fucking me for the first time. In and out real slow and gentle just like the guys in the vid. So slow and gentle and careful. It felt so good that my dick would jump and shit and I saw me leaking pre-cum like crazy and it felt like it too. His hands moved all over my sides and my butt and thighs and it felt so good! Soon he reached around and grabbed my dick and started stroking me a little. That was awesome! When he put his other hand on my balls and played with them I knew I wasn't going to last long at all. I was just opening my mouth to say I was gonna cum and to stop before I did when he said, "Oh shit!" and pushed all the way inside me slapping my ass with his front.

I felt his cock kind of jerk inside me and then I felt wetness inside me. His cock jerked and jerked and he groaned and pushed up against me.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," over and over as he pumped his cum inside of me.

It was great! It was so hot. And his hands brought me right to cumming then. I said, "Gonna," and was. Every time that I shot my hole tightened around his dick and it almost hurt. It felt great! It was so weird to be cumming and having my butt kind of hurt but feel great too.

"Oh wow! I can feel you shooting from inside!" Scott says all excited. "It feels excellent!"

His hand is getting all slick and gooey from my cum and its rubbing all over my head and that feels great. He's squeezing my cock and the squishy cum and left over lube feels so great. It's making those squishing sounds and that's hot too. And having his cock inside me after he shot his cum inside me while I came and he squished my cum all over my head was all so much!

I had never felt like that before. I never knew you could feel like that before. It was all so overwhelming and so much to take in all at once and I was all shaking and stretched out and it just felt like nothing ever before.

"Oh shit!" he sighs and pulls out of me.

It felt weird as he came out and I wanted it back inside. I fell over on my side and he fell right next to me face to face and we just grinned and looked at each other.

He was all sweaty and red-faced and panting. I was too. It was great.

We scooted closer together and kind of snuggled but he was holding his one hand kind of funny. I saw it was shiny and wet and I knew it had some lube and a lot of cum on it. I took it and looked at it and then started licking it clean. He giggled. The lube was strawberry flavored but was weak and I could taste my own cum way more than the lube.

When I got his hand pretty clean he took it away and hugged me tight and kissed me. We kissed for a long time all slow and soft and gently. Wow was it nice!

We fell asleep.

I woke up and had to use the john. It was upstairs so I had to get dressed. Scott kind of woke up but not all the way and rolled over on his belly. His perfect ass was too tempting not to reach out and touch it. I ran a hand over the round mounds. They were smooth and soft and warm and perfect. He sighed a little.

I wanted to play with his butt more but I had to go bad. It was quiet and dark upstairs. I did what I had to do then snuck back downstairs. He hadn't moved so I sat there and admired his perfect ass.

I know everybody has a different idea of the perfect ass so maybe his wasn't so hot to everybody but it was so perfect to me. It was so round. Both of his cheeks were so perfect and rounded and came together at the perfect crack. There was a little soft pale blond hair that was short and invisible. I could hardly feel it on his smooth skin.

I was getting hard. I dared to push a finger between his cheeks a little and it was warm in there. I kind of wiggled it around and found his hole. I tickled it a little and he rolled over with a huge smile on his face.

"Gonna rape me?" he asked with that grin.

"Do I have to?"


He sat up and we kissed some more. I loved kissing him and we were starting to use our tongues a lot. I wanted to blend into him and be one person. I wanted to be part of him forever.

"Wanna go again?" he asked between deep hot kisses.

"Oh yeah!"

We fell onto the bed and kissed some more and he reached for the lube. When he handed it to me I was confused. I guessed he wanted me to lube him up first so I started rolling him onto his front. He resisted and sat up.

"On you, dumbass," he said all cute.

"Yeah," I said and sat up so he could put it on my dick and handed him the lube.

He took it and waited.

"What?" I asked when he didn't move.

"Turn around and lay down your front."

"Me? I wanna do you this time."


He looked funny then.

"What?" I asked.

"Uh, look, I like what we did, but I don't think I wanna be... the one being done to."


How could he not want to I wondered.

"I don't think I'd like it," he said with a shrug.

"You gotta try," I tried.

"I don't know."


I begged and put on puppy-dog eyes.

He grinned and nodded then said, "Okay, but will you stop if I don't like it?"

"Of course! I don't wanna do anything you don't like!"

He grinned.

"Trust me, Scott. Okay?"

He nodded then said, "I do."

I could tell he wasn't thrilled and that bothered me. I wanted him to like it as much as I had or even more. It was important to me that he liked it. I never wanted to do anything that he didn't like but I wanted to fuck him so bad. So bad.

He got on his hands and knees and stuck his butt up in the air. Holy fuck! I told you how he has a perfect ass but when it was up in the air like that all pushed up and back it was like pure art. HIs butt was round and so plump and so curved and so... juicy.

His butt wasn't all that was so hot about that image either. I mean he was laying on his front, almost, but had the side of his face on his crossed forearms and was smiling at me with trust and something else in his hazel, gold, bronze eyes and a cute little smile on his wet red lips and his gold hair was a little messy and almost covered his eyes and he was on his knees and his back was arched down and his butt stuck up in the air.

Fucking-a it was so hot my dick swelled up so far it started hurting a little and my breath shook and my heart pounded like a hammer.

I walked behind him on my knees and sort of just sat there and looked at it. I had never seen something so perfect and so hot. I had seen plenty of butts on the net in porn and stuff but nothing that even came close to his perfectness.

I got so my dick was just barely not touching his ass and aimed right at his crack and put both hands on his cheeks and let them lay there and just felt how smooth and warm and awesome his ass was. I squeezed his globes a little and rubbed them a little and it felt so great that my dick pushed some pre-cum out and jumped and throbbed. Gawd it was hot!

I decided to take it extra slow and easy. I lubed my finger a lot and slipped it along outside his cute little pucker. It was all pink with a faint tan ring around it. So hot. I tickled it and circled it and played around it for a really long time. He was starting to squirm a little so I was hoping he was liking it. I asked and he said it was okay.

I put more lube on my finger and circled his hole and then wriggled it into the middle of it and pushed really gently. It felt like he tightened up as I pushed. I backed up and circled it some more.

By now my dick was tingling and all red and my balls were up tight. The tip was leaking pre-cum. I was tingling all over too. Inside and outside and between my legs and in my guts. I was even shaking a little.

I was so worried about hurting him or making it feel less than perfect for him. I was so careful as I pushed very gently against his pucker. It seemed to tighten up some.

"Is it okay?" I ask.

"So far. Gonna go in?"

"If you're ready. Not before."

"S'okay, go ahead. Just... go slow, okay?"

He turned his head so he could look back at me. He looked worried. I smiled real big and nodded. He smiled a little more. After he turned to put his head back on his arms I went back to his hole.

I pushed a little at it and wiggled the tip of my finger. He was tight and I was afraid to push hard enough to get in. I wanted to get my finger in so I could get two and then three and then my dick. I wanted to fuck him. Had to. The idea of it as I looked at his tight pink pucker made me feel like I could cum just looking at it.

I pushed a little but he was just too tight and I didn't want to push so hard it hurt. I couldn't tell, but I thought if I pushed that hard on myself it would.

"You gotta loosen up."


"Maybe push, like some stories say."

His hole changed and I could tell that he was pushing alright. I pushed my finger against it and got inside the circle of muscle. He tightened up right away. I wiggled the tip of my finger and he pounded his head on his arms.

"Okay?" I ask.

"Feels weird," he said sounding funny.


"Keep going."

I pushed a little more and the whole tip of my finger went inside. It was warm and soft and velvety. I pushed a little more and half my finger was in. I pulled it back some and then pushed it back in.

He groaned a little, sorta a "Uhgn," and I asked if he was okay. He said he was. I pushed a little more and wiggled my finger and it went in some more. I slid in out some and then back in a few times. He groaned kinda like it hurt some so I asked how it was. He said it was okay but it felt weird too.

I went real slow and moved my finger in and out of his tight hole feeling how smooth and velvety and hot it was inside of him. A few minutes and I got the lube and squeezed some on my finger next to the one in him and started pushing it along side the one inside of him.

He was so tight it was almost like he was making it tight. I asked him if he could push some and make it looser. He did and I barely got the second one in and he hissed in a way I didn't think meant he liked it.

I wiggled both fingers and slid them in a little bit more.

"Ahhhh!" he hissed and not in a really good way.


"I don't like it."

"You sure?"

"I'm fucking sure. Take it out!"

I did. It was only the tips of the two fingers and they were barely in him. When I took them out his hole snapped shut and quivered and he sighed and his whole body relaxed.

I felt crappy. I was so close. I could see his cute little pink pucker and I got to feel it and play with it and got a finger in it and barely two tips, but he didn't like it.

"Man, I don't think I like that at all. Not at all."

He looked like he just saw something awful happen.

"Sorry," I said.

I felt sad. The thing I wanted to do the most he didn't like. He didn't want me to use a finger, how was I ever going to get to fuck his perfect, cute, wonderful ass?

I wiped my finger off on the edge of the blanket down by the floor then laid down next to him and looked into his beautiful eyes.

"Did it hurt?" I asked.

"No, not really, it just... I don't like it."

"Okay. I wish I could do what you did to me but if you don't like it, then... "


"Don't be. As long as you still like the other stuff."

"I love the other stuff!" he said and pushed me down on my back.

He climbed on top of me and grinded his ass on my cock making it fully hard again while he played with my nipples. He turned around a little then grabbed my balls and played with them. I kind of pushed up with my hips like I was fucking him as he sat on top of me. He didn't mind.

I got my hands on his junk and played with it. His cock was shaped so nice and his balls felt so good to play with. Jerking him off felt great! I loved how his dick felt in my hand and how it slipped through my lubed fingers.

I was pushing my cock against the spot behind his balls where it was warm and smooth. The skin was moving back and forth on my cock and it was good enough that I was sure I would finish if I kept doing that for a while. I mean, with such a cute and hot guy sitting on it, how could it not be willing to shoot off even if it was just sliding against him? And where it was sliding against him was really hot! I mean my dick was rubbing his skin behind his balls and next to his hole. And he was grinding it against my dick. How hot is that?

He kept playing with my balls and grinding on me and I kept humping him behind his balls. It worked. In a few minutes I felt that feeling deep inside and I knew it was working. By then we were getting sweaty again.

Gawd it was so hot!

His skin down there was smooth and warm and our sweat made it slippery and it was working just fine. That tingling was all over me and the feeling of getting close was coming up from below and I was shivering and sweating and loving it.

I was getting close and kept jerking him off too with one hand playing with his balls. He closed his eyes and kept grinding on me and I was getting closer and closer.

"Not long," I said.

"Cum! I want you to cum! Hard!"

He sounded different, kind of husky and deep-voiced. His eyes were still closed and he was sweaty.

In a couple of minutes I said, "Oh, gawd, close!" as that pressure built up and the tingling got strong and my body tensed up.

A few more rocks of his body on mine and my hips below him and my cock twitched and jerked and started cumming. Oh shit was it a good one! He kept rocking on top of me and one time just as I came he rocked back and my cum flew out between his balls and his thigh and landed near my navel. He saw it and used his finger to scoop it up and stick it in his mouth. He smiled as he tasted it and stared at my face. It was so hot to watch!

I came a bunch and it felt like it! Nothing massive but still a real good one! My dick bounced a little as he sat up and laid down next to me before he switched ends and we were in a sixty-nine. He started cleaning my dick and near my pubes with his mouth. Oh man did that feel awesome! He got his tongue everywhere and made sure I was all clean.

I took his hot dick in my mouth and sucked it real hard. I licked and sucked and even nibbled a little. He liked it all. He was jerking before very long and warned me he was going to cum.

I took all of his dick in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could and he groaned and I felt his dick twitch and then he was filling my mouth with hot thick cum. Oh man, did I love it! It was like he was getting me off just by cumming in my mouth! I felt like I was gonna shoot just from tasting his cum and feeling his dick dance in my mouth and his body quivering and his breath catching. Oh, God!

He groaned and pushed his cock in my mouth and shuddered and locked in that position and moved softly as he pumped cum. I kept swallowing and trying to breathe and was enjoying it so much!

When he stopped cumming he pulled out of my mouth and rolled and turned and ended up face to face with me.

He smiled that cute sexy smile and didn't say a word. Neither did I. We just laid there and smiled at each other and cuddled up together and were happy.

Part Six


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