Ray and Deiter

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It was the summer after ninth grade, when I was nearly fifteen. I went to a short summer camp for four weeks while my parents went to Europe for a wedding and vacation for two weeks. I didn't really want to go to the camp, but it was better than staying with my grandparents for a month.

I've read that some guys were still confused at fifteen, sixteen, even older. Not me. I knew at twelve. I still had no pubes or anything, still a small little-boy dick and my balls were still up in a tight sack. But I was already curious about my own and other boys' genitals. I got my first boner one day as my friend Mike and I were peeing behind his garage and I saw the tip of his. Mine started swelling up and getting hot. I got scared and worried, and after I wondered what was going on. I started exploring my dick and balls, and liked how it felt to play with them, and how my dick felt when it got big and hard. I figured out how to stroke it and jerk off soon after, and I was doing that every night in my bed when no one was over for the night. I tried to get looks at my friends' privates by being out a long time somewhere and saying I had to pee and going behind something to do so with them. It worked sometimes.

When I hit puberty in seventh grade, at barely thirteen, and started really enjoying masturbation. I dreamed of doing something with my friends, or any guy. I just didn't have the guts to try anything. Being outted as a fag was nearly a death sentence back then - it was a social death sentence.

So, the summer after my freshman year in high school, I went to camp for a month.

The camp was out in the woods along a lake shore. It had eleven cabins for campers, two for adult counselors, one for offices and the infirmary, and a huge dinning hall, all of them made out of logs. There was a two volleyball courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, a football field, four basketball half-courts, canoes, water volleyball, all kinds of things to do. But I wasn't into sports. There were classes and groups for other things, too. Chess, knitting, crochet, arts of all kinds, pretty much anything. The chess stuff interested me. I was a brain, and kind of a geek for sci-fi and fantasy stuff. But the best thing was there were places to go to be alone.

We slept in bunks in the cabins, twenty or more beds to a cabin. No place to beat one out except to find someplace to be alone out in the woods. That was where I ran into Deiter.

He was on the short side, thin and wiry, with curly sandy-blond hair, big green eyes, and a long, narrow face and nose. Another kind of dorky guy like me. He seemed to want to be alone too, and so did I, so we stayed away from each other. Mostly. I got tempted, so I followed him one day when I saw him going into the woods.

It was exciting to follow him, and see him, and guess at what he was going to do. Sure enough, he found a place that was isolated and hard to find, and I had to carefully sneak up through the heavy brush. I took a long time, because I didn't want to make any noise. So I finally got to where I could see him standing beside a tree, his dick out of his pants, and whacking it off.

That was the most exciting thing ever. He had a huge one. It was at least six inches already, probably more. It was hard to tell with his pants still on and it sticking out of his fly. He got his balls out, too. They were nice and big as well.

I watched as he jerked off, his eyes usually closed, and then as his face scrunched up and he squirted his wad out onto the ground. He came quite a bit more than I did. He looked about my age, but I was pretty sure now that he was a little older than me.

I watched him put away his dick and balls, zip up, and start walking toward me. I crouched down low and tried to hide. He walked right past me, but didn't see me. I was so scared! I stayed hidden there for a long time, then stood up and beat myself off. I had a great one! My knees almost folded up!

I followed him a couple more times and watched. I jerked off at the same time with him, usually cumming well before he did and then sneaking away. Thankfully it was usually windy out there and the small sounds I made didn't alert him.

But then, came the day I got caught. Deiter was beating off in his usual place, and about halfway done, when I moved my foot and broke a big twig. He looked right at me, but I was sure he didn't see me. He looked and looked, but eventually he went back to wanking it off again.

He was probably almost done, and I was just about to squirt, when something went up the leg of my pants. Something big enough to totally freak me the hell out. I looked down and there was the end of a snake gliding up the cuff of my leg.

Holy shit! I actually screamed and jumped out of the bush. I totally forgot about Deiter and my dick hanging out for a few seconds as I threw my leg around, trying to get the snake out the pant's leg. I had to reach down, and totally grossed out, grabbed the end of the snake and pulled it out. I threw it away, and then realized where I was. I saw Deiter looking at me. His dick was put away and his pants zipped up. He was laughing.

I looked down and saw my soft dick barely peeking out of my fly. I shoved it the rest of the way in and zipped up.

"I wondered if you'd screw up," he said, still laughing.


He laughed for a while, then said, "I knew you were watching me. I saw you a few days ago."

"No you didn't."

"Sure I did. Sometimes you make noises. I walked right past you one time. You had to know I saw you."

"Why didn't you do something?"

"What? Beat you up or something? Like I can beat up anybody," he said with a shrug.

"You knew?"

"Yeah. It was pretty hot."

"It was?"

"Yeah. I liked having an audience."

He laughed. He was dang cute. I guess I like dorky guys. The girls probably thought he was a total dork. He had a long, narrow face, with a long, prominent nose. He had a slightly dark complexion, but looked very European. He was just about my height, slimmer, and with gangly arms. Curly, sandy-blond hair, green eyes, and a wide smile with red lips.

"You did?"

"Yeah. Made it hotter."

He grabbed his crotch.

"Can I finish?"

"What? You gonna?"

"Yeah. You gonna watch?"

My guts shook. I sure wanted to. I made myself nod once.

He took it out again and got right to it. He looked right at me while he did it. I was so nervous I didn't even get hard. I just watched. It was interesting, for sure. I was a lot closer right then, and I could see better. It was long enough it was longer than his hand was side, so the head stuck out as he stroked it for the most part. He took out his balls. Man, they hung nice and low, and looked nice and big.

"You gonna?" he asked.

Man, that sent a thrill all through me.

"Okay," I said, then pulled mine out.

He smiled as he watched me do it. We stood about ten feet apart, jerking off.

"Take out your nuts," he told me.

I did. He smiled bigger. He played with his nuts. I played with mine too.

This was fucking hot.

"You ever had someone else do it to you?" he asked.

Man, he had some balls. And I don't mean the ones I was looking at.

I shook my head.


I nodded, surprising myself.

He walked right up to me, still pulling his pud, and reached out with his other hand and took over on me. So I took over on him.

We stood in front of each other and jacked each other off. It was awkward, and it felt amazing.

He turned to stand beside me and we used our other hands. I was a lefty anyway, so it was fine with me. We did it faster and faster, and then we were both cumming in each other's hands. It was fucking awesome. We kept squishing the cum all around on each other, making each other jerk and laugh. When he let go of mine, I let go of his. He flicked my cum onto the ground, so I did the same. Then he licked his hand. I laughed, got totally embarrassed, then licked his cum off my hand.

"Follow me out here tomorrow?" he asked as he put himself away.

"Sure," I answered, putting mine away too.

"Cool. We can do other stuff, too."

"Like what?"

"I wanna suck your dick tomorrow."

My dick jumped at the thought.

"Wanna suck mine?" he asked.



We nodded at each other, actually shook hands, and then he walked away.

I followed him again the next day, at the usual time, and we met up at the same place. He already had his dick out, all hard and ready, and as I walked up to him he went right to his knees and took my dick out and gave me my first blow-job. It was fantastic! He played with my balls and rubbed up behind them. I lasted about a minute. My knees tried to buckle up, and I barely kept them from folding all the way. My legs shook and I leaned over him as I released into his warm, soft mouth. He swallowed it all. He sucked until I pushed him away because it was too sensitive.

When he stood up, I went to my knees and gave my first head. His dick was so big. I liked how he smelled and how he tasted. I really liked giving head. I sucked until he came in my mouth. It was really hard to swallow it. It was so thick and there was so much of it. I managed to get as much down my throat as possible and cleaned up what leaked out around his shaft and down onto his balls. I liked how his big balls felt in my hand and when I licked and sucked his cum off them.

The next day he got my pants all the way off and got a finger inside of me. I did that to him too when it was my turn. The third day he licked my asshole. I did it too him, too. Next day he wiggled his big dick inside my ass. It hurt and felt uncomfortable at first, but after a while he was fucking me fast and deep. When it was my turn, I got inside of him, and lasted just a couple of minutes before I finished in there.

We never kissed or made out. We just met up, got each other off, and went our separate ways. We did stuff every day all the rest of my time at the camp. He said I got pretty good at giving head. I know I fucking loved doing it. Of course, I loved being given head, too. The butt sex was okay. I liked doing it to him more than being fucked. But my favorite thing was oral- giving and getting.

We only ever did it out there in the woods once a day. We never even talked to each other in the camp around anyone else. I never got his last name or his phone number, so I never saw or heard from him again.

I regret that.

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20-08-2020, 01:42

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What a beautiful meeting of like minds and such different body images. Beautiful first time Ray.


29-10-2020, 15:48

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Well I don't believe it really. I mean nobody keeps going when it hurts as bad as you described it, but that's not the telling part. When Scott was asking about fucking you, you said you were scared. You said you hadn't thought about that. Too late bud. You already said that Deiter and you BOTH fucked each other. I wasn't believing it before that, but that clenched it. It's a great fantasy story though.


30-10-2020, 13:01

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Heya Gordo,
You can believe it or not. I went with yes. There are things that tell you when you're hearing a true story or a fantasy. This was a very early one, and I might have gotten fooled. But as for his being scared of Scott, he was plump and beefy, Deiter was long and lean. I figured that explained it. He hadn't though about being beefed by that much thicker one. I think Scott was even older than Deiter, but it's been a long time and i'm not interested in looking for the notes from that old a story if I even still have them.
Like I said, you don't have to believe it. No one does. I just wanted to point out Scott's bigger girth compared to Deiter's.
And you're right, even if it's a fantasy story, it's pretty good.
Be good Gordo! Or don't get caught at it!
And thanks for taking the time to comment!

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