Ray and Scott

Chapter 1

Rated: X  teens



I'm Ray, and I want to tell you all about what happened over summer break.

I'm a totally average guy, brown hair and eyes, a little pale because I hate outdoors stuff, average height in my class, and I wear size thirty-two jeans. No athlete, no geek, no dork, just a pretty average dude.

Over summer break I had gone to a four week camp at a lake. It hadn't been all bad, but it had been mostly boring. I'm no outdoors type of guy, and everything was geared to outdoors activities.

Pretty soon I found ways to hide from the activities, and had found others doing the same thing. One of the guys, Deiter, kind of stood out. He was short, and thin, and wiry, and cute. And by the end of the camp, the two of us had found places to hide together, and do things. Turned out he was gay, and brave, and pretty much had me doing anything he wanted.

But that's another story.

Later in the summer, I was doing odd jobs for neighbors in our small town, and the Petersons asked me if I would help them put new drywall in their garage. The pay wasn't great, but it wasn't bad, and best of all, their son Scott went to school with me and would be working too.

They picked a weekend to get it all done, and Scott and I were looking forward to it. We didn't get to spend a lot of time together, mostly because we lived a few miles apart outside of town, and neither of us had cars.

Scott is another pretty average guy, except he's short. I'd say he's about five foot tall, because he's about six inches shorter than me. He's thinner, too, and has slightly curly blond hair that's almost gold in the sunlight. He's a little tanned, and he's actually got some muscles from doing farm work, just nothing much. But what's really special about Scott are his eyes. I don't know if you call them hazel or gold or bronze, but they are brighter than brown and really stand out.

He's also got this great laugh, and he's totally fun. And smart. And, yeah, cute.

I know I'm gay, and I know no one else in our little town is. If they are, they're doing the same thing I am, hiding it as deeply as possible.

Anyway, the weekend arrived and I stayed that Friday night as planned. Scott and I love the same computer and console games, so we spent most of the night in front of the screen. We got along great, always had, and it was an excellent night.

Nothing sexual happened, and I never expected anything to. I'd dreamed it, wished it, sure, but I knew they were only empty hopes. Scott had dated Helen Miragough for a while, and it was no secret that they had gotten busy and gotten caught more than once.

After playing games all night, we passed out on the floor and were woken up by his dad at six in the morning. Gawd, how cruel.

A huge breakfast, then to work. If you've never done drywall, then you don't know what kind of dusty, chalky, dry, choking work it is. Heavy, too. By lunch we had the ceiling done and were coated in white dust and tired and sweaty.

We washed off at the pump outside and had lunch. Scott's dad was fun, and treated the both of us like friends more than a couple of kids. His mom was quiet, and a very good cook.

By sundown, the job was done, and Scott and I were more than done. I was, anyway. Scott was used to helping on the farm, so he had more stamina, so he wasn't so tired as I was.

He had told me to bring at least two changes of clothes, and it was good advice. As soon as the cleanup was done, Scott's dad took the bathroom first so that he and his wife could drive over to his brother's place for dinner and then into town with them for a while.

Scott and I went to his room and he literally walked out of his clothes as soon as we got there. By the time he was at the closet door across the room he was buck naked. I got an incredible view of his ass, and threw wood instantly. I sat down on his bed and picked up the Outdoor Life magazine I had tossed on the table last night.

Like I said, Scott is short, but built well. His muscles aren't big or bulgy, but he has almost not body fat at all, and you can see his muscles clearly. His back was straight, his shoulders a little wide on his narrow frame, his sides smooth, his legs lean but powerful, and his ass was nearly a perfect pair of half bubbles.

His light hair was obviously blond all over, and almost impossible to see on his legs, if there even was any on them.

He pulled a robe out of the closet and got into it without turning around. I watched until the very last possible second, then turned my eyes to the Outdoor Life magazine, pretending to leaf through it.

"Got an extra robe if you want it," he said casually.

"Nah, I'll wait for your old man to finish in the shower, then I'll hit it."

"No prob. Something to drink?" he asked as he picked up his dirty clothes.


He nodded and tossed the clothes into the little hamper in the corner and walked out of the room.

I couldn't help myself, and I couldn't have stopped myself. I hopped up and ran to the hamper, found and pulled out his boxers, and inhaled deeply.

I'd try to describe how that felt, but I don't think I can. I can say that I felt thrills all through me, and that the smell was awesome! I made sure I placed my nose in exactly the right spot and inhaled again.

It was like smelling roasting chicken after three days of camping with nothing to eat but veggies and fish.

I wanted to take them, but I didn't want any risk of any questions about where his boxers went. I needed to put them back and retake my seat on the bed.

I was so hard it was uncomfortable. I kept thinking about what was tucked into the boxers just minutes ago. I tried not to, but, well...

We'd had gym together, it was a small school, so I'd seen his junk every day for years, like all the other guys in our class. I knew what he looked like naked, and I really liked it. He wasn't the only guy in school I liked that way, but he was one of the very best looking. To me, anyway. I knew the girls found him okay, like they found me, but for some reason, I liked his type far more than I liked the buff, muscled, studly guys.

He wasn't very big down there, but then, he wasn't very big anywhere. He was short and thin, almost wiry, but had those muscles from doing so much outdoor work. I could easily see his equipment as I took one more sniff of his boxers, thrills running through me, making my dick jerk and almost hurt.

I guess the motion drew my eye, but for some reason I looked at the doorway.

Scott was standing there in his robe, holding two sodas, a look on his face that I had never seen there before. It wasn't anger, or the disgust I expected to see next, but it was not a smile, either.

I swallowed with difficulty, and had to remember to take a breath. I felt myself shaking all over and starting to sweat. I didn't know what to do.

I put his boxers back in the little hamper; dropped them, more like.


What else could I say?

"Scott? Do you and Ray want to order a pizza tonight? Or should I put something out of the freezer to thaw?"

His mom walked right up next to him, smiling at him and me.

I thought I was going to throw up.

"Pizza?" he asked, looking at me with a puzzled expression.

I nodded.

I was sure I was about to throw up.


"Yes?" she asked, brushing some drywall dust off his hair.

He ducked her hand and gave her a look that said something like, 'Not in front of someone!'

I waited to hear what he was going to tell her before I threw up.

"What time are you guys going to be back?"

"Close to midnight. If your dad hits the bar, we might stay at your uncle's. We'll call and let you know." She walked off, adding, "And the Olsens will tell us if anybody else comes to the house, so no thinking you can have a bunch of friends over if we don't make it back."

"No, nobody else over. Don't worry," Scott said, a little, tiny, almost invisible smile starting.

I felt my heart start beating again, and I inhaled deeply, almost a sigh of relief, but in reverse. The shaking wasn't letting up any, though. In fact, it seemed to get worse.

I didn't know what he was thinking, but his small smile was getting wider, and his face was going a dark red.

I began to worry that I had just handed my ass over to him on a silver platter. I knew he owned me. One word about what he had just seen and I would end up the town freak.

"Dude, I'm so sorry," I started saying, but I stopped when he closed his bedroom door that strange way.

He stood there, leaning against the closed door, as if blocking it. His grin only got wider, and his face only got redder.

I wasn't sure that I could make it to the bathroom before I vomited all over the new carpeting, not with him standing there like that. I got ready to run for it.

"Until the rents are gone, nothing happened. I didn't see a thing. Got it? But once they take off, we're talking about it. Period. For right now, you better get ready to lose your ass in Need For Speed."

And I did lose my ass. I couldn't concentrate anyway, not with the threat of him talking to me about what he had seen, and with him sitting there in only a robe. I was glad he hadn't told his mom, and that he hadn't thrown me out of his house. It was great of him to treat me like it hadn't happened, and it only made me see him as that much of a better friend for it.

I was willing to talk to him about it by the time his dad stopped by and knocked, saying that the bathroom was free. I wasn't sure what to tell him, only that I was sorry he had seen me doing it. I planned on telling him that I just wanted to forget it, and I just wanted to be the friends we always had been.

"Don't leave, okay?" he asked as I picked up my clean clothes to go shower.


"Swear it."

He looked serious, and was asking me to seriously swear that I wouldn't leave. The idea had crossed my mind, but it was a long walk home.

"Swear," I said. "I'll be back after I have a shower. And you..." can tell me I'm a fag. "And we can, talk."

He smiled kind of nice, almost relieved, and nodded.

I took one of the longest showers in my life. I fought with the desire to run home. I tried to come up with some argument that would pass off what he had seen me doing, but there was nothing that I could think of. I began dreading the end of the shower, and what would come next.

Eventually, though, I had to turn off the water and dress, then return to his room.

I stood in front of the bathroom door for a long time, trying to work up the guts to open it. When I finally did, I saw that it was dark in the house. The only light in the hallway was coming from his room and the end of the hall.

It was a long walk to his door. I heard the game being played and it sounded like my death knell.

When I turned the corner of his door, he was still sitting on the end of his bed, playing, in his robe. He saw me immediately and threw me a regular old grin.

That grin was probably the only thing that made it possible for me to step back into this bedroom.

"My turn. Be back soon," he said casually as he pushed buttons and ended his game. He looked at me, directly in my eyes, and tried to smile normally, and said, "And don't leave. Okay?"

He waited for me to promise, so I swore again that I wouldn't leave.

He got clean clothes and walked out, saying, "I won't be long, and, man, please, do, not, leave. Okay? Swear?"

I nodded, finding it hard to swallow.

"Swear it?"

"I swear."

It was the longest wait in my life. I watched the clock, and it was only six minutes, but it seemed hours.

I started sweating. I heard the water stop, and my guts churned. I waited. I heard the bathroom door open. I started shaking.

He walked in as if everything was totally normal. He was still wearing his robe and carrying his clothes. He put the clothes on top of his dresser and then sat down so close to me that I could smell the soap and his clean scent.

His hair was shining like liquid gold, and curled just enough to break the pattern of light that shone down on it from the overhead fixture. His golden-brown eyes were always stunning, but so close, and in that light, they seemed to almost glow. His skin did glow, I swear. His face was almost illuminated by some internal source.

I felt as if I were sitting next to someone from another place and time.

He smiled softly, as if not wanting to smile too much. His lips were deeply red and full. I was so close that I could have kissed them before he could have reacted. That very thought did race through my head, too. I wanted to, badly, but I was far too concerned about what he had seen, and what his reaction was going to be.

I waited in humiliation and disgrace, horror and dread.

"You look like you could blow foaming chunks," he said with a soft, short laugh.

I nodded.

I sure felt like I could.

"I wanna ask one question, first. Just answer honestly. Okay? We're friends. Been good friends since, like, what, second grade?"

I nodded.

"So, just honestly... are, you gay?"

He didn't look away, not one centimeter. His dazzling eyes kept their focus on mine without a flinch. I admired him for that.

I wondered what to answer. I knew he almost certainly wouldn't tell anyone what I said, even if I gave him the truth. I trusted him that much, at the very least. And I'd thought about telling him more times than I could have kept track of.

I thought of the pros and the cons, and tried to decide.

He nodded.

I suddenly knew that I had taken too long to answer, and doing so, I had given him his answer.

I shook even harder.

"Ya know, I never thought I'd be friends with someone who's gay," he said casually.

He don't mean it like it could mean, I thought, not wanting to be angry with him.

"I mean, that didn't sound right. I mean, I never thought a friend of mine would be gay. Or... "

"Don't bother. I know what ya mean. I think."

"Yeah, I just... "

There was an awkward silence for a few moments.

"So what's it like?" he asked so casually that I wasn't at all sure I knew what he meant.

"What's what like?"

"You know."

I cocked my head back on my neck, lifted a brow and that corner of my mouth.

He rolled his eyes and then said, "You know. Being... getting it up the ass."

I laughed once and looked down at my bare feet.

"Does it hurt?"

"I don't know. Not like there's anyone around to... "

I shrugged.

A shorter but more awkward silence. More awkward to me at least.

"You done it with anyone at all?"

I sighed, wondering if I could talk about this with him or not. I wanted to, that was for sure.

"Just, with a guy at that stupid summer camp last month."

"You do it much?"

I didn't know what he meant by much.

"We did it enough. I guess."

He snickered.

"Helen gave me a lot of bee-jays."

"No way."

"Honest. Told ya. Girl knows what feels good and where."

"I thought maybe you was just, ya know, braggin' bullshit."

He shook his head.

"Nope. She did."

"So why'd you stop seeing her, then?"

He rolled his wonderful eyes and said, "Her dad. If he sees me near her again, he'll beat me, no doubt. My dad even told me he called here and threatened to come here to do it."

"No shit?"



We were quiet for a few moments again. I stopped worrying that he was going to freak out and hate me, and started hoping and really believing that maybe we would just forget it after all. I started breathing smoother, and stopped sweating so badly. The shakes turned into tiny quaking sensations inside my chest.

"You, uh, don't, hate me, for... "

"Sniffing my underwear?"

He laughed, which made me laugh, too, out of sheer relief.

He shook his head.

"Nah. Just, it was weird. I mean, I never thought of you as, you know, being... "

I nodded.

We were quiet again.

"Do you, like, have to love the guy first?"

"What? No. Did you have to love Helen first?"

He laughed, seeing my point.

"What about, um, up the ass?"

"Now, that, yeah. I mean, yeah. Not gonna be fucked by any-body. I think I gotta really like the guy first."

A short silence.

"I'd fuck a guy I didn't like enough to let fuck me. If that makes any sense," I offered.

"Kinda. Trust sorta thing?"


We nodded.

"Give head before?"

I nodded.

"He, uh, give back?"

I nodded.

He nodded.

"How'd it come up?" he asked innocently.

I laughed. He didn't. At first. Then he saw why I did, so then he did.

"I know what ya mean," I said as I saw him readying to explain. "Sometimes we were just talking, and it came up."

We snickered.

His mouth opened a bit, as if he were going to speak, but he snapped it shut.

I was sure that he was gonna ask! Or say something about it. I knew it!

His face was reddened, his lips deeply red, his ears red. Even his neck was ruddy.

I was sure.

"You know, if you got a blow-job from a guy it don't mean you're gay."

"I know," he said very quickly. "What if I liked it, though?"

"Uh, if you didn't like it, it meant it was a sucky blow-job. In a bad way."

We laughed.

"Won't turn ya gay, either."

He nodded.

"And I'd really like to."

I swallowed hard. My heart was pounding and I could hear my blood rushing in my ears. My hands were sweating and nearly shaking visibly. I couldn't believe I had just said that.

"Would I have to give you one back?"

"No. It'd be cool, but no."

"You wouldn't say anything? To anybody?" he asked, looking directly at me.

"Hell no!"

He shook his head.

"And I wouldn't. Between us and nobody else's business."

I nodded.

"It's just, I don't want anyone to ever find out."

"You wouldn't freak out, or something? Act bizzar-o and tip people off something happened?"

He shook his head.

"You gotta be sure, man. If it messes with us being friends, that'd suck enough."

We didn't laugh, but he nodded.

"And it don't mean I'm in love with you or something, either."

"Don't be an idiot. Just a blow-job. Between friends. Messing around."

Surprising myself, I reached out and placed my hand on his bare thigh. It was so warm and smooth, and touching it gave me huge thrills all through me!

He moved his arm behind him out of my way and leaned backward onto it. He looked at what my hand was doing as it slid along, up his thigh and under the edge of his robe. My hand followed his near thigh up and into a very warm region.

"Uh, so ya know, um, I ain't got a chance to jerk it for a couple days. Might, um... "

"Not last very long?"

He nodded, obviously embarrassed, and snickered.

He sat back upright and held my arm. He looked at me, his intense eyes holding mine steady in their gaze.

I saw him swallow, even heard it. His cute face looked worried and scared. I felt both, myself, but also incredibly horny and daring.

"I won't if you don't wanna. Only if you, only if you can deal with it."

I swallowed. He nodded, but still held my arm so that my hand was immobile just under his robe where it was very warm and moist. I could tell that he wanted it to happen, but that something was worrying or scaring him. There was no shortage of such things, that's for sure.

"I'd really like to, Scott. I mean, I always thought you were... "

He snickered, then asked, "Cute?"

I nodded, unable to stop the grin.

"No one will know?"

"No unless you tell someone."

Then on a sudden impulse, I removed my hand and placed it on his shoulder. I looked into his brown, bronze, hazel eyes.

"Scott, I won't say anything to anyone. I swear it. We've been friends for a long time, and I wanna keep it that way. If this makes it hard to be friends, then we can't do it."

He sighed a little, smiled a little, nodded.

"Between me and you, I think it won't matter. Honest. Plus we got weeks before school, and we can be over it by then, I'm sure," he answered.

I nodded, then said, "So long as you're cool with it."

He nodded again, and turned up his smile a little.

I hoped that I didn't have problems with it. I worried it might be hard to not pester and bother him to do it again.

"What will you do?"

He still looked a little worried.

"I'll just... whatever you want. That you'll let me. I mean... what do you want me to do?"

That had probably been one of the hardest questions I had ever asked in my life.

He snickered and tried not to laugh. I grinned, too.

"Can you just, give me a blow-job?"

He didn't look worried now, just scared and shy. It was very cute.

"Sure. I mean, I'd love to, Scott. Is it okay?'

He nodded and turned even redder. I could feel my own face, hot with my own blush.

"Just, if I do something you don't like, say so, okay? And I won't do it. I'll stop doing it. Okay?"

He nodded.

"So, I'll just do some stuff, and, if you like it, just, I guess, enjoy it. Okay? Trust me?"

"Okay. You know I trust you. Right?"

It felt wonderful to hear him say it.

I nodded, meeting his eyes.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Lay back," I said, putting a hand on his chest where I felt his heartbeats.

Once he was horizontal, his robe opened and his cock almost laid down on his dense, light blond pubic hair. I tugged on the tied robe string and opened his robe, revealing the entirety of his tummy and navel.

He had hair growing around his navel and down to his pubic hairs, but it was so light and so light blond that it was hard to see. I ran my hand along between his navel and pubes, feeling the downy hair and his smooth, warm skin.

I tingled between my legs, in my stomach. I shivered. I couldn't believe what was happening.

I looked up at his face, and he was watching me, smiling, blushing.

He shrugged. I laughed.

I looked back at his dick and his balls, and sighed. He was built nicely. I wrapped my fingers around his warm, hard dick for the first time, and I felt as if the whole world came down to just the two of us and this moment.

He was nicely shaped. Long and straight, a mostly smooth shaft with a hint of veins under the white skin. The pink skin behind his head was short and almost the same color as the shaft. The head had a slightly flared corona and was fairly short. He had a smooth sack holding his balls and a generous amount of fair hair on it.

I put an arm and shoulder over his stomach and leaned downward.

I could smell him, and I liked it. There was a hint of soap and his musky odor. With my lips less than an inch from the tip, I blew softly over his head. It bounced several times. A clear drop oozed from the smallish hole.

I remembered to go slow. He had said it had been a couple days since he had taken care of himself, and I didn't want him to shoot off too soon and not know how good a blow-job can be. I decided to make it last.

I licked the drop away with hardly a touch to his skin. I blew softly over his head from several angles, enjoying watching it jump. Eventually he let a small gasp escape. I could feel his rapid breath under my flank. I slid my hands up and down his inner thighs, just brushing against the sides of his sack from time to time as I was teasing him with my hot breaths.

After he had moaned that first time, I slipped my lips over just the very tip of his head, sucking at just the hole there. I suckled it, pulling the salty fluid from it. When I licked across the hole after gaining that, he faintly jerked and gasped lightly.

I then played with his balls with my hands, taking turns with each of my hands and with each of his balls as I continued licking and teasing his hole, sucking just at it. Then, slowly and softly, I slid my lips over his head, sucking hard enough to matter. As my lips slid over his ridges he tensed and groaned.

"Dude, oh my god!"

I pulled slowly up and off of him and met his gaze.

"Getting close?"

"Not really, just, damn!"

He was smiling nicely, blushing, too. He snickered in embarrassment. I smiled, almost as much from embarrassment.

I turned back to his groin. I pinched his head, forcing his hole open, then blew softly into it with my lips tightly together. There was little reaction the first time, but the second time I blew a little harder and he jerked and his cock jumped, bringing a loud inhaling gasp from him.

I slid my lips over his entire head and then laid my cheek on his pubic hair. I rocked my head a bit, slipping my lips over his head from tip to shaft, sucking softly and sliding my tongue around him. He pushed himself into my mouth repeatedly and slowly. I let him dictate the pace.

I began toying with his balls again. They were nice and smooth, just a joy to handle. I slid my other hand under him, cupping one of his ass cheeks with my fingers nearly into his crack, feeling his muscles work as he moved his hips just enough to slip his head in and out of my lips.

After a minute of this, I tilted my head so that my chin was in his pubes and slid my mouth down over his entire length, sucking harder than I had so far. He groaned and pushed himself forward, deeper into my mouth. My tongue was under him, sliding along the top of his head and shaft. I worked my tongue to fit his curvature and made it as soft and gentle as I could between bouts of tight tension against him.

"Ah, gawd, Ray, man, oh, so good! Oh!"

He shivered strongly all over. I was rewarded with a wave of pre-cum.

I kept it up, but stopped often, taking a breather and making it last for him. I would gently slide my thumb and forefinger over his cock in a loose circle as I took those pauses, keeping him in tension. When I did so and left plenty of spit on him and slid my fingers over him more tightly, he would tense up and hiss his breath through his teeth. My mouth would go back when another drop of fluid threatened to fall into his bush.

He was sweating, at least he was on his thighs and stomach. I felt tremors run through him from time to time as well. There was no way to miss how quickly he was breathing. I wondered how long he had ever lasted with Helen, and how long I could make him last. I decided to make it last not only as long as possible, but to extend it even more.

His dick was about five-and-a-half inches long, so I knew that I could take the entire length of it. I waited to do so. Instead, I slid down him again, taking most of it, and pinning it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I bobbed on it there, rubbing it between the two surfaces and sucking moderately.

He responded by putting both of his hands on the back of my head and pushing me down him while groaning deeply. I complied, sucking him as he nearly bottomed out against the back of my throat.

As he held me there, I felt his entire body shivering. I wondered if he was about to cum.

"Oh, fuck, that feels, so fucking good!" he said in a deep, low voice, nearly a growl.

I swallowed. He tried to push himself deeper into my mouth, but my chin was in his pubes and my nose in his balls.

"Holy fuck!" he groaned. "Shit!"

I swallowed again, intentionally for his pleasure. I cupped his balls and squeezed them. My other hand on his ass felt his muscles tighten even further. I pulled his balls gently away from him and sucked softer, pushing up against his hands.

Eventually I slid my lips over his head, sucking to the very tip. I released his balls and stroked him from pubes to tip, moving his skin over him.

"Oh, man! Oh, man, this is fucking awesome!" he said softly, slightly breathless.

"What's the longest you've ever had a blow-job last?"

"Way past that already," he panted.

I grinned and began sliding only my thumb and forefinger over him again, adding spit to make it slippery.

"Fuck!" he gasped, apparently never having had that done to him that way before.

I added a bit more spit and worked the circle of my fingers from base to tip.

"Holy fuck!" he groaned several times.

With my finger and thumb at the tip of his cock, I laid my lips against them and then followed them downward and over him, again pinning him between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, sucking the entire way. As I bottomed out, my hand went back to his balls and rolled them, squeezed them, played with them.

In just a few moments he was groaning, and then said, "Dude, I'm gonna cum!"

I pulled his balls downward and away from him, stopped sucking, opened my mouth and left him.

"Dude! I'm so close!" he said in frustration, trying to push my mouth back over him.

"I know what I'm doing," I said firmly, looking at his face.

He was deeply red, smiling as widely as he ever had.

"Okay so far?"

He nodded with an, "Uh-huh!"

I laughed a short snort, feeling great that I was making him feel so good.

I stroked him so slowly that it wouldn't matter, I hoped, while my other hand massaged his butt cheek. I let my fingers wander further into his crack, but slowly and unobtrusively.

After a few minutes, I blew softly over his head, around the edges, into his opening. He responded with gasps and slight twitches. I increased the teasing, soon sliding my lips over his head without sucking. He face-fucked me for several minutes before I suddenly went fully down on him, sucking and sliding my tongue everywhere over his throbbing cock. I sucked as hard as I could as I slid upward, stopping with my lips at the edges of his head and tonguing his tip, pushing my tongue into him.

Then I covered him with tongue lashings. I worked my tongue into the skin of his cock, over and around his head, under the coronal edges, back over the head, over the hole. Then I sucked as I slid downward again, trapping him between my tongue and upper palate. Several moments of that, then I slid along his entire length, sucking and licking.

Then I stopped. I blew almost directly into his meatus, almost as if blowing up a balloon, then immediately sucked hard. I blew again, sucked. Each time he jerked and twitched and groaned.

More pre-cum again. He'd produced nearly an amazing amount of it so far, and I was enjoying it. His was very salty, and had an almost sweet quality to it too. I liked it a lot, and wanted as much of it a he would be able to give.

I'd done nearly everything I knew how to do, and was trying to think of something else. I gripped his cock tightly and ever so slow stroked it, and with each downward stroke, I pushed my wet and soft lips onto and a bit over his head. He obviously liked it. He groaned and pushed my head downward, thrusting his hips now. I let him move at his own pace, fucking my fist and lips, for just a minute, then told him to go slower. I kept everything wet. I sucked from time to time. I made him go as slow as he could.

Every few strokes, he would push further, putting his entire head into my mouth. When he did, I would suck until he pulled back. He would fuck my wet fist and lips for a while, then again push far enough so that his head was past my lips and I would suck him until he pulled back again.

He would hiss his breath inward nearly constantly as he fucked my fist and lips. Each time that he pushed further and held himself inside my mouth and I would suck him, he would gasp a long "Oooo," until he pulled back and thrust again.

Soon I pushed my tongue between my lips, so that each thrust his hole and tip was pushed into the soft meat of his head. The first time he jerked backward and hissed intensely. He was expecting it the next thrust forward and moaned deeply.

"Ho, fuck, that's incredible! Fucking-a!"

A few thrusts later and he said, "Harder," and pushed harder against my tongue. "Fuck yes! That's it!" he said energetically.

I could feel the harder shaft behind his head each time he thrust forward. He was moaning out words as well as meaningless groans with each thrust.

"Oh-my-god! Please don't stop!" he said several times.

"The slower you go, the better it is," I told him.

His thrusts became slower, and he held himself against my wet tongue and lips longer.

He was struggling to go slow, and every time he moved even a little faster, I told him to slow down. After several minutes, he was breathing fast, shaking, and when I felt his dick bend, I pulled away.

"What the fuck?" he asked almost angrily.

"Trust me," I said, again tugging his balls down and holding his hips against the bed.

"Dude! I was gonna blow the biggest fucking wad ever!"

"No, but now you will," I said, then gulped him.

I sucked him nearly as hard as I could, concentrating on his head. I used my tongue to push his head against the hardness behind it, then slid my tongue into his hole and wiggled it. I sucked him again, sliding quickly up and down just his head. My other hand moved from his ass cheek and pulled his leg upward. He bent his knee and I slid my hand down the back of his thigh until my fingers were behind his sack. The area between his legs and behind his sack was wet with sweat, and I didn't mind one bit. I rubbed and gently massaged the tender area behind his balls. I found his pucker and played over it, gently at first, then began concentrating on it. Eventually I pushed the very tip of a finger into him so very gently and slowly that I don't think he even noticed until it was well into him.

I gripped his cock and placed my lips and tongue at the tip, and he began thrusting into my mouth again. From time to time he pushed all the way in, held it there as I sucked and licked, then pulled back to fuck my fist, lips, and push against my tongue. More pre-cum flooded my mouth, making me wonder where it was all coming from.

After a bit, with nearly each of his thrusts into my mouth, I slid my finger deeper into him. When it was as far as it was going to go, I let it slide in and out as he thrust in and out of my mouth and against my tongue.

He was nearly whining with each thrust, groaning every time that he pushed his entire head into my mouth for suction and tongue. He was trembling all over, even his thighs. His pucker clamped down on my finger with each thrust and nearly every swab of my tongue.

His whining changed to a sharp, "Oh," with each thrust, and he pushed harder and deeper into my mouth.

I adjusted my position a little, and felt my cock twitch, grow hot, and to my surprise, I came. I held my breath, not wanting him to know. I paused what I was doing to him as my body trembled. It felt so weird. It was almost like my cum was being pulled out by a string. It felt great, just strange. It wasn't a big orgasm, but it sure felt great!

As soon as my cock was done, I let my weight fall over him, pinning him to the bed. I took over control and slowed everything down again. I moved my free hand to his balls, cupping, rolling, squeezing them. I bobbed slowly and deliberately, covering his entire head and shaft, stopping at random spots, tonguing him randomly, sucking from time to time. I moved my finger in and out of him in time with the movements of my mouth over his hard, hot dick.

His breath was catching constantly, and I wondered if he was even getting enough oxygen. He tried to thrust his hips, but my weight kept him from accomplishing much movement at all. His hand pushed my head downward, and I didn't resist. My face was pressed tightly into him, I couldn't go any further. I was barely able to breathe through my nose, it was nearly pressed into his balls.

I looked cross-eyed at them as both of his globes actually moved upward in his sack. He jerked and his pucker gripped my finger. As he thrust his cock into my mouth, only the tip of my finger was inside of him. I pushed though, sliding it deeper into him despite its tightness. It pulsed.

I tasted a huge wave of his salty pre-cum.

"OH GOD!" he nearly yelled.

His entire body went rock solid, even the quivering and trembling halted. His hole clamped down on my finger and seemed to pulse around it, and his dick swelled up in my mouth. With a combination of a deep moan and an, "OH!" he fired what felt like a rubber BB for one of those plastic toy guns into the back of my throat. I heard it slam into the soft skin there. It was hot, too. I barely began swallowing it when I felt another pulse of his hole around my finger and more semen shot into the back of my mouth. It was surely larger. I tried swallowing it, but another came, filling my mouth. Then more, and more. Each swelling throb of his cock was in time with the pulsing of his hole around my finger and a loud, "OH!" Less and less semen came each time, and I was swallowing as fast as I could, still trying to suck, too.

"Holy fuck!" he cried out, his body in spasms as I kept sucking, my lips sealed around the edges of his head, my tongue licking around the tip of his head.

I slid my finger out of him as his pucker pulsed around it. I stopped sucking and tried not to touch him with my tongue, keeping my lips sealed. His cock pulsed and twitched more, his body jerking at odd intervals. His breath began again noisily.

He jerked several times as I cleaned him and eased my tongue's actions so that he would let me continue, not try to stop me right away. He tasted nice. It was salty but less than his pre-cum, and a faint bitterness. The odor was nicely musky but not strongly so.

"Holy fuck!" he said again, but softer, and while pulling my head away.

I wiped my lips and chin on my shirt while he stared at the ceiling - or at nothing.

I sat and enjoyed the sight of his softening cock, slowly dropping balls, shaking legs, the rapid rise and fall of his stomach, the sheen of sweat. His leg fell. He sighed deeply, catching his breath.

I sat almost cross-legged, elbow on knee, hand on palm, grinning at him. When he turned his eyes to me, he blushed deeply and sat up.


He was grinning widely, which caused me a lot of relief.

"That fuckin' rocked, man! Fuckin'-a!"

He was still nearly panting, blushing, smiling. I was relieved, and smiling, too.

I was also enjoying the sight of his body, and his flaccid, shiny, red cock laying between his thighs and on top of his balls. I couldn't resist running my hand over his chest and nipples.

He grinned, seemingly liking it.

"You don't mind?" I asked.

He sat up a little and said, "Not really. Nice."

I pushed the robe off his shoulders and let my hands roam further. He sighed and grinned, and tried to meet my eyes.

My other hand went to his back, just above his buttocks, and gently stroked the warm, damp skin.

He shivered and then grinned even wider with a snicker.

"If I take another shower, will you still be here when I get out?"

"Why would I leave?"

He shrugged, then said, "I don't know. I just don't want you to leave is all."

His cute face looked a tiny bit worried.

"I won't. I'll be right here. Swear."

He smiled in obvious relief, then nodded.

He pulled his robe back up over his shoulders, stood up, then turned to face me, opened his robe so that I could see his entirely naked front, and said, "If you leave, you won't get to play with this again tonight."

I gasped.

"If you wanna," he said with a cute grin as he snapped the robe shut.



Part Two


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Just beautiful Ray! So intense - can’t wait for Part Two!

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