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General Audience Stories - rated PG

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Very short stories from a few hundred words up to approximately five-thousand words.


Adonis In The Hall - What if you ran into the guy you've been infatuated with after a party? What if he wanted to go hang out? What if he...  Rated-X   Teen

Benjamin - Prejudice in any form is ugly, and leads to horrific ends.

First Time Tales are a massive collection of true short stories I wrote of first time sexual encounters sent in from readers.   Rated-X   youth   teen   college

Brookfield Pool - Friends sometimes have troubles.  Rated-X   Teen

Post Prom Party - There's a first time for everything...  Rated-X   Teen

Dale And Travis - Dale's best friend threatens to tell his secret.  Rated-X   Teen

Fred's Story - This story of a high school student's first experience was related to me as true and actual.  Rated-X Teen

FOUR- minutes of masturbatory fare. See if you can beat the clock. 900 words  Rated-X

A Freshman Spotted - Ray's first day of high school was nothing like he expected.  Rated-X   Teen

Short Stories