Me and My Cousin

Later That Night

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He sat up and started to reach for his shorts.

"Uh, Aaron?"

"Yeah?" he asked, grabbing his briefs.

"Can I ask a favor?"

"Sure, what?"

He pulled up a foot to slip his briefs over it. With one leg poised in the air, the way his sack moved, and that glimpse up where his thighs met, was amazingly hot.

"Um, can you not get dressed?"

He looked at me kind of weird, and I felt like a total idiot. I blushed and wished I had kept my mouth shut. Then he kind of laughed a little bit and grinned at me.

"Oh, uh, I get it. Sure!"

He pulled his leg out of the briefs and threw them away over his shoulder with a huge smile. He spread his legs apart and used a hand to wiggle his soft, red and purple dick and his scarlet sack. I could see that forbidden place between his thighs where they met, and almost his anus. I snickered.

"You can look all you want, dude," he said, still grinning.

I snickered nervously. It was an awesome sight!

"You just can't touch until I get hard again. Later. But right now, um, why don't you get your clothes off, then get us sodas?"

He went red again. I did too. I nodded.

"Well?" he asked.

It was hugely embarrassing.

"Come on, cuz. I'm all naked here, so, join me so I don't feel all alone and shit. Off with 'em."

I sighed and stood. I was shaking so bad as I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it onto the couch. I hesitated with my hands on my jeans button, seeing him watching. I swallowed with difficulty, then opened them. Then, hands shaking, I unzipped my fly, and dropped my jeans. I was pushing my briefs out in front, and there was a huge wet spot at the end of my dick. He sat there, knees up and apart, one hand sort of playing with himself, and smiled and watched me. It was so embarrassing.

"Come on, underwear too. Unless you want me to put mine back on."

Oh, hell! No way!

I took a deep breath and dropped my briefs, stepped out of them, then straightened up. It bounced up and stood out, all red on the head and all wet at the tip. I had less hair than him, so I looked like a kid comparably. I barely had a full circle of real hair around the base of my dick, and barely more around that just starting to spread out. My dick wasn't as long as his, either. The edges around my head were more upturned than his, a lot like most of the ones in the magazines we had looked at. The edges were kind of darker than the rest of my head. My balls were smaller than his, but my sack let them hang lower.

I looked at him. He was grinning at me, red-faced. It was so embarrassing.

"I bet you're gonna have a huge one," he said, looking at it.

I laughed, then said, "Whatever."

"No, really. It's almost as long as mine already, and you're barely fourteen, a year behind me. And you got those long fingers and those huge feet."

I got so embarrassed and felt my face getting really hot.

"I bet your fuckin' dyin' to get off, right?"

I nodded madly.

"Yeah, well, I got an idea. A Hustler had an article in it, about how it's so awesome to make the guy wait, all hard and shit, and not do anything for like an hour first. Supposed to make it insane when you blow your wad. So, you're gonna stay hard and wait until," he looked at the clock, "Two-thirty. Then I'll give you that hand-job with... well, you'll see."

He had that expression again, the one he wore when we were up to something.

"An hour?"

"Yeah, an hour. So, go get those sodas."

It was weirdly hot to walk around the house naked. I'd never done that before. And when I walked back downstairs and in front of him, naked and hard, it was really exciting. My dick bounced, I tingled all inside. I walked up to him where he sat on the floor and handed him the soda.

He laughed and said, "Hang on a sec, cuz."

He put down the soda and then reached up and rubbed a drop of pre-cum all around my head. It was almost too much and got me off! I started shaking and had to groan and then gasp really loudly as my hips bucked backward.

He stood up, pulled the chez lounge in front of the projection screen, then sat down and motioned for me to bring his soda over to him, then sit down next to him. It was always nice to sit next to him in that chair. It wasn't meant for two, but it was nice and wide, and our sides and legs touched.

He put his hand on my cock, pushing it down so that it was against my balls and he held it there. He grinned at me, looked at the clock, then back at me.

"Fifty-six minutes."

I shivered all over, not able to stop them or the huge grin.

It was an hour of torture. We watched cable and MTV and he kept his hand on my stuff, keeping it hard when it started going down, which it rarely did. If it did, he would massage it and get it hard, then stop and hold it down against my balls. It would get all madly tingly and shit, and then bounce a little and get wet, then he'd smear the pre-cum all around the head and then stop and just hold it down again.

I was shaking in ten minutes, and he started getting hard again. I reached over to it and he slapped my hand away.

"Nope. Not until time."

I couldn't stand it after twenty minutes. By half an hour, I was begging him to do it, or let me do it to him again. I swore I would suck him even better than the first time. He just shook his head and smiled.

My whole body was hot and I was sweating and breathing hard at forty-five minutes. I fucking couldn't wait! All my muscles were tense and shivering. He got up and changed channels. I loved looking at him all naked, standing there, his red dick standing up, the head really dark. And his ass. It was so round and so awesome looking. I wanted to shove my face between his cheeks and motorboat there all night, licking and kissing it all over.

He found a channel with men and women making out, getting naked.

"Oh, man!" he said. "We found a porn channel!"

"I heard a couple of them went adult late at night!"


He came bounding back to the chair, his dick bouncing. It was awesome!

We watched as the guys and girls got each other naked, kissing and touching. They didn't show any real parts, or any real sex, but what they did show was more than either of us had ever seen in motion before, except for that one VHS tape he said he had seen that one time.

"Um, you wanna hold my dick down?" he asked.

I nodded madly, then reached out and grabbed it.

"Down. No jerking it," he said firmly.

I nodded, pushed it down against his balls, and giggled. I could feel his dick bouncing under my hand. Mine was pretty much dancing like never before. Ever. My body had never felt so charged up before. I didn't know it could. Every muscle seemed to be vibrating, and my balls and my dick felt like they were inside a racing engine.

Our eyes were locked on the action on the projection screen, our breathing was rapid, and our bodies both shivered. Both of our dicks were soaking wet and so very hot and hard. It was insane!

When the last couple had finished, he said, "Wow, after two-thirty!"

It was!

"Go get that Vaseline. And a roll of paper towels."

I nodded, reluctantly let go of his awesome dick, and saw that his head was purple. I ran to the hall closet, then the kitchen, then back to sit down next to him. I handed over the jar and the paper towels. The entire head of his dick was so totally dark purple that it looked soft and fuzzy. I looked down and saw that mine was too.

He dipped his fingers into the greasy stuff and then applied it to my aching erection. It felt so great! He smeared it around and over it, really slow. My dick jumped like crazy and I felt the most intense tickling tingles at every tiny little touch. God, I was so sure I was going to shoot a huge wad at any second.

"Do the same thing to me. Really slow."

His dick felt great like that. So smooth, slippery, and just neat. And it was so purple.

"Together, same speed, do what I do, and don't go any faster. Stroke for stroke, or I stop."

"Okay," I agreed.

I would have agreed to anything!

It felt incredible! His hand, all slick with Vaseline, moved up and down on my dick, not moving the skin in a tight grip like normal, but just sliding over my skin with the skin of his hand, lubricated with the greasy Vaseline. I watched his hand and copied everything he did. When he slid his hand over my head, I jerked and squealed. That felt so great! I did the same thing to him, and he jerked all over and grunted.

"Slow and easy, like the article said," he told me. "Follow my lead."

It was pure torture! Maddeningly intense! So over the top! We were both grunting and writhing in the chez lounge, panting and jerking all over.

So slow! Oh, God!

That pressure built up, and taking it so slow like that, it was as if the pressure was doubled, or tripled, or something.

"Shit, cuz, oh fuck!"

I could barely speak, my body was shaking and shivering all over so much, and I was breathing so hard and fast.

"Is this as good as... what I did for you earlier?"

"Shit, Jim, this is fucking awesome! It's just about as good! Feels way different, though."

We started whining, it felt so good. His hand slid way up off the end of my dick, so I did the same, then he slid it back over the tip, real tight and slow, so I did that to him. It was awesome! So fucking awesome!

"Hold your hand still."

I did. He pumped his hips, thrusting his dick through my hand. He held his hand still. I pushed my hips up and my dick through his fist, then relaxed my hips and pulled my dick back through his fist.

"In time with me," he said, then fucked my fist very, very slowly.

"Oh, gawd!"

"No shit!"

"Feels like the best thing ever!"

"Yeah! Fucking great, cuz!"

We fucked each other's fists and we both started sweating and panting.

It was the most difficult thing I had ever done, that slow, steady, even fucking of his fist. I wanted to start ramming my hips like pistons, but I matched him, thrust for thrust. The usual pressure was replaced by a much more intense and almost painful growing tension behind my balls.

The sight of his dick sliding in and out of my fist, and my dick going in and out of his fist - I was entranced again. We were both so dark purple it was amazing.

We were covered in sweat now, and the feeling of his hand on my dick was almost painfully great.

"Fuck! Jim, I'm getting really close!"

I was about to say the same thing. It had never happened so slow, and it had never felt so strong! Usually I felt that growing, tingling, awesome feeling building up and then I blew my wad, all in a few seconds. This was taking what seemed like more than five minutes. My dick was swelling up in long, slow pulses, and that pressure behind my balls was incredibly heavy! But the worst was the intense, almost painful, unbelievable, almost intolerably powerful mixture of pleasure and pain his fist was giving my sore dick!

Then I felt his dick pulsing, swelling in my fist as he pushed up hard and held there. I could actually see his head seem to swell up and throb.

He screamed, "FUCK!"

Then he grunted and threw his head back, and then his dick kind of warped in my fist and a long, white string of his semen launched up and landed on his thigh. His whole body twisted and he grunted again, holding his butt up off the chair.

"FUCK!" and another fired up and landed right along his leg almost on the first one.

He sort of bucked a little, but held his butt off the chair. More white slippery cum came out, but didn't fly very far, and ended up around my fist and his head. He quivered there, holding his ass of the chair, covered in sweat, his head thrown back. He grunted as his cock throbbed and shot in my fist. It was amazing!

I'd forgotten that he held my dick for those intense seconds as he had his orgasm, but then his fist squeezed my dick and that pleasure reminded me. I pushed my hips up, and then dropped my butt to the chair, and again, and then exploded.

I'd thought that the orgasm when he had jerked me off last month was intense, and didn't think that anything could feel better than that, not until right then as my dick swelled up and my balls began pumping hot lava through my throbbing dick.

"FUCK!" I yelled out, shivering, my toes curling and popping.

Then my breath stopped and my body locked, and I started squirting semen further than I had ever before. I'd shot some to my navel before, little, weak spurts of small drops had that barely made it that far, but this time it sprayed out and ended up near my left nipple. It was no thick rope, like in the magazines, and not like the smaller strings of cum that Aaron had just shot, but it was the most and the furthest I had yet. Droplets landed just below my nipple in a short trail that lasted a few short inches.

Then I shot again, and it was even more powerful, and almost a real sting of cum like Aaron's flew out and landed around my navel.

"FUCK!" I shouted again.

My body just wanted to curl up and stretch out at the same time, and that heavy pressure behind my balls was so intense as my dick pumped harder than ever before that I was afraid I was going to sprain something down there. It was the most intense and powerful thing I had ever felt. I had no idea that my body could make such wonderful and intense feelings!

I held my ass off the chair, not because I wanted to, but because I couldn't move a single muscle, they were all tense and rigid and shaking.

I shot again, another almost real string of cum, and it landed in my pubes. Then again, and it barely shot out and landed around his fist. I grunted as waves of white pushed up and ran over my head and onto his fingers.

Then my dick swelled up one last time before my entire body went limp. I exhaled loudly and just collapsed, pulling my dick out of his fist.

I panted heavily, amazed at how much I had cum. Then I remembered that his dick was still in my hand. I looked over and saw his dick, all purple and covered in white swirls. He squished my cum and the Vaseline around my head, which made me buck and jerk all over. I did the same thing to his softening dick, and he jerked and gasped and laughed.

We were both covered in sweat, and shaking, and panting, and grinning.

"Fuck, Aaron, awww, man!"

"Worth it?" he asked.

"Oh, hell yeah!"

He stayed there like that for a long time, our breathing slowing and our smiles not fading at all. It was fucking awesome! Sometimes we'd wiggle our fingers around each others softening dicks, making the other guy squirm and complain. It was just too much to bear!

Eventually we let go and wiped our hands, then our dicks. It was pure torture, trying to clean my dick. It tickled so much! We were both still smiling a lot.

"Glad we tried that?" he asked.

"Hell yeah! Great idea!"

I saw him shiver a little. I didn't know if it was that I saw him do it or not, but I did too. We both sighed and leaned back, grinning.

My eyes were hard to keep open. I looked over and saw that his lids were mostly closed.

"Tired?" I asked.

"Fucking exhausted, cuz."

"We can sleep here. Folks won't be home until late tomorrow night."

"Sounds fine to me, cuz," he said softly.

We were quiet for a little bit. I couldn't stop looking at him. His happy face, eyes closed; his lean, pale, smooth body, his breaths eventually slowing; his cock, all purple-headed and soft, poking out of those red pubes and laying over his balls.

It was tight sitting together in the chez. He lifted his arm and put it around my shoulders. I put mine over his. We wiggled tight together, side by side. We both sighed, his eyes still closed. I dropped my head against the back of the chez lounge and sighed deeply.

I had never felt so great.

Edited by Bill

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