James' Story

That Evening

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The Blob was over. We both really liked it and had seen it a bunch of times, and we liked most old horror and monster movies. There wasn't anything else on until later, way after my folks got home. I was wondering if we were going to do anything more before they got home in a couple hours. I wanted to, but I was still sort of sore and still really sort of tired. But I wanted to.

"Hey, cuz?"


I looked at him sitting next to me in the chez lounge. We were still arm-in-arm. He looked at me and I could tell he had something interesting to ask me.

"Um, can I fuck you?"


I was sure he was joking, or I had heard him wrong.

"Can I fuck you?"

"Are you really serious?"

He looked a little embarrassed. For only the second time all weekend, he looked embarrassed.

I didn't want to seem as enthusiastic as I felt, so I nodded, holding back how much I wanted to nod.

"Really? You'll let me?" he asked, seeming a little surprised.

"Yeah. I would."

Boy, would I.

"Is that what you wanted to ask about? That you don't want me to bug you about? If we did or not?"

"Uh, no, not really," he said, not looking at me then.

"What is then?"

"Uh, later, okay?"


Then he looked even more embarrassed. That was almost shocking.

If not that, then what was it? I wondered.

"You want to me?" he asked.

Oh, hell yeah! I nodded, trying no to smile too much.

The Vaseline was still by the chair, and he reached down and opened it, then started applying it to my dick. It started getting hard, but it took longer than usual. My dick was super-sensitive, and his hand and the Vaseline felt extremely tickly. Even though I really liked how it felt with that greasy stuff, he still had to stroke it a while before it was really hard. By then I was getting those awesome thrills all over again. He got up and brought back a roll of paper towel and wiped his hand. Then he handed the Vaseline to me and got on his hands and knees on the floor. I hopped up and got behind him.

My dick jumped like mad suddenly as I looked right at his hole. His butt was spread wide open, and his hole was all pink and surrounded by his pale skin. I was grinning really widely and my chest sort of shook inside as my finger neared his hole. When I touched it, it twitched and moved. That was so cool. I wiggled my finger against it and pushed, and my finger started going inside of him.

It was really thrilling! For the second time, my finger went inside him. His pink pucker was around it really tightly, and it looked amazing. I rotated it to smear the grease around inside, then pulled it out.

"Like the magazine article said, use two fingers next," he said.

I remembered that story well. The guy was telling how he had fucked his girlfriend's back door for the first time for her. He had liked doing it to all his girlfriends, and this one had been hard to talk into trying it. She never had before, and was really tight, and he had to use one, then two, then three fingers to get her loosened up first.

I remembered the article and how he had done it, and I followed it step by step. I greased two fingers and slid one in part of the way, then wiggled a second finger in along with it. His hole stretched around them.

The guy had told the girl how to push a little, and Aaron did. My fingers worked their way in, until they were all the way in, side by side. I moved them in and out, finger-fucking him. It was amazing to see it gripping my fingers like that, and the soft flesh around it moving in and out with my fingers. So cool!

I loved doing it to myself and wondered what he thought of it.

"How is it?" I asked.


"Not bad?"

"No, not really. Like the coffee stirrer, I guess. Not really hurt, just kinda, weird."

I shoved my fingers in and pulled them almost out, over and over. It was so hot in there! And it was so hot to be doing that. Especially to him.

"Go for three," he said.

I greased three fingers, then slipped one in, then worked the second one in. His hole stretched around it like magic, and it was easier getting that second one in, just like when I did it to myself. I knew how it felt and how to do it. I moved my fingers in and out, and started adding my third finger a little at a time. Pretty soon I was sliding it in and out with the other two. I pulled them out and got them greasy again, and slipped all three in together. He gasped.


"Yeah. Keep goin'."

I pushed the three in, slow, together. His hole wrapped around my fingers as they went in. It was so amazing! I wiggled all three in all the way. He gasped again.

"Still okay?"

"Yup! All the way in yet?"


I started finger-fucking him. Slow and easy. All the way in, almost all the way out. The way his tight, pink hole gripped my fingers, and changed shape around them, was just so amazing!

"Go for it," he said.

I pulled my fingers out. I added more Vaseline to my dick. I got behind him, scooted up close on my knees, put my tip against his hole, leaned back so I could see, and pushed against his hole. The sensation was incredible! His tight hole slipped around my head. Soon the edges of my head sort of popped through it. That felt great! He gasped a little and I felt his hole tighten up around it.


"Yeah. Feels so weird! How much is in?"

"The head."

"Just the head?"


"Damn! This is gonna hurt!"

"Don't let me hurt you, cuz."

"I'll tell you if it does too much."

"Cool. Here goes."

I put my hands on his hips and pulled him back and pushed my hips forward. I slipped through his hole and all the way inside. God, it felt great! It was all warm and smooth in there! The tight circle of his hole felt so nice as I pulled back. I watched my dick come out, covered in grease. Then I watched it slide inside of him again, disappearing into that pink circle.

"How does it feel?" he asked.

"Fucking awesome! You?"

"Really kinda neat!"

It felt wonderful! I started fucking Aaron's ass. It felt as good as I always imagined it would. The hand-jobs had felt great, especially with the Vaseline, and the blow-jobs had been fucking awesome! And that coffee stirrer was wild and intense! But sliding my cock in and out of Aaron's ass was even more incredible! Maybe it was all the stuff we had already done and that my dick was over-sensitive from it all, but it was just magnificent!

I had to fuck him, really, really fuck him. I just had to.

"Can I go faster?"

"Go for it, cuz!"

I did. And how. It was awkward at first, but I got aligned better and really started going at it. Wow, was it something! I pulled back too far and had to stick it back in. That felt great! The way his hole spread open, rubbing all around my head as it went back in was just great! It made me grunt. He did too.

"Okay?" I asked.

"Really neat! I like that!"

I went inside and the way his hole wrapped around my edges was awesome. I stroked it there, with his circle tight around the edges of my head. Awesome! That tingle and pressure behind my balls started growing really fast. I knew that if I did that just a little while I would blow a huge wad. I wanted it to last, though, so I went all the way in and fucked him like crazy again. I kept pulling back too far and coming out, but it was so good to stick it back in, for both of us, that I didn't care, and let it happen from time to time.

"Geeze, Jimbo, that's fucking nice!"

"Your ass is awesome!"

I couldn't get enough of watching my dick poke in and out of him. His butt cheeks were so soft and smooth, and massaging them while I fucked his hole was just terrific! My hips slammed into his cheeks, making loud slapping sounds. He grunted almost each time I shoved inside of him. I was panting like mad.

"Damn! God that's awesome! I'm gonna really blow a huge wad up there!"

"Go for it! Fuckin' fuck me, man!"

I humped him like mad, as fast as I could, hard and deep. The wonderful swelling sensation behind my balls got stronger and stronger and then I shoved my dick deep inside his ass. My breath stopped and most of my body locked rigid and the rest vibrated like mad. My legs and feet went nuts as I pumped into him. I held onto his hips and grunted, leaning over him with my eyes closed tightly. It felt so good! I knew I wasn't cumming much at all, if any, I just didn't have much left, but it felt so great! My dick swelled up each time and his hole around the base of it felt so nice.

Each time I pumped, probably just air, it felt like the place behind my balls was caving in! It hurt, sort of a deep ache, but the rest of what was happening felt so fucking great I didn't care. It even seemed to add a little something to whole pile of sensations and feelings.

Finally my legs relaxed, and I could breathe again. My back muscles let me straighten up and I could open my eyes. I fell back on my legs and pulled my dick out of his ass. My dick felt like hamburger fresh out of a grinder, my balls throbbed with my pulse, and that place behind my sack ached really deeply and strongly. The head of my cock was nearly purple and the skin behind it looked swollen again. It all felt great, though.

I was breathing heavy and felt great all over.

He sat up and looked at me for a second.

"So, my turn? Or do you need time to come back down to earth?"

I laughed and handed him the Vaseline. I got on my hands and knees. In a few seconds, I felt his finger poking and pushing against my hole. It felt really good, better than when I did it to myself. It went in easy, no problem.

He moved it in and out a while, then asked, "Ready for two?"

"Fuck that. Do three. Just go slow."

"You sure?"

"Hell yeah."


It felt great! It hurt some, but nothing big, and less than the coffee stirrer had. But it felt so good. I had to push a little a couple of time to make it easier, but soon he was finger-banging me with all three. Wow did I like it! It was way better than doing it myself.

"As soon as you're ready," I said, wanting him to right then, right away.

I couldn't wait! I wanted his pink and red cock inside me, bad.

He didn't wait, either. He pulled his fingers out and I heard him squishing the Vaseline over his dick. Then I felt his legs going up between mine, then his cock against my hole.

I was almost cheering inside as he pushed against it. I pushed back, and pushed my hole open, and he went right in.

It was way better than fingers! It was softer for one thing, but harder, too. And it filled me up way more! God, I loved it!

"Holy shit!" Aaron said really happily.

"Like it?" I asked.

"Yeah! Hell yeah!"

He went all the way in and I felt his hips against my ass. He pushed harder, shoving it all the way in. Awesome! I felt his dick swell up some as he shoved it deep and kept shoving it deep. It was completely awesome! Fulfilling is the best word for it! Just plain fulfilling!

"Awww, gawd," came out of me before I knew I was going so make a sound.

His dick jerked and danced in my hole! It was awesome!

He pulled back and then went back in. Then a little faster.

"Okay so far?"

"Hell yeah! Go for it!" I said enthusiastically.

He went faster. His hips slammed against my butt, making that hot slapping sound. The feeling of his dick fucking me was so incredible! It was filling me up and then emptying me out, over and over. I loved it!

"Geeze! That's amazing! I can't fucking stand it!"

He almost growled the words.

"Not gonna last long?"

"Not... even.... shit!"

His hands gripped my hips really tightly. He shoved all the way in and I felt his cock swell up. I heard his breath catch and then stop, and I felt his body wiggle against my ass. Then I felt his cum spreading out inside me. His cock pulsed in my hole, feeling like it was spreading open even wider. I loved it!

He grunted a few times as he shot his wad in me, his cock dancing against my insides. Then he groaned really low and jerked it out of me.

I rolled on my side and then sat up. He was leaning back on his legs, staring at the ceiling, a huge smile on his face, panting.

"Wow!" was all he said several times over.

"No kidding, huh?"

He looked at me, still grinning really widely, and nodded.

"Fucking, wow."

I nodded.

He pulled his legs out from under himself and stretched out on his back. I moved to lay beside him so that I could look at him and his entire body. Wow, did I love his body. He was slim and lean, just a few muscles beginning to show under his pale skin. The lightest hints of red hair in the center of his chest, and those bright red ones around his dick. I had to touch him, so I did. I started at his chest, circled a nipple, then felt over it. It was great. Then moved my hand slowly down his front and around his navel. He was slightly sweaty, and still breathing a little fast. I moved my fingers back up and around his other nipple. I loved it. Touching him like that made me feel so... great! I tingled inside like mad!

"Cuz?" he asked at the ceiling.


He looked at me.

"Remember there was something I wanted to do? And you can't bug me about it? You don't have to, just don't bug me about it, either way?"

"Yeah. What?"

He looked funny, embarrassed. He hardly ever looked embarrassed. All the crazy stuff we had done that weekend, he had only looked embarrassed twice. Now he looked really embarrassed. And kind of shy. I wondered what the hell he wanted that was such a huge deal.

I saw that he swallowed and had a hard time doing it. I wanted to hug him and make him understand that it wasn't any big deal, whatever it was. That he could trust me and just tell me what it was.

So I did. I amazed myself and just reached out and put an arm over his chest and sort of wiggled up close to him, almost close enough to kiss. He slipped one of his arms under me and the other over me, and pulled me really tightly against him. We rolled onto our sides and put our chins on each others shoulders. It was really nice!

He wiggled in a little closer and then were hugging tight, bodies together, chest to chest, belly to belly. He was so warm, and slightly damp with sweat. It was awesome!

I said really softly in his ear, "What is it?"

"This, you jerk!" he said back, squeezing me a little more. "How'd you know?"

We stayed like that for a really, really long time. I loved it, and I didn't care if we stayed like that until we heard my parents come home. Just so long as we weren't caught at it.

But it ended, eventually. He rolled onto his back and sighed really loudly. I did too. We kept our arms underneath us where they were, still sort of hugging.

"I wish your folks weren't coming back until tomorrow."

"Me too."

"I'm too worn out to do anything again until then, anyway."

"Me too."

We didn't move for a few minutes. I wanted to hug some more. I rolled over and put my arm back over his chest, hoping that he did too. He looked at me and smiled a little wider. He slid his other arm over me, and we hugged again for a few minutes.

"I really gotta pee," he said.

I didn't want to let go, but I did. He picked up the paper towels and I watched him walk to the bathroom. I heard him pee, then washing up for a long time, then I watched him walk back. I loved the way his red dick dangled and swayed. He grinned at me and I grinned back. He had the wastebasket with him and picked up the paper towels and threw them in it. I watched his naked body, loving the sight. He handed the basket to me. He picked up his briefs and pulled them on. I took my turn in the bathroom. He had taken a long time to wash up, and I knew why. I did the same, washing my dick, my ass, then my hands.

When I got back he was all dressed and sitting on the couch like normal, and had pushed the chez lounge back where it belonged. I got dressed while he watched me, grinning. I sat down next to him. He reached out and pulled me close, and we hugged and watched MTV until we heard my parents come home.

We took turns staying over at each others houses all the rest of the summer, when we weren't staying at one of our other friends' houses. Whenever we had time, and were alone, we did something. If we had very little time, we just jerked each other off at the same time in the bathroom or in our room. We got really good at it. We tried everything we had heard of, and even some things we thought up. Our favorite was to sixty-nine and go really slow and make it last as long as we could, getting really close but not getting off until we could at almost the same time. Like I said, we got really good at it, all of it.

We were really careful. We never did if we weren't sure we had the house alone, or really late at night and were really quiet and just used hands or mouths. We only fucked when we had the house alone for long enough.

Our moms didn't work, so when school started, we pretty much only did it on weekends. Or when we knew one of our moms were going shopping or somewhere else, and not dragging us along to get clothes or something. And not every weekend. Sometimes we stayed over at someone else's place for the night, and sometimes one of us, or more often both of us, were in trouble and grounded. Usually because we had done something stupid but fun together and got caught. But we never got caught at doing that.

Near the end of the year he turned sixteen and he got a car and a job. He got a girlfriend. I missed doing it with him. I was attracted to other guys, but I didn't have the guts to try and find out if anyone else at school was gay. In the eighties, you didn't announce it. He broke up with his girlfriend after a couple of months. He wasn't real good at being on time or polite, and he didn't like it when she wanted to know what he was doing all the time he wasn't with her. He said it made him feel suffocated and he hated that. And he didn't like dancing, or going out, or dressing up.

For the last couple of months of my ninth grade, and his tenth, and through the entire summer, we kept each other entertained. We talked about it, and he said he really liked it, but he wasn't like me. After a few weeks back in school, he got another girlfriend. They broke up, and we messed around again for a while, until he got another. Then another. I waited until they broke up, and they always did.

Before he went to college we spent two weeks at a cabin his dad had bought, alone. My folks weren't real big on the idea, but by then we hadn't been getting into much trouble together lately. We both had mellowed a lot. I argued that I wasn't going to see my cousin and best friend for months, not until he came home for Christmas break.

Other than that first weekend together, those two weeks alone at that cabin were the best time of my life. His too, he said.

Christmas break was hectic, but we found time to be together, just not as much as either of us hoped.

The next summer, he came home for most of it, and his girlfriend came to visit for two weeks. Before her visit, and after, we spent about as much time together as we could. He went back to college, and I went to a different college. I came out in a way, enough that I got sex and messed around quite a bit. I even got a real boyfriend that year.

We saw each other back at home during breaks and the summer, but we didn't do anything. We were both in real relationships with someone we really liked, and we didn't want to mess with that.

We graduated, got jobs, and grew apart. He got married and had kids. I stayed with that first boyfriend until he graduated, then I messed around a lot until I graduated.

He's still with his wife, and I've been with the same guy for eleven years now. Brent knows a little bit about Aaron and me, and they get along well. It was impossible to hide it that first time they met each other. We went out drinking and Brent kept giving us odd looks. Brent and his wife get along well, and Aaron says he hasn't told her anything, and won't.

We live almost a thousand miles apart now, and not a week goes by I don't think about the stuff you just read about. Almost hardly a single day, really.

I loved Aaron. I never told him. Not that I loved him that way. No one was anything compared to him. Not in any way. Not for a very long time. But Brent does, in every way, and I hope for a very long time to come.

By the time you've read this, both Aaron and Brent will have, and they will know everything. I love you both.

edited by Bill
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