Saving Steve

Part Five

Our First Afternoon Together

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As soon as we got up to his room over the garage, I reached behind me and found his groin, all hard and ready. We walked awkwardly together toward the closet and undressed each other, taking care not to wrinkle the clothes, even hanging them up. It was erotic that way, going slow and being meticulous. By the time we were naked, we were both dripping pre-cum and throbbing, breathing hard, and almost sweating.

We kissed and touched, stumbling to the bed, where we fell and rolled around, grinding against each other. It was maddeningly hot!

"Steve?" he asked around the heavy, deep, wonderful kisses.


We were nearly panting.

"I'm not sure how to ask."

"Ask what? Ask me anything!" I panted around his lips.

His body felt so awesome under my hands, and his hands felt incredible on my body. And the kisses were perfect. All that time hard in the shower and since was making it even more intense. Insanely intense.

"Steve? Can... I..."

"What? What?"

"Will... will you, let me..."

"God, what?"

"Will you let me... do you?"

"Hell yes!"

"Are you sure?"

The words were on the tip of my tongue, but seemed so weird to even think about saying, let alone to actually say. But I forced them out. It was Jared, and I wanted him to. So badly!

"Fuck me, Jared. Do it. Fuck me."

He groaned and kissed me even harder and deeper. We wrapped ourselves around each other and rolled over and over. I was shivering and panting. I wanted it to happen. I wanted him inside me.

I reached down and grasped his big cock, afraid it would hurt, but I wanted to at least find out if it did, and how much I would have to bear to have him in me. It was so hard, so long, so thick. And wet and sticky and slippery.

"God, Jared, I want it. Please."

"God, Steve, I want you!"

"Have me! Take me! Fuck me! However you want to call it, just do me!"

I wrapped my legs around his waist and ground that soft, private area behind my balls against his erection. The sensation was exquisite! I gasped and whined. He groaned and moaned. He thrust his hips and shoved his erection against that place, sliding it along that soft, sensitive skin, his big head pushing against the skin behind my sack, his pre-cum making it slick and slippery.

I not only shivered, I shook. Even my breaths were shaky as we continued kissing deeply and almost madly.

He pulled away and reached into the drawer in the stand by the bed. He pulled out a condom.

"Oh, geeze. How many guys you have up here?"

"None. I told you I had girls over."

"How many girls have you been with?"

"Three," he said, looking worried.

"You always used one?"


"Let me?"

I reached out for it. He grinned and handed it over. It was really fun to put it on him. I'd never even handled one before, but I knew how they worked. It was tight on him.

"Does it bother you? It looks so tight."

"It is. That way it won't come off."

"Makes sense, I guess."

He rolled back to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle. I snickered.

"On your back," he said softly.

I rolled over and he pushed my legs up so that my knees were by my ears.

"Somebody knows what he's doing," I said.

"Seen enough porn," he said with a shrug and a cute grin.

He was embarrassed. It was so totally cute. Then he touched me there. I jumped! The stuff was cold. He snickered. I was embarrassed now, and not just for jumping like that. I mean, I had my legs up and he was looking at somewhere on me that no one had ever seen. The most private place of all. But I was somehow glad it was him.

"I got to say it."


"Dude, this is hot. You have the best looking taint I ever saw."

I laughed, and I knew what that was doing to the view down there. He laughed.

"Can I do something?" he suddenly asked.

He was even redder now. I was really curious!


"Can I eat you out?"

"Oh my god!" I laughed.

Now I was really embarrassed.

"It's strawberry flavored," he said, hefting the bottle. "My favorite."

I laughed again. Then I nodded. I was curious to see what it was like. And if he wanted too... who was I to stop him? Besides, I really wanted him to. He put the bottle down by my side and then stretched out on his belly. I looked up at the ceiling and tried not to laugh. I felt my dick twitch and some pre-cum drool out of it. Wow, how I was looking forward to this!

Then his tongue licked up from the bottom of my crack right up over my sack! Wow! I giggled and squirmed. Then it was back, and licking in shorter strokes around my hole. Wow! It tickled and made the weirdest kind of thrills run up through me from down there! God! I fucking loved it! I had no idea!

He held onto my thighs with his hands and started really getting into it! It was fucking awesome! I never suspected it would be like that! My dick was threatening to shoot off! My balls got all shriveled up and tight and ached! Oh, shit, was that fun!

He poked his tongue in and I squealed! Shit! I mean, it was so wild! I started pounding my head into the bed. I wrapped my arms around my legs and held on for dear life! What a ride!

He stopped and asked, "How is it?"

"Fucking... don't stop!" I said without taking my eyes off the ceiling.

He laughed then dove back in. Oh, shit! Then he wormed a finger in! Yes! And what he did with that finger! I was thrashing around and hoping his parents didn't call the police! My dick felt like I had already shot a dozen times and was being forced to again! And that ache! Wow!

He added a second finger. They played around inside me and I was just putty. When he put the third in, I could have cum like a fire hose if I wanted to! His mouth played over my balls and my dick. His tongue was magic! He sucked me, but only for a moment at a time, just teasing. I could have screamed every time that he stopped!

I had to have it. The real thing!

"Jared? Please. Enough! I want it!"

He laughed and scooted up so that he was above me. We kissed between my legs. I was so glad I was limber. I felt his huge dick touching me there and against it really gently. It wasn't nearly enough.


He laughed and looked at me. Right into me.

"God. You're adorable."

I probably turned so red.

I looked into his beautiful eyes and said, "Nothing like you, Jared."

His silver eyes were so perfect. His dark-brown hair had the perfect amount of lighter streaking in it. I wondered if it was natural. It had always been like that, so I guessed so. His round, soft, gentle face was so handsome. He was so good looking. And his body. And what a cock!

We kissed a lot then, before he reached down and began entering me. It took a while, and he took his time. He didn't rush it for a second. He kept steady pressure on it, gently working it in. It was huge, though, and it took a while.

Finally he was all the way inside of me. It was stretching me about as far as I could stand. But with his slow, gentle entry, I had accommodated it. There was pain, but not much, it faded into pleasure after time. It was actually good.

Now with his hips against the backs of my thighs, we kissed again. I played with his long hair in back and ran my hands up and down his spine in turns. His hands cradled my head and that was just magnificent! I fucking loved how it felt to have his arms around me! His huge dick inside of me. I could feel his big balls resting in the back of my ass crack.

It was so fucking perfect.

Then he pulled back and almost out, slowly. I gasped and then grunted. Then he pushed back in. Slow, gentle. All the way.

"Oh, god! Jared! Fucking awesome!"

"You're so tight! It feels like fucking heaven!"

He moved so slowly and gently, as if he were afraid to break me. After a few minutes I had to beg him.

"Jared, please, a little faster?"

He did. It was like all of my insides were being shifted by his mass! It was nearly as good as being given head! I knew I would like being fucked, but I didn't have a clue how much I would!

"Oh, shit, Steve, I can't for much longer."

"Don't stop or I'll kill you!"

We laughed. I almost meant it! I couldn't stand the idea of him not being inside of me!

"Faster, Jared. Shove it in me."

He did. Perfect. His skin slapped softly against mine. I loved it! Every thrust into me made me gasp and want to growl in pleasure. I wanted him so deeply inside of me that I would feel it even after we were done. All the time.

"Fucking fuck me! Like you mean it!"

Oh, shit! Did he ever! He grunted with every thrust! I groaned with each and every one. I nearly dug my fingernails into his back. When I accidentally did, he hissed his breath in through his teeth then bit my lip as we kissed.

I did it again. He bit me again. Soon I was clawing at his back and he was nearly chewing my lip from my face. God! I loved it!

"Shit! Oh, shit! Steve! Fuck!"

I felt his cock surge and he thrust into me so hard it hurt. And I loved it! I felt his cum flowing into my guts. His huge cock swelled up each time and he shoved it deeper and deeper each time. He tried to, anyway. He was all the way in. But that didn't stop him from trying. He was crushing my balls between us! The pain was nearly too much, but, in the end, it was just enough!

I'd never cum without jerking off before. Or without Jared doing something to it. But with his massive dick in me, nearly splitting me open as he fired his wad into me, his teeth biting down on my lip, and nearly crushing my balls, I fucking exploded!


I'd never made that sound before, either.

"Gah! Jared! Jer! Shit!

The convulsions were extreme! I couldn't have been prepared for them. With his huge dick in my ass, it couldn't clench, though it tried. And that hurt, too. My balls hurt, my lip hurt, my ass hurt, and I came like it was my first time!


That groan went on and on and on! One long, continuous cry of pain and pleasure and joy and release! I held on around his big, strong torso for all I could, convulsing around his cock, his body, myself.

I ran out of breath. His cock kept pulsating inside my stretched hole, he kept forcing it deeper, he kept crushing my balls, he kept biting my lip, I kept clawing his back!

Then it was over and I was limp and panting and he pulled that enormous thing out of me and fell onto his side next to me. I heaved for breath! I threw myself over onto him and kissed his lips like my life depended on impressing him. He held me tight and returned the effort. We panted into each other's mouths and groaned when we had breath.

Finally I collapsed and lay on him, my head on his chest. One of his hands traced across my back, the other through my hair.

"Fuck. Steve. That was..."

"You were fucking incredible!"

"Me? You were insane! That was... fucking insane! Christ!"

"I knew I'd like it, but..."

"I'll never want pussy again. I mean, I wanted it before, because it felt good. But... no way any twat can feel like you! No way any chick can... even come close to that!"

I snickered.

"I think you tore up my back!"

"I didn't mean to hurt you," I said quickly and looked up at him.

"Shit! I didn't know I'd like it!"

We laughed. He wiped at my lips so softly and gently.

"Sorry I bit so hard."

"I'm not."

We laughed.

"Shit. I've got a kinky streak!" he said, obviously surprised.

"Me too! I mean, that was..."

"I didn't really hurt you, did I?"

"Yes! But not really. But my nuts got in the way. That was, well... that was kick ass! They're still kinda sore."

"I'll kiss them and make them all better in just a bit."

"Any time!"

We laughed, then kissed, then I laid my head back on his chest. I toyed with a nipple idly. His arms wrapped me tightly and so nicely.

It was so wonderful.

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