Spring Break Kinky Surprises

Part 7

 Rated: X Contains: College, anal

A.K.A College Kink


Good Friday evening I woke up in his arms, cuddled up and comfy, but it wasn't as good as with Dennis. Still, there wasn't anything wrong with it at all! Except my hole felt as if it were stretched out and flapping in the breeze.

I got up to use the john, and woke him up by accident. We went to the toilet together. Neither of us were hard, or got hard. We smiled a lot and laughed a little.

Back in our room, he asked, "Your hole feel alright?"

"It's okay. I can still tell I got fucked by the biggest one yet, though."

We laughed again, but there wasn't much awkward in it now, more friendly comfort.

When we got back to his bed he noticed his blanket was crusty in places.

"Guess I need to change it and do some laundry," he said.

"Yeah, I could stand to too."

We spent the next couple of hours doing laundry, taking showers, and straightening up our room. The Italian place was closed when we called.

"Well, no one else is open for delivery on Good Friday," he said. "Guess we'll have to eat what we've got."

We didn't have much beside the usual dorm fare.

"We better stock up tomorrow," he said. "The stores'll even be closed for Easter Sunday."

"Good idea," I agreed.

It was almost midnight. We'd spent the entire Good Friday either having sex or asleep. So we make mac 'n cheese and browsed the internet and played games, and then did a sixty-nine for over an hour.

The next day, Saturday, we did the grocery shopping, I called home, we had a decent meal, and spent a lot of time on our laptops. It was nice outside, so I went out and ran into a couple friends and we threw the Frisbee around a little, and my roommate hung out with some of his friends. When I went back to my dorm room, I could tell he had been there and was gone again. I fixed a snack and changed out of my slightly sweaty clothes and had a quick shower. I thought about whacking one out, but figured it would be a good idea to wait and see what was in store for tonight.

As I sat at my desk, wondering what to do after emails and Facebook and all that, my eyes came to rest on his closet. I thought about the ToolRider bag and it's contents. It was a fairly large bag, as they go, about the size of a good backpack. I knew about some of its contents: the 6-inch sound, the 18-inch sound, the rubber hoses, the syringe, and he'd told me about the dildo. I wondered what else was in it.

I started to stand up, to go look, but you don't get much privacy in a dorm room, and a guy's closet was about all the privacy you had.

I sat back down.

It was a great decision. Not only did I feel good about it, but not two minutes later he came in.

"What's up?" he asked, taking his shirt off.

He was a bit sweaty. It looked like he had been playing ball the whole day.

"Gonna have a shower," he said, getting clean sweats out of his dresser.

As he got to the bathroom door, he stopped, then turned to look at me, and asked, "You up for something a little different?"

He had that smirky grin, and I knew what he meant. Well, I knew the basic bent of what he meant, but I had no idea what exactly he meant.

My dick stirred in my shorts and my heart started beating a little faster.

I grinned and nodded, and asked, "What?"

"Well, you don't mind a little butt play, so how about we try something like that?"

"Like what?"

His grin grew, and he turned to face me more, and I saw a growing boner in his shorts.

"You said you've gotten drunk, right?"

"Yeah, a few times. I just hate the throwing up."

"Yeah, some guys always blow chunks when they drink. But what if I told you there was a way to get drunk without throwing up?"

"Huh? How?"

He put his clean clothes on the top of the counter in the bathroom, and went to his closet. My dick started growing hard faster now. He got out the ToolRider bag. My dick went to full mast.

He opened the bag, and dug around, and I sat up a bit trying to peek into the bag a bit, but the angle was all wrong. I did see a flash of pink and white, and a colorful box, and then he pulled out a blue enema bag, the hose for it, and a small nozzle. He held them up, wearing that grin of his.

"What?" I asked, kind of shocked.

"The longer you hold it in, the drunker you get."

"What? The beer we bought today?"

"Yup. You can do hard liquor, but it burns, especially your first time. Beer don't."

"You really mean put beer up my butt? Like an enema?"

"Exactly like an enema. Ever done one?"

I had. A few times. It was kind of kinky and kind of exciting, especially the first few times.

"Yeah. But... beer?"

"Yeah. You shake up the beer real good, to get rid of the foam and air, and once it's flat, you pour it in the bag and let it in. After a few minutes, you start feeling it. The deeper you get the hose, the faster you feel it. And it lasts a little while. And you can get really fucked up."

I thought about it for a minute, and figured it would be exciting even just doing it, let alone getting drunk too.


"Come on," he said, and waved me toward the bathroom. When I got in there, he said, "Get naked."

I did. He did too. We hadn't gotten off since yesterday evening - well, I hadn't, and I didn't think he had - so we both were fully hard and throbbing.

"Get the beer we didn't put in the fridge," he said.

I did, and he got an old-looking blanket from his closet. We went back to the bathroom and he hung the bag from the curtain rod after putting the folded blanket beside the tub.

"Get about four of 'em out, and hand me two of 'em."

I did. We opened them. He held his over the tub with his thumbs over the openings and shook the hell out of them.

"Let the foam out like this," he said, pointing the bottle toward the drain end of the tub and letting the fizzing contents out slowly. "Trap as much of the liquid as you can, just let out the foam and air."

We did, and after a few minutes we had four warm, flat beers. We put them on the sink, and he poured warm water into the bag from the tub faucet. Then he added Epsom's Salt from the bag under the sink. I'd wondered if that was his, and what it was for.

"What's with the salt stuff?"

"It helps loosen you up and clean you out."

"It won't sting up there?"

"Maybe, some, but nothing bad. You'll see. Kind of a fizzy feeling is all. And it'll clean you out good for the beer to work better. Get in the tub, face this way, and then lean over the edge of the tub and onto your elbows on the blanket."


He showed me. His knees were inside the tub, he was bent over with the front of his hips on the edge of the tub, his elbows on the blanket. This put his ass up in the air. Nice. He got up, and I got into the position.

My dick was tingling like crazy. This wasn't entirely sexual, but it was, too.

He climbed into the tub beside me, turned on the detachable shower head, and washed and rubbed my butt a bit. Then I felt his tongue on my hole. Yeah, that was good. His soft but firm and very slippery tongue worked all around my hole, and then into it. Then he slid his finger in and rubbed that magic spot a bit. Man, prostate massage kicks ass. It's almost as good as head.

I gasped softly and moaned a little. My dick was past hard now, and leaking more than a little. I could feel the slipperiness when the tip of my dick hit the inside of the tub. After a bit, he took his finger out and licked it some more.

"Okay, nice and wet and slippery. Now, I'm going to put the nozzle in. It's going in deep, and I'll take it slow. Let me know if it hurts or anything."


I felt the cold nozzle at my hole, and I relaxed it, and it went in easy. And in. And in. Damn! Was he going to stick the entire hose up there? Man, that felt wild. I'd never thought about putting the nozzle in any deeper than a couple of inches. But the one at home was about six inches long with a wide edge at the end of it where it connected to the hose and probably wouldn't go in past that without possibly leaving it inside when you tried to pull it out. The nozzle on his hose was about two inches long, at most, and smooth with no wide edge on it, so it obviously went around the curves just fine and wouldn't get pulled off the hose when you pulled it back out. I could feel it going deeper and deeper. That sensation was really fucking wild!

At one point it felt as if the nozzle were trying to poke through the wall of my intestine.

"Hey, that kind of hurts now."

I looked over my shoulder and saw that the hose was mostly in me, about a foot left hung almost straight from the bag to my ass.

"Okay. How's this?"

He pulled some out, then pushed it back in. It hurt a bit again.

"Stop. Kind of hurts."

"Okay. Probably have a turtle up there."

Then I felt the warm wetness and knew he'd opened the valve on the hose. The feeling of warm water spreading out deep inside me was neat. I could even feel it gurgling.

He squeezed the bag to force the water in faster. I felt the increase in pressure and the faster flowing water. Man, this was pretty cool.

"Okay, water's all in," he said, and gently pulled the hose all the way out.

I liked that too. I guess any movement inside, especially that deep, felt pretty good. When the nozzle came out, so did some water.

"Hold it in there," he said.

Then he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed and massaged my guts. I gurgled and bubbled inside, and the water was trying to get out, under pressure, too.

"I don't know how long I can hold it," I told him.

"Give it a few more minutes."

"If I can."

His arms and hands worked my guts, and then, suddenly, there was a loud gurgling and I felt a lot of movement inside. I had to laugh. And then I had to shit. Bad.

"Dude, I got to get to the toilet. Now!"

He helped me up, and I held my ass as tightly together as I could, but I felt water dripping out and down the inside of my thigh. And just as i sat down, my ass exploded.

"Let me know when you're done," he said, and walked out, turning on the fan as he passed the switch.

Man, I shit my guts out! It was both funny and weird. The warm water and Epsom's Salt sure did the job! I flushed again and again.  I was probably squeaky clean inside when it was over some five minutes later.

Finally, I said, "Okay, I think I'm done."

"Sure?" he asked as he came in.


"Okay. In the tub again. This time drop down onto your chest instead of your elbows, if you can. The lower the better."

He poured the four beers into the bag, and then got behind me. He turned on the shower head and washed my ass good, then worked it with his tongue. Damn I loved the way he rimmed. His tongue was soft sometimes and almost as hard as a dick at other times. And it felt so good swirling around my hole, and in it. I got hard again.

Then I felt the nozzle. And it went in and in. And in. And in. I felt each turn and curve, and it was fucking wild.

"That's the whole enchilada," he said.

I turned to look over my shoulder, and the hose was hanging straight from the bag to my ass. There was at least three feet of hose up my ass. Wild!

Then he opened the valve.

Man, the feeling of warm beer rushing into my guts was different! It was kind of tingly, and it seemed to expand as it poured in. My guts grumbled. I farted around the hose.

"Man, it feels like it's expanding!" I said.

"It is. There's always some air left in the beer, and when it hits your warm insides, it foams out."

I farted again. A big, long, loud, wet, fizzy fart around the hose.

He turned on the shower head and kept it running over my asshole.

"Try to hold it in," he told me.

"I am!"

This was pretty wild. But the pressure was building up pretty high. I heard small farts getting past my tightly clenched hole, even over the sound of the water running.

"Man, I don't know how long I can hold it in," I told him.

"Keep your head and shoulders down as far as you can. On the blanket if you can. Keep the beer running downhill and up your plumbing."

I did as he said. The pressure didn't lessen, but I could tell that the gas from the beer was rising toward my ass high over the side of the tub and the liquid was running down toward my stomach. It felt so weird to have fluids running so deeply in me.

The gasses kept rising and escaping around the hose. It was probably ten minutes before the bag was empty and I had four flat beers running through my insides.

And by then I was actually feeling a bit of a buzz. When he asked if I felt anything, I said I did, and turned my head to look over my shoulder, and then I really felt it.

"Oh, man, yeah, it's working," I said.

I felt a bit dizzy, and more than a bit like I had been drinking. My guts rumbled from time to time, and I farted a hell of a lot.

He stepped out of the tub, and went into our room. He came back with incense, our laptops, and our phones. He put them on the blanket and in front of me.

"Do whatever," he said. "I'm going to clean out and then get some beers in me."

It was very weird to browse the net while he took a salty enema. I offered to help, but he said I should stay in that position and let the beer rise.

"If you go upright, you're going to shit out that beer no matter how hard you try not to."

So I browsed porn as he filled his ass with salty water and then shit out his guts on the toilet. Thankfully the incense covered any smells and the fan was still on. Then he got into the tub, shook up four open beers, filled the bag with beers, opened the valve, and joined me on the blanket.

It was so weird, and so hot. I could hear his guts gurgling as the beers worked their way up his plumbing, and he farted a lot. My own guts had stopped, except for now and then. And I was really buzzed by then.

"Working?" he asked as he got comfortable and fired up his laptop.

"Yeah. I feel like I've drunk several beers."


It was just so weird. There we were, hanging over the edge of the tub, asses up high, boned up, beers working their way up our guts, farting, buzzed, and browsing porn on our laptops.

Fucking weird! And hot.

After a few minutes, he reached over and started rubbing my butt. It wasn't easy, but I did it to his ass too. We rubbed each other's asses as we looked at porn. He chose mostly bi or straight, and I went for strictly gay stuff. It was so weird a situation already, but looking at gay porn with a guy right next to me, and we were rubbing each other's asses was entirely new and entirely weird. And so hot!

After another half an hour, I was really buzzed. Not drunk, but I sure could tell there was alcohol in my blood. The beer was getting closer to exiting. Staying in that position had kept it going deeper for a while, but I guess the natural actions were moving it up against gravity.

"I can't hold it in any longer," I said.

"Go let it out," he said. "But be ready. You're gonna really feel the buzz when you get up."

I did. It was not easy to get up. I got dizzy and woozy, and felt really drunk. I had to hold onto the wall for a bit, and I felt the beer leaking out and down the inside of my thigh. I made it to the toilet, and unleashed hell.

God, it felt good to let it out. I got even more drunk as I sat there. By the time I was empty I felt as if I stood up I would pass out.

"I can't get up," I said, slurring the words.

"Stay there until you can. You'll adjust in a couple minutes."

I leaned back and relaxed, my boner softening a bit but not going away at all. Not with him in that position a foot away, his ass upraised, and I could see his boner from that angle too.

I wiped really well, and then managed to stand. I was so buzzed! And I didn't have the urge to throw up like I usually did after a few beers. I was a bit queasy, but just a little.

"Want another round?" he asked.

"Oh, hell no!" I said.

"Then sit down in front of me."

He moved his laptop, and I sat down on the floor in front of him. He moved my legs so my knees were high and apart, and he massaged my balls, and licked and teased my cock with his tongue and lips.

Man, I got so hard! I'd only had sex when buzzed on beer once, with Dennis, and we'd jerked each other off was all. Now I was hugely buzzed, and getting a long, slow, teasing blow-job.

After a few minutes of that, he slid his finger up in my ass and rubbed my prostate while giving me that slow, teasing blow-job. Fuck, that was good!

I leaked pre-cum again and again, and he licked it up, sucking softly as well. Man, my balls were rising up and I knew I was going to blow off a good one in a bit.

But he slowed down, and pulled his finger out, and went back to the slow, teasing method. Damn, my dick was throbbing and turning deeply red on the end.

He pulled me downward, so that I was almost on my back with my head against the cabinet under the sink, and he rimmed me good. His tongue was awesome! He knew when to slip it inside, and when to change to circles around it to make me gasp and make my dick leak.

"Ready to fuck me?" he asked.

"With the beer still in there?"


It seemed kind of weird, but what the hell.


I got behind him in the tub, and admired that furry, dark hole before I got into position and put the end of my dick up against it. It was wet and slippery, and I went in easily. I wasn't sure, but it seemed wet in there. It sure felt nice!

It wasn't easy to do sideways in a bathtub, as i had no room for my legs or feet, but that made it more interesting and intense. Plus we kept sliding around on the slick tub surface. It was fun, and his warm, silky ass felt great.

Every time I tried to go fast, I would slip and slide and move around, so I had to go slow and easy. That made it last longer. I was dying to pound his ass, but when I tried to go fast I would end up slipping out and all around the tub.

God, it was good! It took so long! Finally that churning sensation built up, and I shoved in deep and hard, and my cock throbbed inside his ass as I unleashed a load that probably would have choked a horse!

Pulling my dick out of his ass was torture. I felt every centimeter of my dick sliding against his hole, and when the tip moved through his tight sphincter it was so sensitive and intense that I whimpered.

Then my dick was out and it flapped down against my balls with a smack.

"Awww, shit!" I sighed and fell back against the side of the tub.

He crawled out of the tub and sat down on the toilet, and exploded. It was hilarious.

I turned on the shower and got cleaned up. He joined me after a couple of minutes, just as I was about done. He was stone hard, so I slid down his front, kissing as I went, and ended up on my knees with his big cock in my mouth.

Sucking cock in the shower is awesome! His body was wet and slick, and I was able to get a finger in his ass so easily. I rubbed his prostate and sucked his cock, and was rewarded with wave after wave of yummy pre-cum.

I got two fingers in his ass, then three. He groaned and moaned, and held onto my head and fucked my mouth. I held onto his balls with my other hand and sucked when I could. Man, I loved this!

I moved my hand from his balls to his shaft, and used the shower water as lube as I stroked his long cock as I sucked the head.

"Oh, man, that's so gooood," he moaned.

I loved this. Sucking cock was the best, but buzzed and in the shower, and with my fingers up his ass too, man, I was in heaven. His big cock filled my mouth easily, and there was still room to stroke the lower half of it, all wet and slippery.

"Here it comes," he sighed.

I pushed up hard against his prostate with all three fingers, and sucked for all I was worth. I felt his prostate pulsing and felt his cock dance in my fist and on my tongue as he shot a nice, heavy, thick wad. I think I swallowed every last drop, sucking on just the velvety, hot head, holding the flexing shaft tightly with my fist. And my fingers up his ass felt his prostate working, and his hole clenching around them.

"God, that's good!" he repeated several times as he filled my mouth.

He let me keep going even after he was done shooting, so I kept going. He softened a bit, but stayed more hard than soft, and I kept sucking and stroking and rubbing him inside. He started fucking my face hard and fast, and I used my hand to keep him from shoving it too far into my mouth and making me gag on it.

I wondered if he was going for two in a row. I was willing. So we kept going, and going, and going. My mouth was getting sore and my lips tired, when he said, "Again, really soon!"

Man, I went into overdrive, sucking and licking and stroking, and I worked his prostate, until he went up on his toes and unleashed another explosion of hot, thick cum into my mouth.

Man, how he grunted, and held onto my head, and shoved, and came so hard.

"Oh shit stop!" he said as he pushed my head away. "Damn!"

He slid down to sit in the tub under the running water, and I finished showering. I was hard again, so I jerked it in front of him. He got on his knees and took over with his mouth.

That soft, silky tongue worked all around my head, and he sucked deeply. He could take my entire dick, and he did often, and it felt so good.

Then his fingers went inside and added the prostate massage to the mix. One finger for a minute, then two, and then three. He worked it nicely - firmly at times, softly at others. He rubbed front to back, then side to side, the made circles, then tapped it. I wasn't going to last much longer! I told him so.

He went wild! He started bobbing up and down rapidly, using his hand in the Mind Flayer technique, and his fingers changed up rapidly inside, and... oh, man, was I going to blow one off!

I went up on my toes, my back arched, my neck stretched, and it felt as if he was sucking out the very last dregs of my semen from the deepest points of both of my balls.

"Jeeze, oh, jeeze!"

It was all the sounds I could make as he sucked me dry. The excellent blow-job, the vigorous prostate massage, the buzz...


I should have counted the ejaculations. I probably shot a good dozen times, and then a bunch of dry pumps, and he kept sucking. I barely was able to let him. I so badly wanted to push him away, but I wanted that second round.

It was a torture of pleasure as he sucked, licked, stroked, and rubbed me off a second time that took at least twenty minutes. I couldn't even use a single word as I came that second time. It was just too much, and all I could do was hold my breath and close my eyes and hold on. I don't even know if I made any sounds. I saw red dots and heard rushing water and felt intense pleasure... then I was sliding down into the tub and beneath the running shower and shivering.

I opened my eyes and saw my red dick. It looked raw and puffy, and it felt like it was done working for days. My balls were gone, up inside me.

I shivered and looked up.

He was jerking off. I didn't have the energy to move, let alone help him out, so I sat there, shivering, and watched him jerk off his big dick. When he came, it barely squirted out past the tip just a few times.

He leaned back and relaxed. We let the water run until we finally had the strength to stand up and wash off.

We cleaned up the toys and the mess, and sat down at our desks, all without saying a word.

We were naked and damp, and smiling.

"Still buzzed?" he asked, grinning.

"Sort of."

"Want a refresher?"

I thought about it, then said, "What the hell."

So we went back and did it again. This time we only filled up with beers, and didn't do anything sexual. After staying on the floor for a while, he got a butt plug from the bag and pushed it into me so that I could sit at my desk and not leak ass-beer into my chair. He wore one too.

I got drunk. Not buzzed, drunk. It was so cool. I was drunk and barely nauseated, and in no danger of throwing up at all. Awesome!

We had microwave pizzas, then later burritos and nachos.

All the rest of the evening and late into the night, we'd get rid of the old beer, top off, and sit around with butt plugs in. My ass was complaining, but I was drunk and having a great time! We smoked a joint, too. Man, I got so fucked up.

Just after midnight we emptied out and cleaned up, smoked another joint, and enjoyed the drunk and high.

We ended up on his bed, messing around kind of clumsily, and ended up in a long sixty-nine, and then fell asleep like that. 




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Paul Flowers

11-09-2018, 05:54

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Oh my F*ing god !!!
these chapters have to be the hottest things I have ever read
thank you very much !
I look forward to reading your other stories.
I came across you via Nifty and donate monthly to them as support.



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Thanks Paul! It's always great to hear readers enjoy the stories! And GJ for helping Nifty!

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